How to Store Blankets Without A Closet? Hacks and Tips

Use a blanket basket or rack to store your blankets. If you have an ottoman bed then you are in luck as you can simply stow away your blankets under your bed. This is one of the best approaches as it’ll save up room space and save you from buying other forms of storage to keep your blankets organized.

The comfort and warmth a brand new blanket provides are second to none. That’s why they just keep gathering at home.

Eventually, you don’t have the space in your closets to store them, which are already brimming with stuff.

At such times, you need to think out of the box and come up with some ingenious ideas to store your blankets and comforters neatly and, at the same time, ensure that they are easily accessible when you need them.

So, read on for our roundup of creative ways to store your blankets efficiently.

Blanket Basket

One of the easiest ways to store blankets is to use old-fashioned baskets. Simply place a basket next to the couch or in any unused spaces in your living room and store your blankets in it.

This is not only a super-easy way to store your blankets without taking up a lot of space but a convenient one too. It also allows you to creatively display the beautiful patterns and colors of your blankets.

The best thing about this storage idea is that you can simply pull out a blanket when you want to get cozy on a wintry movie night and simply roll it up and store it in the basket once you’re done.

You can use a large wicker basket, wire basket, or even a simple cardboard box.

Storage Ottoman

Perfect for a small home where space is a premium, the storage ottoman is a really neat storage-cum-décor kind of a piece that is a great blanket storage option.

You can use it as a footstool to put your feet up and relax after a long day or simply lift the lid off to store your folded blankets and comforters in the storage space inside.

Perfect to keep your home clutter-free and tidy, the storage ottoman is so versatile for use in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else you want. This is a really cool, functional storage option to keep your blankets organized without a closet.

Storage Bags

Blanket storage bags are a wonderful space-saving method for storing blankets. These are especially useful when you want to store them long-term.

Blanket storage bags are not only convenient, but they are a great way to keep your blankets clean and smelling fresh. You can store these storage bags conveniently under your bed.

And, if you want more space, you can use vacuum storage bags. You can suck the air out from them by attaching them to a device. With the air sucked out, the bags become so small and compact that you can place them easily inside your closet.

Blanket storage bags are also great space-saving options for campers, RVs, or when you’re moving.

Blanket Ladder

If you don’t have any floor space for baskets, ottomans, etc., to store your blankets, or you don’t want to hide them away, then a decorative display ladder is a unique way to store them.

Simply lean the ladder on any wall of your home and drape your blankets on the rungs to showcase them. The blanket ladder is a convenient and creative way to store your blankets by using the vertical space and displaying them beautifully.

If you don’t want to buy a readymade ladder, you can also build your custom ladder and make it as wide or narrow as you like.

Laundry Hamper

Who said you must use a laundry hamper only to pile up your dirty clothes? You can now transform your good old laundry hamper into a functional yet stylish blanket storage piece.

You can fold your blankets, place them in the laundry hamper and stow it out of the way in your laundry room. Or, if you have a beautiful laundry hamper made of wicker or canvas, you can use it as a decorative piece in your hallway or living room.

Simply place all the blankets in the hamper and then pile them up with some decorative pillows to add to the décor and brighten up the place.

Or, you can store your blankets in a hamper with a lid during the off-season, put it under a window or in a corner and place a plant, lamp, or decorative piece on top.

Storage Bins

Storage bins are a straightforward but functional and convenient way to store your blankets and keep them clean. Your kids can simply make their beds and throw the blankets into the storage bin without folding them!

You can also get plastic storage bins, in which case you will have to keep your blankets folded nicely as you can see through. You can even opt for storage boxes made of cardboard or fabric with bright, attractive prints or even boxes made of wood.

Place the boxes in an unused corner of the room or simply stow them under the bed to keep your bedroom free of clutter. 

Blanket Rack

The blanket rack is a great storage idea for your blankets. You can use the space on the wall instead of using up your floor space with the versatile yet stylish rack.

There’s no need to put up the rack in the bathroom or hide it behind a door. You can buy a rack or adapt one that suits the décor of your home. And, if you’re looking for ways to save money, you can even make your DIY blanket rack easily.

All you need to do is create a simple frame in the width you want and mount dowels down the edge of the frame at regular intervals. Hanging your blankets on the frame can also add color to your room, making it more cheerful.

Open Shelves

You can use open shelf units creatively to store your blankets. You can be creative and display other things as well, such as potted plants, cookbooks, picture frames, or decorative items, making the shelf a great addition to the décor of your room.

Quilt Stand

A must-have for small spaces, quilt stands are not just for your grandma’s quilts. These make wonderful storage options for throw blankets and comforters too.

The quilt stand is so compact and sleek that it can easily slide in between your couch and the wall, and you can simply pull out your blankie and get cozy on your couch on a cold wintry night.

And, when you’re not using the rack to store your blankets, you can use it to hang your wet beach/pool towels on hot summer days or your rain jacket on rainy days.

Storage Bed

If you don’t have any space in your closets for your heavy blankets and quilts, you can use your bed to store them. Get a box bed that you can open up and store all your blankets during the off-season.

You can either fold them and place them inside the bed box or put them in storage bags and put the bags in. Or, you can use the horizontal space under your bed to store your blankets in baskets.

Another great storage idea is to fold your blankets and place them on a storage bench at the foot of your bed. This is a convenient blanket storage option and provides extra space that you can use for seating.

FAQs on How to Store Blankets Without a Closet

How to Store Blankets on A Shelf?

When storing folded blankets on a shelf, keep the heavier blankets at the bottom and then place the lighter ones on the top. Ensure that you don’t place anything on the top of the down comforters as they can get damaged.

Do I Need A Linen Closet to Store My Blankets?

Although having a linen closet to store your blankets can be super-useful, having a dedicated closet is not an absolute necessity.

Are Vacuum Bags Good for Storing Comforters?

Vacuum bags work very well for storing wool, synthetic, or cotton comforters. But if you have a down comforter, ensure to leave a little air in the bag when storing it.

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