6 Simple Storage Ideas for Extra Bedding

When your extra bedding is messy and takes up too much space, it is time to look at some simple storage ideas for extra bedding to make your home look nicer. From organizing your linen closet to storing in a bench or under the bed, there are many storage ideas for extra bedding that keep it nearby, yet out of sight.   

Bedding Storage Ideas

storage ideas for extra bedding

There are many simple techniques that you can use when storing your bedding. Some of these include: 

Linen Closet Storage

Some homes will come with a handy little linen closet and this is the perfect place to store some of that extra bedding that tends to get in the way. The biggest problem here is that the closet may be hard to keep organized. It is easy to use, but once you open the door, the whole thing will come toppling down on you. 

If you want a quick fix, your linen closet is going to be one of the best options to choose. You can add baskets and other storage items inside of the linen closet to help keep the area clean and prevent all of the bedding from falling out on top of you. 

Storage Baskets

basket storage ideas for bedding

To help keep the bedding out of the way and out of sight, you should consider storage baskets. When you choose these baskets, it is easier to separate out the bedding too. You can place bedding for each individual room into every basket or have one basket for the pillowcases, one for sheets, and one for the top bedding. 

These baskets are also portable so you can move them from one room to another when it is time to change the bedding around the home. Consider a lidded wicker basket because this can help you to utilize your vertical space through stacking. 

Have a Storage Bed

If you’re also in the market for a new bedroom set, consider getting one that has some storage under the mattress of your bed. These can be in different forms including drawers or just a large portion that will store the bedding underneath. 

With some of these drawers carefully stored under the bed, you will find that putting away the bedding is easier. You can have these drawers present on every bed in the home and keep the individual bedding separated for each room. You can just pull out the necessary bedding when the time is right, without having to worry about finding which closet you put that bedding in. 

This idea can be utilized in other ways as well. You can use totes to store the bedding under the bed. This works in a similar manner, but does not require you to go out and get a completely new bed to make it happen. 

Storage Bench

bench storage ideas for extra bedding

This piece of furniture is a great way to help you store your bedding while keeping it in the same room as where you will need it. There are many storage benches on the market that you can choose, from classic and stylish to something that is more comfortable to use around the room. 

A storage bench is going to provide you the benefits of a place to hide your bedding, seating in the room, and a decorative touch. This is a great place to store your sheets, pillows, and any of the extra blankets you have inside a piece of furniture that matches your bedroom. Place it right at the end of the bed to make it easier to utilize. 

Armoire or Dresser

Even if you find yourself low on closet space, it is possible to keep all of the bedding in one location if you use an armoire. This can be a stylish way for you to put all of the bedding and linens in a centralized area, while also adding a bit of class and flair to your furniture in the bedroom or another place in your home. Pick one out that has some drawers and shelves so you can separate and store all of the bedding that you want to keep track of. 

Not looking to purchase and move around a heavy armoire? A simple dresser can do the trick as well. If you have a dresser in your home you no longer use, or can find an inexpensive option at a garage sale, this can help you to sort out all of the bedding you need to use, while keeping it out of sight. 

Under Shelf Baskets

If you have a linen closet that has some shelves present already, then consider an under-shelf basket. This can provide some of the storage that you need without taking up more space in your home. You can choose the style of the baskets you would like, but most of these are made out of wire. This is nice because you can easily see what items you place inside. 

These under shelf baskets are easy for you to install on your own and can be moved and removed whenever you need, which helps make customization a snap. You can then separate out your bedding into individual baskets while keeping the linen closet as clean as possible. 

FAQ’s for storage ideas for extra bedding

How many linens should I have?

This will depend on the size of your home and how many beds you need to cover. A good rule of thumb is three for each bed in the home. This is one set that is on the bed, one that is in the laundry, and one that can go in the linen closet. You may want to add a few extra pillow cases to the mix too. 

How often should I wash my linens

It is recommended that you wash your sheets and pillowcases each week. Bedsheets can frequently go two or three weeks before needing to be cleaned. If you have allergies or tend to sweat often, then washing them more can be a good idea. 

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