16 DIY Diaper Storage Ideas

Paint over some cardboard boxes or stick decorative tape around them, create divisions using extra cardboard and line up the diapers to store them easily. Place the boxes in the corner of the room, on a countertop, or on an accessible shelf.

Parents are usually concerned about where to store their baby’s diapers. Luckily, there are many ways to do that. In this article, we’ll tell you about 16 DIY diaper storage ideas. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Rolling Cart

A rolling cart can be a good use of space for storing diapers. 

You can use the multiple racks in the cart to line all the diapers up. You can either use all the racks for these diapers or designate some space on a rack to place a basket with some other accessories.

This rolling cart can be useful not only because it creates space but also because you can roll it around to other rooms depending on where your infant is.

Door Racks

Door racks can be quite ideal, given that you do not need to make additional space in your room for storage. 

You can simply hang plastic, metal, or wire racks (or a lengthwise rack shelf) on the backside of your door, making for efficient use of space. Inside these racks, you can store all the diapers with other accessories you might require for your baby.

Some racks come with adhesives, while others might require you to install hooks on the door.

Drawer Dividers

If you have some drawers that you can free up in some of your cabinets, you can consider lining or stacking up the diapers in them. 

If you have a hard time having the diapers stay in place, you can make cardboard dividers and place them in the drawers to create distinct sections for the diapers.

This will help keep them standing without toppling over and can also allow you to separate them by type or from other related accessories.


A pegboard is a great DIY option considering that it is a board that comes with many perforations. 

All you need to do here is attach it to an accessible part of a wall and add hooks, wire racks, and shelves where you can store the diapers.

You can also choose to spruce up the pegboard with other accessories, given the amount of space you have. This can save you the hassle of creating extra floor or cabinet space.

Diaper Changing Table

If you want to keep all the accessories and extras relating to your infant in a single place, it can be worth investing in a diaper changing table. 

You can place this table in the nursery, living room, or your bedroom and place all the diapers in the drawers, making for easy access. 

On top of the table, you can place a mat or a small mattress where you can rest your baby each time you need to change their diaper.

Basket Shelf

If you have old baskets lying around the house, gather them and turn them into a basket shelf that you can either place on the floor or hang up on one part of the wall. 

Use a sturdy stick, rod, or pole to tie the baskets together and create a few racks.

You can then place the diapers inside these basket racks, allowing you to conveniently create space and access the diapers whenever required. This kind of shelf can be portable too if you want to move it around.

Tiered Frame

If you don’t have enough storage space on the floor, in your cabinets, and even on your walls, you can consider making or buying a tiered frame or stand with a couple more holders or racks around the central pole.

Inside these racks, you can place all the diapers and associated accessories and simply carry the rack around to the required diaper changing area. 

You can situate the stand on top of a table or any other countertop.

Closet Table/Box

If you’ve some closet space to spare or a separate closet for your baby, you can place a small table inside it that can hold all the diapers, accessories, or your baby’s clothes.

If a table sounds too big, you can place a small box or hang some baskets on the closet railing where you can store the diapers.

Using a closet can additionally keep the diapers out of sight.

Storage Boxes

Plastic storage boxes can be a good solution if you are struggling with storage space. 

You can take some old ones or buy a few new ones and align the diapers inside them. You can also add dividers to create sections.

You can easily find some space for these storage boxes. You can keep them on a shelf, countertop, in the corner of a room, or even under the bed if you want to keep them out of sight.

You can also hang them from a wall hook.

Fabric/Plastic Pouches

To save space and make clever use of smaller spaces, you can use roll-down fabric or plastic pouches. 

These are usually long hanging units with multiple pockets or pouches where you can place the diapers.

You can then hang these units either on a hook on the wall or the door. You can also use separate individual pockets from your old pants to create such pouches, after which you can install hooks on the walls and hang each pouch on them.

Hanging Tumblers

Plastic tumblers or small plastic bins can be another organized way of storing diapers. 

Many of these tend to come with hangers that you can use to hang the bins on racks, railings, or hooks, wherever there is space.

Inside each tumbler, then, you can arrange the diapers according to separate categories or separate them from other accessories that you might require. This also does not require too much additional space.

Diaper Caddies

Diaper caddies are plastic or fabric baskets or holders with a handle on top so you can easily carry them around. 

You can arrange the diapers in these caddies and place them on countertops, cabinets, or shelves where you can access them easily.

Many such caddies also have distinct sections or divisions that can allow you to make better use of the space. Many of them might also be foldable, making them easier for travel and storage when not in use.

Wall Railing and Crates

Create separate wall railings or make use of old curtain railings. 

On these railings, you can hang or attach small crates and wire racks where you can then place the diapers. You can often buy railing and crate units that you can simply install on your wall.

Such railings need to be accessible, so make sure you do not install them too high up on the walls.

Repurposed Cardboard Boxes

If you have some old cardboard boxes lying around, spruce them up a bit by painting over them or sticking decorative tape around them so that you can place them in your room without them sticking out too much.

Inside these cardboard boxes, you can place some extra cardboard to create divisions, allowing you to line up the diapers so that they can stay in place. 

Place these boxes in the corner of the room, on a countertop, or on an accessible shelf.

Tall Standing Shelf

Build a tall standing shelf that you can place in the corner of the room. You can also hang it horizontally on a shelf. 

You can then easily line up the diapers (if horizontal) or stack them up (if vertical).

Whenever you need the diapers, you can simply access the shelf. Adding divisions in between can allow you to store some other essentials and accessories too.

Fabric Bags

Fabric bags from your last shopping or grocery trip can make for useful diaper storage. 

Whether they are big or small, all you need to do is hang them from hooks on the wall or door and place the diapers in them. These can add a fun element to the decor as well.

Another way to make these look better can be to hang a wire, thick rope, or ribbon between 2 hooks and attach the bags to them with clips.

FAQs on DIY Diaper Storage Ideas

Where is the best place in the house to store diapers?

You can use your baby’s nursery to store diapers where you can use any of the above storage ideas. You can also store them in the bathroom or your own room if that is more accessible.

How should you arrange the diapers in their holders?

You can either stack them up on top of each other or place them vertically to view and pick out the diapers easily. This also depends on the kind and size of storage option you use.

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