How To Hang Long Dresses In A Short Closet? Your Organizing Guide

Hang the bottom of your long dress on the horizontal bar of your hanger. The goal is to fold the long dress using the hanger, making it shorter so it doesn’t wipe the bottom of your short closet.

If you have a short closet or super low rods, then it’s almost impossible to hang long dresses. I say almost impossible because you can do it but the bottom of your dress will drag on the floor.

In this case, you can place another hanger in front of your dress, take the skirt part and drape it over the second hanger. You can also fold your dress in half and drape it over the hanger as usual.

In today’s article, I will teach you how to hang long dresses in short closets but first, let’s learn how to organize dresses, in general.

How to Hang Long Dresses in Short Closet: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re a DIY-enthusiast, you can install a hook on the side of the closet wall that’s higher than the pole and use that one specifically for hanging long dresses.

You can also use two hangers to store your long dress. Place the skirt part over one and the bodice over the other and you’re done. It’s not a very creative solution but it will keep your dress off the floor.

These solutions aren’t complicated nor cost a lot of money. So, choose the one that seems the most practical to you, but before you do that, let’s learn how to store long dresses properly.

Step 1: Sort Out Your Long Dresses

Collect all your long dresses into one place, then take a look at each piece and ask yourself if you would wear it again to any event or party.

Separate the dresses you would likely wear again from those you haven’t worn for many years. If you aren’t emotionally attached to the older dresses, you can either throw them away or donate them, so you can declutter your closet.

Step 2: Clean Your Long Dresses Before Storing

Make sure the long dresses you plan on hanging in your closet aren’t dirty because the last thing you want to do is store away dirty pieces, especially if they’re evening wear. Read the care tag on each dress and wash accordingly.

You can also take a trip to the dry cleaner before you store them away, especially if you’re storing spring and/or summer dresses before winter starts. Keep in mind that dresses that haven’t been cleaned after use can attract pests.

Step 3: Prepare Your Long Dresses for Storage

If you’re storing away evening wear, make sure your long dresses stay in a plastic bag or large plastic storage tote. Also, wrap each dress in acid-free paper or a bedsheet.

Check the paper every 2-4 years or wash the sheet occasionally. That way, you will ensure the quality of your garments.

You can also buy fabric garment bags as they’re a simple solution for storing longer dresses. Moreover, keep your dresses near cheddar wood and use mothballs as they keep bugs at bay.

Otherwise, they might eat right through your dresses. Many households have stinky mothballs and cheddar chests full of garments for a reason, so don’t forget about this important detail.

Lastly, if your dress has a lot of beadwork, it’s preferable to keep it in a box instead of hanging it in your closet so that nothing gets snagged on it.

Step 4: Find the Right Storage Place

Once you have your long dresses cleaned and prepared, it’s time to find the perfect storage place. Opt for a spot with a lot of space so that nothing can smash into your dresses. If you don’t have enough space in your closet, consider other solutions.

For instance, you can always place a large box on the top shelf near the top of your closet and keep your dresses inside. Or you can have a dedicated space for all your dresses on the floor. Other options include baskets, cardboard boxes, chests, etc.

Step 5: Hang Your Long Dresses

When storing long dresses, especially evening dresses, treat them as you would any other seasonal piece of clothing.

If it’s not something you wear during the season and you have other storage places, keep it separate from your regular closet.

This way you will not only give yourself more closet area but also have your dresses unwrinkled. You can store your long dresses in baskets, boxes, etc.

If you don’t like those options but you’re dealing with a shorter closet, here’s how to hang long dresses in short closets effectively.

Move the Bar for Clothes up Higher

If the bars inside the closet aren’t located high, you can install extra bars at a much higher level and use them to hang your dresses.

You can also move the low bars higher since much of that space in a short closet is unused. Then, hang your long dresses as usual.

Use Two Hangers

As I already established, two hangers can hold a long dress. Place the two hangers closer together, then put the top half of the dress on one hanger and the low one of the dress on the other.

Lastly, you can drape dresses over the bars and store them in that manner. It’s not a very neat storage solution but still gets the job done.

Install Hooks on the Side or Door of the Closet

Some people install hangers on their closet doors, so you can try that as well. If you don’t want to drill holes into your closet door, you can also add a wreath hanger that fits over the door and hang your long dresses that way.

Consider Buying a Fabric Garment Closet

A fabric garment closet can come in handy if you have a bunch of long dresses and no storage space available or a short closet.

If you decide it’s a good idea, purchase this budget-friendly fabric closet and keep it in your basement, storage unit, spare room, etc.

This type of closet would allow for many dresses to hang and provide enough space to hang loosely instead of dragging on the floor.

Make sure you place the acid-free paper at the bottom of the garment closet as well as a cedar wood block.

Some people also toss a lavender sachet inside to keep their long dresses smelling fresh while they’re being stored. Certain scented additions can also attract pests so make sure you choose wisely.

With the right precautions such as using cedar, acid-free paper, and keeping things covered and dry, you can store all your seasonal and evening dresses in a portable storage unit for future use without cluttering up your home and ruining your dresses.

Dos and Don’ts for Storing Dresses

The following tips can help you store your dresses whether short or long in the right manner, so they stay in good shape over the years.


  • Wash and dry your dresses after every use before storing them away.
  • If you store your dresses in garment bags, make sure they’re uncolored and unbleached bags, so that they can breathe.
  • Keep your dresses, especially evening wear in a cool space where they won’t be exposed to heat, humidity, etc.
  • Make sure your dresses aren’t exposed to direct light as this can make colors fade or even damage delicate fabrics.
  • Store your dresses in dry places as dampness encourages mildew which will damage your garments.
  • If you have evening wear with sleeves and/or deep folds, place paper tissues into those spots to preserve the shape of your garments.
  • Store your dresses with cedar blocks to keep moths at bay, especially if they consist of wool or other woolens.
  • Once stored away, check on your dresses every couple of months to ensure everything is in order.
  • Unpack and repack your dresses at least once a year to prevent any creases from becoming permanent.


  • Never store leather and suede dresses in plastic bags as plastic can get wet and stick to the dresses which can ultimately destroy them.
  • If a plastic bag is your only storage option, don’t forget to wrap your dresses in acid-free paper and change the paper occasionally.
  • If you decide to store your dresses in cardboard boxes, never place them in a basement or attic as they can’t hold back rodents and/or bugs.
  • Don’t store your dresses in the back of your closet as this can cause wrinkles and destroy your dresses, especially evening gowns with beadwork and other delicate parts.
  • You can hang your dresses for a short period, but avoid hanging on a hanger long term as this can cause stress on the seams and shape.

FAQs on How to Hang Long Dresses in Short Closet

Is it Better to Fold or Hand Dresses?

It’s better to hang most dresses except for heavy ones because when they’re hung, they can end up stretching. Hanging can also cause stress on the seams and shape of regular dresses, so switch between folding and hanging.

How to Hang Dresses in a Double Rod Closet?

You can either drape dresses over the rods or use regular hangers if it’s a high closet. If it’s a short double rod closet, use two hangers to hang long dresses.

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