6 Bedroom Storage Ideas For Those Who Need Space

Keep your bedroom uncluttered with the best bedroom storage ideas for those who need space. Storing items under the bed, using double-duty furniture, bringing in a bedside caddy, downsizing the furniture, a jewelry board, and the back of the door can free up so much space. 

Use Under the Bed

under the bed Bedroom Storage Ideas For Those Who Need Space

The space under your bed is a great resource if you need more storage. It can keep things out of the way and with some maneuvering with the sheets and blankets, no one can tell that you have things hiding under there. It’s one of the best options for when considering bedroom storage ideas for those who need space.

It is best to store all of these supplies in Rubbermaid totes to help keep them organized. This is a great place for blankets and clothes that are out of season. They can be stored out of mind but are still simple enough for you to get when you need them. Carefully plan the items that you would like to place under the bed so that it doesn’t become a cluttered mess in your room too. 

Choose Double-Duty Furniture

Your furniture needs to be put to work to help you with the storage in your bedroom. When you are limited on space, consider getting items that can serve two purposes. Pick out a chair that can store things or a headboard that has room for extra storage. Hanging shelves can work well here too or a bed set that can keep items underneath in some drawers. 

Before you choose any new piece of furniture to add to your bedroom, consider whether you can find something that is multi-purpose. This will give you more bang for your time and helps you to store all the items you need.

Bedside Caddy

bedroom storage ideas for those who need space

Instead of wasting space with an end table, consider a bedside caddy. You can purchase one online or make your own to get it at the perfect size. When you go to sleep, you can place glasses, books, planners, and other items into the caddy and easily find them in the morning. This allows more organization than your traditional end table while taking up a fraction of the space. 

Downsize the Furniture in the Room

When you have limited space in your bedroom, there is no room for the bulky stuff. A large end table, a huge boudoir in the corner, a huge desk are all things that will need to be removed if you want more space to breathe in the room. This means it is time for you to downsize your furniture to make it all fit. 

Instead of a large headboard, you can cut it down to something simple and unique, or even go without the headboard. There are also some simple end tables that still come with drawers and some storage options, but they won’t take up half the space that you have in the room. 

Take some time to look at the furniture in your room and decide what you need to keep and what you can throw out. This is a good start. With the items that are left, consider whether it is possible to downsize these items for something smaller and just as efficient. This can clear out a lot of space within your home. 

Jewelry Board

If you have a lot of jewelry, it is easy for it to take up space inside of your jewelry box or lay all over your dress and end table. This makes a big mess and can even tangle up the piece that you like the most. A simple jewelry board will help to solve your problem while adding a unique touch of decoration to your space. 

You can make your own jewelry board with the help of a picture frame and some material or purchase one online if you are short on time. Get creative here to figure out what types of jewelry you need to hang up and how much space you will need to get it all out of the way. You can even add some shelving underneath for those books, cups, and other items you wish to keep inside of your room. 

Use the Back of the Door

The door of your room can use up a lot of space if you are not careful. But it can also store some of the items that you use most. Add a few hooks to the back of the door for your robe, towels, or even some outfits to get hung each day. This is also a good location for your purse and other personal items. 

Hanging items on the back of the door opens up more room in your bedroom while clearing off the floor and making these items easier to find. You no longer need to worry about finding your purse in all of the mess of your room. 

FAQ’s for Bedroom Storage Ideas For Those Who Need Space

Do I need to get rid of everything to organize my room?

You do not need to get rid of all the items in your bedroom just to keep it organized. You just need to consider what is important and what no longer needs to be there. By doing a simple decluttering session and throwing out the trash, anything that is broken, and anything that doesn’t fit, you can clear up quite a bit of the room. 

What is the best way to organize my bedroom?

Make sure that everything has its own place in the room. If something doesn’t have a place, it is more likely to sit around the home and take up space. A better option is to set aside zones and storage areas that help you to store each item in the right location. 

Is organizing my room expensive?

Organizing your room doesn’t need to be expensive. It is possible to do a lot of the work with containers you already have. You can choose to purchase a few new items, but most storage containers are inexpensive and can make your bedroom look amazing. 

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