10 Ideas to Set Up Your Bathroom Vanity Drawer Organizer

To set up your bathroom vanity drawer organizer, eliminate unnecessary products, sort out the items you need to use daily, and keep only those in the bathroom.  

An organized system will keep your space spick-and-span and optimize utility. 

You do not have to compromise on your bathroom’s style or good looks when organizing your essentials. Here are some ideas to help you set up your bathroom vanity drawer organizer.

Sort Out Daily Use Items

A great start to organizing your bathroom vanity is to dump out all your vanity contents and sort out what you need for daily use. 

Only your daily essentials should make the cut to live in your bathroom.

This will help you get to your necessities easily, even on the busiest days. Once you have sorted out your daily use items, you can set aside a few items you want to keep on display on your countertop or your shelves.

Purge Your Vanity’s Contents

With all your contents out in the open, you should begin the purge. This step will help you declutter and get rid of anything that is no longer in use.

Often, we dump products into the bathroom vanity and forget about them. Make a pile of such items. You do not want them to utilize space in your organized drawers.

Look at the expiration dates of your products. Has something expired already? Toss it out. Are there any free makeup samples you never plan to use? Get rid of them. 

Purge whatever does not belong in your vanity drawer.

Divide the Contents

Once your necessities have undergone the purge, it is time to divide them. Create categories so that it is easier to organize them into the drawers.

Group your makeup items, lotions, and other toiletries. If you have one too many items in a particular category, you can sort them into subcategories.

Keep the redundancies aside. To maximize space in your drawers, you can keep your back items in a second location.

Ultimately, your categories will look something like this—hair products, makeup, skincare, travel products, etc.

This level of organization will help you access what you need in a jiffy at any given time.

Organize by Use

Organization by use is a higher level of organization. 

You will need to sort out your items and organize them by use – how often you use a particular product. Group items for morning use and evening use.

It is an effective practice to use 2 drawers to organize day and night products. The items required to get ready during morning hours should go into one drawer. These products could be medications, makeup, oral hygiene products, etc.

The second drawer should hold your evening or night products. You don’t need to duplicate an item if the product is used during both times. Simply assign one of the drawers to it and cross over whenever required.

Group together items depending on the frequency of use. Keep your most used items on the top and lesser-used products in the lower drawers. This will ensure you have swift access to your daily essentials.

Choose Your Storage Spots

Now that your keepers are all sorted out, it is time to select where you want to place them.

If you have a shared bathroom, assigning drawers or storage spots for each person is a good idea so they do not mess with your organized section.

Assigning drawers for the entire family may be necessary when sharing a vanity. You will need to label assigned drawers so that they know where to look for their products.

Assigning drawers to each person will give them a sense of ownership and responsibility for maintaining a neat and organized section.

But if your organization is designed to serve the entire family, you may not be able to have dedicated day and night spaces.

You can pick centralized spots for shared items like floss, mouthwash, toothpaste, etc.

Bring In Your Organizers

With every vanity item sorted and ready to find its place in the assigned drawers, it is time to bring out your drawer organizers. 

These will keep your essentials together and orderly.

It is only a matter of time before everything turns into clutter again. Fitting your drawers with the right type of organizers is the right way to contain your products and get easy access. Utilize every inch of your drawer for maximum storage.

Get An Angled Drawer Organizer

An angled drawer organizer makes it easy to see your products. 

Simply lining up your products in a drawer will not allow you to lay your hands on the right product quickly. An angled organizer will add visibility.

You’re likely to find this type of organizer in the kitchen department.

Get A Tiered Organizer to Maximize Space

If you have deep drawers, utilize the space to the maximum. 

You can create layered storage with the help of a tiered organizer. These organizers can be used to place less frequently used items in the bottom section and regular items on the top.

Defuse Clutter with A Modular Organizer

Using a modular organizer is another way to keep your vanity products together. 

These types of organizers are customizable to fit into any drawer. You can also easily clean them up.

Add Drawer Dividers

One crucial bathroom vanity organizing tip is to get drawer dividers. They’re a great way to organize your products. 

You can invest in adjustable dividers to separate different categories of products. This will allow you to easily find what you are looking for without rummaging through the drawer’s contents.

Drawer dividers come in various colors, so you can match them with your drawers to give them a built-in appearance.

Style with Vanity Boxes

You also add some style to your vanity drawers by buying stylish storage options like vanity boxes. 

These also go great with countertop organizing. They are available in various sizes, making them perfect for holding various items.

Recheck Shelf Life

Once your bathroom vanity has been organized perfectly, you should keep an eye on it. 

It does not take long for organized drawers to revert to a messy clutter. If you are careful, you can prevent this from happening.

Recheck the contents of your vanity drawers from time to time. Take stock of expiration dates and dispose of whatever is no longer usable. This will prevent clutter from collecting.

Utilize the Cabinet Door

If your vanity has cabinets, you can utilize the cabinet door to maximize organization.

You can use adhesive hooks inside the cabinet door to hook your brushes or hairdryer. You can also use a magnetic mountable board to store cosmetics or other items.

Get Baskets for Vanity Shelves

If you have a limited number of drawers in your bathroom vanity, you can utilize the vertical space on the shelves with the help of baskets or any other containers. 

You can opt for clear containers to organize your smaller essentials. For your larger essentials, choose a basket to house them in an organized manner. You can add a pop of style with display baskets.

Tiered or stackable containers are a great way to maintain a tidy and organized bathroom.

Utilize Open Areas

Make use of other open areas in the bathroom to organize your essentials. Use the countertop to place a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, etc. 

You can organize these items in a nice tray or a vanity organizer. You can also use a caddy with compartments to organize other necessities.

If you have an open space under the sink, you can get spacious baskets in appropriate sizes to organize your essentials. If the space is large enough, you can fit a tiered shelf for better organization.

FAQs on Setting Up Bathroom Vanity Drawer Organizer

What can I keep in my vanity drawer?

Your vanity drawer should mostly house your daily necessities. This could include oral hygiene products, makeup, lotions, medications, etc.

How often should I purge my vanity drawer contents?

You should purge your drawer contents every 2 to 6 months. Be mindful of the expiration dates of medications and makeup products.

Should I line my drawers with a protective liner?

If you are using compartmentalized organizers, this is not necessary. To protect your vanity drawers from accidental stains or leaks, you can lay out a drawer liner for a nice finishing touch.

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