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You can use different types of bins and baskets to store your blankets in your living room. They’re available in different sizes, colors, and materials that can complement the interior of your living room and serve as décor.

If you’re constantly cold as I am, you probably have too many fuzzy blankets laying around your home even when it’s hot outside. Luckily for you, me, and other blanket lovers, they can also serve as décor pieces.

Below, I’ve included stylish ways to display your blankets in the living space as well as clever storage ideas so they don’t interfere with your other décor. Without further ado, let’s learn how to display and store blankets.

Blanket Holder For Living Room: 15 Clever Ideas

If you’re tired of having your blankets draped over the back of your couch or chairs and you’re ready for a change, check out the following excellent ideas to display or store blankets when they’re out of use creatively.

1. Low Credenza

If you have a low credenza in your living space, you’re in luck because this piece of storage furniture can make perfect blanket storage. You can use your credenza not only for storing blankets but also for books, plants, and decorative items.

2. Built-in Cabinets

Another great storage piece of furniture you can use to successfully hide your fuzzy blankets is a built-in cabinet.

You can either fold your blankets neatly and store them inside or place them in tiny baskets to make pulling them out and putting them away much easier.

If you don’t have built-in cabinets but you like the idea of having this type of storage furniture, you can make built-ins yourself.

3. Make a Blanket Shelf

If you’re proud of your blankets and you’re not looking for a way to keep them out of sight but rather wish to put them on display, build a blanket shelf.

This is also a great way to add storage to your living area if you don’t have any floor space. The shelf will hold your rolled-up blankets until you need them again.

4. Use Elegant Wire Baskets or Tables

I simply love wire pieces of furniture like wire baskets and tables because they add a unique industrial touch to the interior.

They have a base of a wire cage, great for holding blankets, and a wood top, which can be used for displaying your table lamp, books, or magazines.

So, if you have wire baskets or tables in your living room, roll your fuzzy blankets up into small bundles and tuck them inside. You can keep the wire basket or table near your couch so you have your blankets at arm’s reach.

Extra tip: Storing blankets of different colors and textures will make your wire table or basket look more decorative.

5. Ottoman Blanket Storage

If you have a small living room, combining furniture and using functional décor is the perfect way to decorate the interior.

Therefore, opt for a versatile ottoman with hidden storage where you can keep your blankets, books, and remote control out of sight. Then, place a sturdy wood top over your ottoman and you have a table.

6. Coat Rack or Clothes Stand

A coat rack isn’t the best way to store or display your blanket, but if you can buy one with long arms, you can then fold the blanket and drape it over one of the arms.

You can also use a coat hanger. If you have one at hand, loop your blanket through it and hang it on the rack.

At one point, I even used a clothes stand to store blankets in my living room, so you can try that as well. It’s not a creative manner to display blankets but can serve as a temporary storage solution.

7. Decorative Blanket Ladder

Ladders make a great display and storage solution for blankets. The best part? You can take advantage of your vertical space and add a decorative touch to your living area. Any type of ladder will turn your blanket into wall art.

They will look amazing, and you will be able to easily snatch one off of your ladder whenever you’re feeling cold. You can either buy a blanket ladder or transform your old ladder into a stylish blanket holder with a few supplies.

8. Vintage Blanket Trunk

If you’re a fan of vintage furniture, you can visit local second-hand shops and find a vintage trunk.

Once you find something salvageable, you can repaint or stain it to your liking and use it to keep your blankets out of sight. If you have a smaller living space, you can also use your new trunk as a coffee table.

9. Multi-Purpose Bench

Multi-purpose benches with storage underneath make a great place for storing your blankets.

So, if you have a bench with drawers or a lift-up lid, you can use it for the storage of blankets, magazines, books, and other household things.

If you have a small living room that can’t accommodate a bench, you can also place it in your hallway, entryway, or under a window that needs seating.

10. Bins or Baskets

One of the easiest ways to store blankets is by using bins or baskets. They come in different sizes, colors, and designs, and you might have a few of them laying around your home. If you do, take one and throw your blankets into it, without folding it.

