How to Organize Vitamin Bottles

To organize vitamin bottles, make sure you gather them in one place, decant them if required, arrange them in categories, label them well and then store them.

You can also opt for an organizing method, such as a tray, basket, drawer, or turntable. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the article to know more!

How to Organize Vitamin Bottles (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you have vitamin bottles stretched far and wide across your house and in every room, there might be a better way to bring them all to one place and keep them organized and accessible.

Let’s go through the following points:

Gather Materials

The first step you should take to begin organizing your vitamin bottles is to gather all the materials you might need to complete everything in a single sitting. 

Take some time to figure out and list what you might need so that you can have an easier time with it.

To help you get started, here is a list of potential things that you might need.

  • Vitamin bottles
  • Organizer (tray/basket/drawer/turntable)
  • Glass jars/bottles
  • Adhesive (tape/glue)
  • Permanent markers

Of course, the exact set of materials you will need for this purpose will likely depend on the kind and quantity of vitamin bottles you have and the method in which you want to organize them.

For instance, if you plan on leaving the vitamins and supplements in their respective bottles, you might not end up needing additional glass jars at all while also allowing you to make do without the labeling materials.

While carrying this out, make sure you carefully handle the bottles and bring everything to one location before you organize them. 

An essential aspect of this process is to also deal with your expired bottles so that there is no risk of you mixing your vitamins.

If you notice that some vitamin bottles have expired, it might be time to throw them out and replace them.

Consider Decanting

Decanting is something you should consider when organizing your vitamin bottles.

Ideally, of course, you can minimize your effort by simply arranging all the original bottles in the way you prefer, but if there are many bottles of the same vitamins, a cleaner and clearer idea would be to place them all in the same container.

Make sure you account for the expiry date of the vitamins before you place them all together in a single bottle or jar. 

Examine all the bottles properly and make sure you gather them all from different parts of your room.

You can then prepare the new bottles in which you want to shift the vitamins. Clean them up thoroughly and let them dry before you consider adding the vitamins to them. 

You can simply use dish soap and warm water to clean them and either towel-dry them or let them dry naturally.

Some vitamin bottles may have powdered vitamins, while some might be in tablet form. In either case, you must ensure that you keep one kind of the same vitamin together.

Pick the Right Bottles

If you do plan on decanting some or all the vitamin bottles, make sure you pick the right kinds of bottles. There are several things you must consider here that you can go through below.


You will need to pick the right size of vitamin bottles before you go ahead and organize them. A good idea can be to opt for a standard size of bottles that you can then empty your vitamins in.

This will make things much more accessible and easy to store and organize, not to mention that it can make things look more uniform.

If you want to retain the original bottles and you find that some of them differ in size, you will need to find an organizing method to fit all of them together while still making them easy to identify and use.


The material in which you keep your vitamin bottles can also make a difference. 

Many of them are sealed plastic bottles, while some are sturdier and made from glass.

The chances of glass breaking are higher, so make sure you account for this when making the necessary arrangements. At the same time, glass bottles can provide more options in terms of clarity and visibility of the vitamins you keep inside.

Plus, you can keep reusing them and reduce a bit of your plastic waste.

Plastic tends to be quite affordable and durable and can make things easier if the original bottles are already available in this form.

Arrange the Bottles

You can now move on to arranging the bottles together. 

Look for the kind of vitamin bottles, how old each of them is, and whether or not you can place the same vitamins in a single bottle.

You can then separate bottles of the same or similar kind into different sets so that when it comes to keeping them in the organizers, you can carry the process out quicker.

For instance, you can create distinctions such as children’s vitamins, multivitamins, minerals, digestive vitamins, and others based on what works for you.

Add Labels

Take a piece of paper and write down the name of the vitamin on the bottle with a permanent marker. You can also directly mark this down on the bottle itself.

If you use the original bottles, make sure the labels are clearly visible. If not, you can label the cap or the clear part to ensure better visibility and identification so that you do not need to keep searching for the right kind of vitamin each time.

Opt for An Organizing Method

You can arrange and organize your vitamin bottles in many ways. Make use of one or more of the following organizers to help you out.


A tray or basket can be a good way to store all your vitamin bottles in one place. Make sure these have enough space to accommodate all of them without causing a cluster.

You can also use multiple of these and arrange your vitamin bottles in a way that the bigger ones are at the back and smaller ones in front (to identify them). 

You can then place the tray on a counter or inside a cabinet.


Drawers are a great option since they can keep the bottles closed off from view and safe from your kids and pets. 

For drawers, you should ideally use bottles of the same size with labels on them, considering that the height of your drawers may be limited.

You can also opt for drawer organizers and dividers that can allow you to easily demarcate the vitamin bottles and prevent them from jostling around too much.

Storage Pouch

Storage pouches with large enough pockets and sufficient sturdiness can hold your vitamin bottles in place while also ensuring proper division and clarity, provided that the pockets are transparent.

Using a storage pouch (such as a shoe rack) can also allow you to hang it from a hook or place it against a wall, saving plenty of space on your counters and in your cabinets.

Spice Rack

You can use your old spice rack or buy a new one to organize your vitamin bottles. 

Your bottles will need to fit inside the rack in the first place, so make sure you confirm this before opting for this method.

You can also simply use the designated spice jars and place your vitamins in these bottles before placing them on the rack.

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts can also be an efficient and space-saving solution for organizing vitamin bottles. 

All you need to do here is simply install or attach holders on one part of the wall and then place the bottles in them.


Turntables can help you access your vitamin bottles better, considering that you can turn the rack around until you find the one you want. 

In this case, however, you might end up creating too much of a cluster, so you should look for bigger turntables for convenient usage.

FAQs on How to Organize Vitamin Bottles

What conditions should I keep vitamin bottles in?

You should keep your vitamin bottles in a cool and dry place to ensure they retain their quality for a long time. Don’t let too much light, heat, and humidity around them.

What if some of my vitamins do not come in bottles?

In this case, simply transfer your vitamins from their holders to bottles or jars and then label, seal, arrange and store them.

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