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How to Hide Laundry Basket in Bedroom: 10 Great Options

If you live in a small home or keep your laundry basket in the bedroom but prefer to keep it out of sight, you can hide it in your closet or cabinet. Simply put it under a shelf or in a lower part, so you can easily take it out.

Keeping the bedroom clean can be a real struggle, especially if you have a laundry basket hanging around the room.

If you keep your laundry basket in your bedroom and don’t know where to hide it, don’t worry. In this article, we will teach you all the places you can store away a laundry basket in your bedroom or any room in your home.

Some of those hiding places include the closet, under your bed, in decorative baskets, in a tilt-out cabinet, laundry chute, etc. Also, you can keep it where you change clothes for added convenience. Now, let’s dive deeper into the topic.

How to Hide Laundry Basket in Bedroom: 10 Clever Ideas

If you keep your laundry basket in the bedroom, you can hide it in plain sight. Here’s a list of various places you can keep your laundry basket hidden at all times but still easily available.

1. Your Bedroom Closet

If you have extra space in your closet, you can hide your laundry basket somewhere in the lower section, where you can easily pull it out whenever necessary.

It’s a simple yet effective solution, but make sure the laundry basket has a lid, so you don’t make your clean clothes inside the closet smell funky from the laundry.

To take your storage game to the next level, put a stylish basket liner in it for a more pleasing look.

If your closet isn’t spacious, you can add shelves above your laundry baskets to store other items.

Rolling Laundry Cart

You can use a rolling laundry cart as it’s perfect for hiding laundry baskets in the bedroom. Simply roll the laundry cart into your closet when it’s out of use, and you’re done. No one will ever see it!

Free Standing Hamper

Another excellent option is a free-standing hamper. These come in different designs and are excellent for hiding your laundry baskets in the closet. Place the laundry basket in your closet when it’s not in use, and you’re good to go.

Hanging Laundry Basket

If you don’t have any space available in your closet, get a hanging laundry basket.

You can hang it on a hook in your closet or on the back of your door. These come in different colors and styles, so you can easily find something that matches the layout of your bedroom.

2. Under Your Bed Frame

The easiest way to hide laundry baskets in the bedroom is to place them under your bed frame. That way, you will keep your floor clean at all times.

If you have a lot of free space under your bed, you can also store other things such as extra pillows, blankets, etc. Otherwise, consider buying a fold-up basket that can be easily folded when not in use.

3. Tilt-Out Cabinet

If you’re out of space, consider adding a tilt-out cabinet for your laundry baskets. It’s a great way to keep your dirty laundry hidden until it’s time to wash. Moreover, it’s a great storage solution for other things such as pillows and blankets.

Some people create a laundry nook, so consider this option if you don’t have space for a tilt-out cabinet. Set up a small table in the corner of your room with a laundry basket underneath, and your job is done.

4. Designated Laundry Drawer

If you have a smaller bedroom with no available space for storage, consider using a drawer. You can either repurpose a dresser drawer or a nightstand drawer.

If you don’t want your drawers filled up with dirty laundry, you can purchase a storage unit specifically made for laundry baskets.

These cabinets don’t take up too much space as they’re taller and slimmer than regular ones. And they typically have doors that close to hide the contents, so they’re perfect for storing laundry baskets.

Some even include built-in shelves or hampers, but here’s the kicker. When your laundry basket cabinet isn’t in use, you can repurpose it as a dresser or nightstand.

5. Fancy Baskets

Why hide your laundry baskets when you can buy new decorative ones that you can happily show off?

Rope Baskets

You can easily find decorative baskets like rope baskets at local home goods stores or online. Opt for ones that match your bedroom’s overall décor.

We like rope baskets because they’re made of rope or fabric and provide a rustic look. They’re great for hiding laundry as they can be easily tucked away behind a piece of furniture, the bedroom door, or any other door.

Free-Standing Wood Baskets

Free-standing wood baskets are made of wicker or rattan and have a more natural appearance.

So, if you have natural-looking décor in your bedroom, opt for a free-standing wood basket for hiding your laundry.

6. Unused Hooks and Hangers

Look at all the hooks and hangers around your bedroom and bathroom that aren’t much useful.

It’s time they do something for you, like holding your laundry hamper. So, if you have a hook on your bedroom or bathroom door, don’t be scared to use it.

If you don’t have unused hooks and hangers in your room, install a few on each door and use the available space.

7. Laundry Chute

Although it’s a slightly complex task, installing a laundry chute in your bedroom isn’t difficult, especially if you have a renovation project coming soon.

After reviewing local building and fire codes for restrictions, you can install your laundry system at the top of the stairs, in your bathroom or bedroom.

8. Laundry Bins

You can also integrate laundry bins in the bathroom of your bedroom and hide them. Opt for laundry bins that match your bathroom’s style.

Additionally, if you have a built-in unit with compartments, you can use it as a hiding place for all your laundry bins or baskets in your bathroom.

9. Ottoman With A Lid

If none of the solutions above work for you, opt for a stylish storage container in a shape, size, and style that matches the décor of your room.

That way, you won’t have to hide it. For instance, choose a vintage wicker trunk that will keep your laundry hidden under your bedroom window.

ottoman with lid

If you have space in front of your bed, you can buy a storage ottoman with a lid to hide your laundry baskets and provide extra seating.

10. Make the Laundry Basket A Feature

You can turn your existing laundry basket into a stylish one with a lid to hide your laundry.

You can either decorate your laundry basket with a liner or purchase a new modern one and place it where you get undressed at the end of the day.

That way, instead of hiding your laundry basket, you can make it the centerpiece of your bedroom or any other room.

How to Keep Your Laundry Basket Smelling Good?

You can keep your laundry basket smelling fresh by using either a liner or refresher. Liners come in different materials such as felt, cloth, or plastic and in different colors and designs, so you can easily find one to match your room’s décor.

Laundry Basket Liner

We recommend buying plastic laundry basket liners as they’re easy to clean, but you can also opt for cloth liners as they’re easy to wash in the washer with your laundry.

You can also use a spray deodorizer. These products come in powders, sprays, and beads, so buy whatever you prefer. Some deodorizers even have inbuilt timers that release the scent every couple of hours.

laundry basket with liner

Instead of these, you can use essential oils. They’re also a great way to keep your laundry baskets smelling fresh. You can add them to water, then spray the inside of your basket.

They’re also available in diffuser forms that you can plug near your laundry basket, so consider that option as well.

Fabric Refresher

Fabric refreshers can also keep your laundry baskets smelling fresh. They’re sold in powders and sprays, so you can pick whatever you prefer.

They’re excellent for neutralizing odors as they destroy the bacteria that causes the odor. Make sure you test whatever product you buy in a hidden patch of your basket before using it. 

Otherwise, you can ruin your laundry basket.

FAQs on How to Hide Laundry Basket in Bedroom

Do you use the same laundry basket for clean and dirty clothes?

If possible, use separate laundry baskets for clean and dirty clothes as the bacteria from your dirty laundry can get onto clean clothes and cause a foul smell.

Is it OK to store dirty clothes in the washing machine?

Avoid using your washer as storage for dirty clothes because there’s always moisture in the washer that can cause mold growth and even stubborn stains, so avoid this “storage solution.”

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