Hanging Jeans With Shower Hooks? Here’s How To Do It The Right Way

Fold your jeans in half with the zipper facing the front, hook the shower hooks through their belt loops, and you’re done. You can use shower hooks to hang your belts as well.

Organizing jeans in your closet is a breeze with shower hooks.

You can also fold jeans and stack them on a shelf somewhere, but then grabbing a pair of the bottom will turn the whole stack into a mess. Moreover, it’s very hard to recognize which pair you need when they’re folded and stacked.

The best part about shower hooks is that they’re affordable. You can purchase a set for as little as $1 or so. Once you have your shower hooks at hand, hang your jeans from their side belt loops, then attach all shower hooks to your closet rods.

Now, let’s learn more about hanging jeans with shower hooks in detail.

Benefits of Jeans Organization With Shower Hooks

Organizing jeans with shower hooks ensures not only better visibility but also instant access to your jeans.

Other benefits of hanging jeans with shower hooks include fewer wrinkles as well as taking advantage of the vertical space in closets in full. Since you’re not folding your jeans, you won’t notice any crease marks either.

In my personal opinion, hanging jeans is far better than folding them as I sometimes forget about some of my favorite pairs of jeans because they usually end up pushed to the back of the drawer.

Hanging Jeans With Shower Hooks: Quick Guide

If you wear jeans pretty regularly, it makes perfect sense to have your favorite pairs easily accessible.

I have a small closet space, so I had to find creative manners to organize my storage. That’s how I came across the organizational hack with curtain hooks.

As the name suggests, homeowners use curtain hooks to fasten curtains on a rod or rail, but you can also use these cheap hooks as organizational tools.

I’m not saying go and rip your shower curtains so you can use the hooks or rings to hang your jeans. You can easily purchase a lot of shower hooks that can fit through the closet rods for as cheap as $1 per set from Kmart or other stores.

Some clothing stores use ‘S’ shower hooks to hand their denim, so you can be sure it’s a great way to keep your clothing organized. They will also look good.

Simply fold your favorite jeans in half so that the back pockets show on the outside, then hang each pair onto hooks using the belt loops that meet at the front, opposite of the fold.

Other Things You Can Hang With Shower Hooks

Shower hooks can help you organize a few other clothing items besides jeans such as tank tops, necklaces, scarves, purses or bags, hats, etc.

Tank Tops

Instead of folding tank tops in a drawer, hang them with shower hooks and prevent wrinkles. Keep a limited amount of tank tops on one hook (3-5) so that it’s easy for you to see each tank top.


Shower hooks can keep jewelry that doesn’t fit in jewelry organizers well-organized. So, hang your long necklaces in your closet on hooks.

You can also install hangers on the door of your closet to provide space for all your accessories including longer necklaces, bracelets, etc.


Fold your scarves in half and hang the folds right onto the hooks. If you have infinity scarves, you can skip the fold part and hang them right on the hook.

Purses or Bags

Hanging purses or bags will help them preserve their shape since they’re not sitting on anything that will cause compression.


Just like with purses and bags, hanging will help hats keep their shape so hang your hats by the adjustable bit in the back and you’re done.

3 Other Ways You Can Hang Jeans

As I already stated, hanging jeans is far better than folding them because of various reasons, in my opinion. So, I will share a few other ways you can hang your jeans in your closet, so take a look.

Use Regular Clothes Hangers

Standard clothes hangers have a triangle shape. They consist of two diagonal bars and a horizontal bar at the bottom.

Regular clothes hangers can handle jeans, but they can’t hold pants as they usually slip off due to their slippery material.

If you tried hanging your jeans with a regular clothes hanger and they always seem to slip for some reason, consider adding a strip of moleskin, velvet, or hot glue over the horizontal bar to create some friction and keep them from falling off.

If you opt for velvet, cut a piece of velvet to the length of the horizontal bar and glue it to the bar using fabric glue or hot glue.