If you don’t have any bins or baskets at hand, you can purchase one in the size that fits your living room and use it for blanket storage. The best part about using bins or baskets is that they’re cheap, easy to clean, easy to access, and easy to move.

Here’s a list of bins and baskets you can use for blanket storage:

Woven Lidded Baskets

Woven lidded baskets can be used for the storage of different things including your blankets.

Like regular woven baskets, lidded ones have a natural appearance, but they often appear tidier than regular baskets due to the lids.

If you’re not into folding blankets after every use, this is a great storage solution for you.

Small Wicker Baskets

If you don’t like the idea of storing your blankets in one large woven basket, you can store each blanket in a separate smaller wicker basket.

Once you’re done, you can set your wicket baskets around your home and give your home a more minimalistic touch, and always have a blanket nearby.

Mobile Bins

If you have stylish bins with wheels, they can make a great storage solution for your blankets and pillows. They’re ideal for smaller spaces because you can easily move them to another room if you have guests coming over and need extra floor space.

Rope Hamper Baskets

Usually, cotton rope baskets make great laundry hampers but you can use yours for the storage of blankets in the living room.

They often have a natural and organic look, so if that’s the vibe of your living space, you should definitely give it a try.

DIY Basket

If you don’t have bins or baskets at home and you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can make a DIY basket with rope and a glue gun or crochet a basket.

Watch This Video: How to Make a Rope Basket

11. Coffee Tables

If you have a coffee table with built-in storage, you can use it for the storage of your blankets, pillows, magazines, books, etc.

If you don’t own one already, you should definitely invest in a versatile table that will keep your blankets on display or hide them away.

12. Rattan Log Holder

If you have a rattan log holder that’s not in use, you can put it in use by storing your rolled-up throw blankets in it instead of logs during spring and summer.

13. Wall-Mounted Solutions

If you don’t have much floor space in your living room where you can place a basket or bin with your blankets in it, you can always try the following wall-mounted options and take advantage of your vertical space.

Small Ladder

If you have a small ladder laying around the home, you can hang it on your wall and use it to display your blanket creatively. You can also use it to hang other things like scarves, towels, etc.

Yoga Mat Holder

The initial purpose of a yoga mat holder is pretty self-explanatory, but you can use it as a blanket holder as well.

Yoga mat holders don’t take much time and effort to install, so they’re a quick fix. All you need to do is screw the holder into your wall and it’s ready for use.

Hanger Rods

If you’re proud of your blanket collection and you want to show it off, install multiple hanger rods that match your style and hang your blankets in the living room.

Towel Bars

You can install towel bars in your living area and use them to hold your blankets. It’s a quick fix that will help you turn your wall into a vertical storage space.

Towel Rack

Just like hanger rods and towel bars, towel racks can serve as holders for blankets. The reason why I mentioned towel racks is that they’re much sturdier than rods and bars, so you can easily drape more blankets over the racks.

14. Put Your Non-Functional Fireplace to Use

If you’re no longer using your fireplace, you can clean it up, add a small chair on the inside, and place your neatly folded blanket on the chair. You can also add a basket with your blankets inside the non-functional fireplace and save floor space.

15. Your Couch Always Has Your Back (No Pun Intended)

Last but not least, I would suggest using your furniture if you have one blanket to store. Fold up your beloved blanket and drape it over the back or armrest of your couch.

If you have too many blankets, choose the one you like the most and keep the others in your closet. It’s not the most creative solution but it works and it’s quick.

FAQs on How Blanket Holder For Living Room

How to Fold a Blanket For Storage?

Lay it out flat. Smooth out any wrinkles with your hands. Hold it by the corners and bring the corners to the opposite side to complete your first fold. Then, fold it in half crosswise and store it as it is or keep folding it in half to make it smaller.

How to Keep Blankets Fresh When in Storage?

Wash your blankets before storing them for the season. Avoid airtight containers as they can retain moisture and cause mold growth. Use zippered storage bags and plastic bins when storing blankets in water-prone places such as basements.

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