How to Get Stains Off Vinyl Siding

To get stains off vinyl siding, mix 1 gallon of warm water with ¾ a cup of powdered bleach. Administer the solution to the stain and let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Then grab a clean towel, dip it in cold water and wipe the wall until you no longer see the stain. 

Vinyl is one of the most favored options for picking siding for a home. Unlike brick, it is affordable and, if maintained well, can last for many years. 

Since vinyl is on the exterior of your home, it faces many obstacles outdoors. For example, it must deal with severe winters, dust, bird feces, pollen, and other elements that can make the sides of your home look stained or filthy. 

In most cases, you only need a traditional water hose to eliminate grime and lighter stains. But when more severe discolorations appear, they require serious effort to remove without doing any permanent damage to your vinyl walls. 

In the guide below, we’ll teach you how to get stains off vinyl siding correctly. 

What You Will Need 

Take a trip down to Home Depot, and you will see many brands on the shelves claiming their product can handle any vinyl stain. In most cases, these options are expensive and a bit overkill. 

You can get the most common stains out with everyday products you already have in your home. If you want to follow this article, you will need the materials below:

  • Oxygen Bleach: Purchase this on Amazon or any neighborhood supermarket. You can DIY and make homemade versions with hydrogen peroxide and natural soda ash. 
  • Sterile water: Make sure it is nice and cold.
  • Pail: Medium size is best. 
  • Clean Towel: Microfiber is best, so it does not damage the vinyl.
  • Scrub Brush: Bristles must be soft to avoid scratches. 
  • Stirrer: This can be a large wooden spoon or stick to stir the paint in buckets. 
  • Sprayers: Have 3 to 4 bottles ready because each will be for a specific cleaning liquid. Using only one will hold you back because you have to spend time washing it to get it ready for the next cleaning solution. 
  • Professional Quality vinyl siding cleaner: Also available at a big box store like Home Depot or Amazon. 

Instructions to Remove Stains from Vinyl Siding

It’s all downhill once you have everything you need to start. Read the detailed steps in the next section. 

Step One: Make An Oxygen Bleach Blend

Start by filling your bucket with one gallon of water and throw in 8 ounces of oxygen bleach in a powdered format. 

Making a homemade version is possible if you are low on this kind of bleach or don’t want to buy any. All you need to do is combine natural soda and hydrogen peroxide, and it is ready for use. 

The primary benefit of using oxygen bleach is it does not have chlorine. This means you can use it to abolish stubborn stains and grime without damaging the vinyl walls of your home. 

Now you are ready to grab your wooden spoon or any other instrument you can use to stir your oxygen bleach and water combination. To ensure it works, you will be testing the mixture in the next step, so pour some of it into a sprayer before closing its top. 

Step 2: Spray the Bleaching Solution Mixture Onto the Stain

Tackle any area that needs the bleaching solution and wait 15 to 20 minutes. 

Once the allotted time is up, grab your microfiber towel and dip it into the sterile water. Wipe it down into all the stains on the exterior vinyl of your home. Stop when the solution is appropriately washed. 

Step 3: Scrub the Stain With Your Brush

Step 2 might not be enough to eliminate a stubborn stain, so the following approach will be more aggressive. 

First, respray the wall with the bleaching solution and wait another 15 minutes. 

Use the brush recommended with the soft bristles by dipping it into the bleach solution and scrubbing the wall lightly. Next, wipe the vinyl siding with the same towel you used before to ensure the wall has only clean water on it. 

Once the oxygen bleach helps you eliminate your stain, you will face one minor problem. The spot on the wall where the discoloration used to be will look different than the rest of the wall that did not have that stain. Because of this, it’s best to spray the entire wall so every area is the same color. 

Step 4: Use A Professional Quality Siding Cleaner If You Fail

If, after following step 3, the stain is still visible, it’s time to use a more powerful cleaner. 

We suggest you go with a contractor-grade cleaner that is perfect for cleaning vinyl stains. You will have plenty to choose from; they are the final beacon of hope if the bleach does not remove the stain. 

Start by putting the cleaner into your sprayer bottle and applying it to the stain directly. Then, let it work its magic for as long as the instructions on the bottle tell you to wait. 

After this, use a wet towel to wipe off the cleaner. 

If this final step does not remove the vinyl stain, you will have to get vinyl replaced or paint over it. 

Additional Suggestions for Removing Stains from Vinyl Siding

We’ll give you some more tips to help you get stains off your vinyl siding. Keep the following in mind:

Wear Protective Equipment

Protecting every area of your body while using dangerous chemicals that produce fumes is essential for your safety. 

Always wear gloves, glasses, and a high-quality mask while using them. 

If you get cleaner liquid on an exposed area of your skin, we recommend you rush over to a sink and wash it off with water. 

Always Read Product Instructions

Before using any cleaner solutions or a new tool, you should always go over the instructions before getting started. You must understand what you are working with and how to use it for your safety.

Even if it’s a similar product you’ve used before but a different brand, we still suggest you take a look. 

Some manufacturers give specific instructions on how to use their products you can’t ignore. You won’t be able to tell until you read the manual or label on the bottle first. 

Paint Over Stains that You Can’t Remove

The majority of stains will come off using the steps in the guide above. 

However, there will be some that can’t be removed no matter what cleaning solution you use. At this point, your only option is to paint over it but take the proper steps to make sure the paint color is correct, so it matches. 

FAQs on How to Get Stain Off Vinyl Siding

Can You Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding?

Yes, pressure washers are great at removing stains and cleaning vinyl. But you must understand how to use this tool appropriately, so you don’t damage your wall. 

Will Mineral Spirits Damage Vinyl Siding? 

No, you should not cause any permanent damage using Mineral Spirits. Don’t wait longer than 20 minutes to wash it off your vinyl wall, and it will be okay. 

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