If you choose moleskin, cut a piece of adhesive moleskin to the length of the bottom bar and fold it over the top of the bar. Then, run your finger over it to seal it.

If you prefer hot glue over velvet and moleskin, draw a zig-zag line down the center of the bar and you’re done.

Extra tip: L-shaped clothes hangers with one end open work better for hanging any type of clothing, including jeans.

Step 1: Fold Your Jeans in Half Vertically

First, make sure the hand pockets don’t hang outside, then fold your jeans in half vertically. Second, hook your hanger over the rod so your hands remain free.

Step 2: Drape Your Jeans Over the Horizontal Bar

Slip your jeans through the hanger, then drape them across the bar by the leg parts. When you’re done, the waistband should be touching the cuffs.

Adjust your jeans so that they balance properly and don’t fall off. You can either tug on the ankles or the waistband until they hang over the bar without falling.

Step 3: Place the Clothes Hanger Inside Your Closet

If your jeans keep falling off, you can easily secure each pair with clothespins. Clip a clothespin or a few across the horizontal bar and you’re all set.

Give Hangers With Clips a Try

Hangers with clips can help you hang jeans with ease.

If you can’t find one, then purchase clips to fit over the horizontal bar of a standard clothes hanger. You can use clothespins or large binder clips as well.

These hangers aren’t suitable for leather and pleather pants as the clips can leave imprints, so stick to using hangers with clips for jeans only in the following manner.

Step 1: Fold Your Jeans if They’re Too Wide or Too Long

If they’re too wide for your hanger, fold your jeans in half vertically. If you don’t have enough vertical space in your closet, fold your jeans vertically, then horizontally, and clip them by the knee part.

Step 2: Clip Your Jeans by the Waistband to the Hanger

Make sure each clip is approximately 1-inch or 2.54 cm away from the outside edge of the waistband.

Most hangers have adjustable clips, so move them around as necessary. They can usually slide across the bar back and forth.

Step 3: Protect Your Jeans From Getting Imprints

If you’re worried about your jeans obtaining imprints, consider using index cards to keep them protected.

Many clips have small teeth or grooves on them which can leave marks and imprints in leather and artificial leather, and sometimes in denim as well.

To be sure yours remains safe, place four index cards inside each pant clip and put your jeans between the cards.

The cards will protect your jeans and pants from the teeth of clips. If you don’t have index cards at hand, playing cards, business cards, or even pieces of cardstock will do the trick.

How About Clamping Pants Hangers?

You can also use clamping pants hangers to hang your jeans.

They’re usually made of wood and consist of two horizontal bars that pull together. Most people use these hangers for suit pants but who says you can’t use them for jeans as well?

Step 1: Fold Your Jeans in Half Vertically

Make sure the hand pockets aren’t sticking out and fold your jeans in half vertically.

Step 2: Open the Hanger and Place the Cuffs Between the Bars

Open your hanger by pulling the hook part towards you. The horizontal bars should open up. Once they’re open, slip the cuffs of your jeans between the bars.

Never hang jeans by the waistband when using this type of hanger as buttons and zippers can get in the way and prevent the hanger from closing together properly.

Step 3: Close the Hanger and Place it in Your Closet

Push the hook part back down towards the hanger and away from you. Once done, place your hanger in your closet.

Extra: Have You Heard of the Savile Row Fold?

Grab a regular clothes hanger and put it between the jeans legs. Then, fold one of those legs until the hem sits just above the crotch. Lay that back down and take the other leg. Fold it over the first one and you’re done.

Your jeans will stay on your hanger no matter what. Most people use this method to hang dress pants but you can use it to hang jeans as well.

FAQs on Hanging Jeans With Shower Hooks

Is it Better to Fold or Hang Jeans?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question because unlike delicate pieces of clothing, jeans can be folded without risk of wrinkling or losing shape. So, it’s up to you to decide. I prefer hanging jeans as they’re easier to see in that manner.

How Do I Organize My Jeans Hanging?

You can organize your jeans by shades, style, length, or occasion for easier access.

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