How to Organize Perfume on Dresser?

Use a spice rack or tiered perfume tray to organize your perfumes on your dresser. If you do not have enough space on the dresser, you can mount some shelves and place them along there.

Ways to Organize Perfume on the Dresser

Almost everyone has a fondness for perfumes. But they usually lay strewn on countertops or dressers. It can be difficult to find the product you want to use in such clutter. It also takes away the shine of your space.

Organizing them is key. For that, you need creative solutions to store and display your perfume collection. This article will help you find the best solutions to do just that.

There are plenty of ways to display your scents in a neat manner. The following ideas are space-efficient and visually pleasing. These will help you learn how to organize perfume on the dresser.

Tiered Perfume Tray

A tiered tray is a great way to stack and display your products on your dresser. You will find a plethora of options in thrift stores and online to suit your style. 

Check out antique or decorative trays to house your collection. This not only helps conserve space but also adds flair to your vanity.

Cake Stand

Cake stands are multipurpose. They are great for showing off your baked products and your perfume collection! You can opt for inexpensive stands or shop for antique-style cake stands to add more elegance to your decor.

This simple organizational trick declutters your dresser and makes it easier to clean. You will find plenty of options in color and design to add a flair to your decor.

Carousel Organizer

A carousel organizer is a great way to get your hands on whatever spritz you need in a jiffy. This vertical storage solution is a space-saving and efficient way to declutter your dresser area.

You can look for sturdy tiered carousel organizers online or at any store. A lazy susan with dividers allows for a better organization.

Mountable Shelves

Hobby stores are a great place to look for organizational solutions. You will find vertical shelves or tiered stands to keep your favorite scents within reach and well-organized.

You can easily mount one beside your vanity or place it on your dresser top.

Spice Rack

Bring over your handy spice rack to your vanity. The tiered shelves of the spice rack are great for organizing small bottles of your favorite scents. It is a vertical space-saving solution that gives you easy access to your collection.

You will be able to find metal, wooden, or clear racks at any local home goods store.

Mirrored Tray

A mirrored tray is a stylish solution to display your favorite scent collection. The mirror reflects your beautiful bottles while giving them a space of their own. You can look for unique or vintage options at thrift stores.

Besides mirrored trays, you can also restyle any old tray to put out your collection on your dresser.

Dresser-Friendly Baskets

You will find inexpensive baskets in various sizes, colors, and materials at Goodwill or any other store. Pick an appropriately sized basket to place on your dresser top and organize your collection of scents in it.

Pocket Organizer

If you have a huge collection of perfumes and a small space, you can get a hanging pocket organizer and sling it behind your bedroom door. You can use this organizer to store your sturdy pieces of perfume.

You can look into various options to match your decor style. If you are not a fan of plastic organizers, check out crocheted or knit pocket organizers instead.

How to Categorize Your Perfume Collection?

You can add a twist to your display of perfumes. You can arrange them in a way that is appealing to your senses. This works great if you have a big collection. 

Organizing them into various categories makes it easy to grab a scent according to the occasion or mood. It also adds an aesthetic appeal to your display.

Show Off the Colors

You can make your perfume collection Instagram-ready with the slightest effort! One way to do this is by dividing them into primary colors. Group your whites and clears, pinks and reds, and other primary colors together.

This organizational method is visually appealing. If you have a colorful collection of scents, you can take it a step further and arrange the bottles in a rainbow pattern.

Group By Size

Another visual method of organization is simply arranging your bottles according to size. 

Place the smallest in your collection upfront and line up the bigger bottles behind. Depending on your storage solution, you can either line them up in increasing size or front to back. This way of organization gives you better visibility of your products.

Organize By Scent

This final method is not as simple. It requires you to categorize your collection according to fragrance. You have to be able to group them into the appropriate scent family.

Your acute olfactory senses are required to group your collection into citrus, aromatic, oriental, woody, etc. Take a whiff of your bottles and categorize them based on the strongest note you recognize.

For example, if your fragrance bottle gives off fresh citrusy notes, you should place it in the fresh citrus category. These are summer scents usually meant for daytime events. 

Organizing your perfumes by scent makes it easier to grab a bottle your mood or event calls for.

How to Store Your Fragrances?

Perfumes are pricey, and you are probably very attached to their scent. 

However, if you store them improperly, they can lose their scent. There are several ways you can prevent your perfume collection from going bad.

  • Keep the Lid On: Your perfume starts to degrade the instant you break the seal. The lid prevents oxygen from sneaking in and diluting the scent. Oxygen is a silent fragrance killer.

    To increase its shelf life, always keep the lid tightly on when not in use.

  • Darkness is Your Friend: Keep your perfumes away from sunlight and in a darkened spot. Sun speeds up degradation and affects the scent.

  • Humidity is Your Enemy: A humid environment will result in chemical reactions and affect the integrity of your fragrance. Avoid storing your collection in a bathroom. Instead, find a dry and shaded spot to increase its longevity.

  • Keep It Boxed: If you struggle to store it away from the elements, pack it back up in the original box. The box will provide a dark environment and preserve the fragrance.

  • Keep It Low: This is a no-brainer. Avoid placing your exquisite bottles of perfumes on a high shelf. You can accidentally knock them over and break them, leaving you to regret the spill and live with the strong smell for weeks.

  • Avoid Turbulence: You may assume that shaking a perfume bottle will awaken its scent. You are wrong!

    Shaking does nothing but agitate the fragrance and introduce unnecessary oxidation. It will also wreck the delicate chemical bonds and impact the scent.

  • Keep It Cool: Perfumes survive in cool temperatures. Heat breaks down your fragrance and causes water and alcohol to evaporate.

Ideally, place them in a temperature zone of at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Keep It Sealed: Do not break the seal if you are not yet ready to use your fragrance. This maintains the pristineness of your scent and prevents the smell from diluting. Once you debut a perfume, its graveyard clock begins since it gets exposed to oxygen.

FAQs on How to Organize Perfume on Dresser

How to store perfume for longevity?

The main aggressors that deteriorate fragrances are humidity, heat, and light. Keep your perfume away from these aggressors and store them at stable temperatures to increase their shelf life.

Can I keep my perfume in the fridge?

The fridge provides a stable temperature while keeping your fragrance away from heat. Therefore, it is a suitable storage idea but not every fragrance is suited for the fridge.

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