What Happens If You Put a Fork In a Toaster? All You Need To Know

When you put a metal fork in a toaster that is plugged in, it conducts electricity when it comes into contact with your toaster’s electric coils. This puts you at risk of fatal electrocution and can cause damage to your toaster components.

Putting a fork in your toaster to get that stuck slice out has probably crossed your mind at some point, especially while you are in a hurry to have your meal.

We’ve all been there, and I’ve had my fair share of that frustrating experience. However, I’m sure you’ve had people say that the fork could damage your toaster and put you in line of danger. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s true. Although it may seem like a harmless way to remove a slice, this can be dangerous, and it’s best to wait for the toast to pop up on its own or use another alternative.

But What’s the deal with putting a fork in a toaster? Why does it matter? And what should you use if you can’t use a fork to get your toast?

I’ll explain everything in this article, So first, let’s find out what happens when you put a fork in a toaster that is plugged in.  

what happens if you put a fork in a toaster

What Happens When You Put a Fork in a Toaster That’s Plugged In?

The heat used to toast your bread comes from the electricity surging through the coils in your toaster. And unfortunately, in some toasters, these coils aren’t insulted; hence, the electricity in the coils is free and not restrained.

Ideally, this shouldn’t be a threat to you outside the toaster because of the toaster’s casing. However, when you stick a metal fork into the toaster to get your stuck bread, you risk electrocution, to say the least. 

This is because a metal fork is a good conductor of electricity. As a result, it sends electric currents to your body. If you are lucky enough to have your toaster grounded or a toaster with a circuit breaker, you might get away with just an electric shock.

If it is otherwise, it could be lethal—no one deserves to die in such a way, so it’s time to stop putting a fork in a toaster!

What Happens When You Put a Fork in a Toaster That’s Off?

Switching off the toaster and then using your fork to get your stuck toast out sounds like the safest way to go if you insist on using a fork. However, I don’t think it’s a gamble you should take. 

The toaster would still be hot, so your fork will likely heat up. Also, it’s not just enough to switch the toaster off. Its plug must be removed from the socket before you poke your fork in it. If it’s still connected, an electric shock is still very likely. 

toaster catching fire

Other Potential Risks Of Putting A Fork In A Toaster

  • Apart from the possibility of your toaster shocking you, your fork can ruin your toaster by damaging its wiring, and it would stop working.
  • Also, some modern toasters have their wiring coated with Mica, an insulator. Carelessly poking your fork into the toaster can take the Mica off and expose the wiring that could shock you if it were still plugged.

So what if you opt for plastic instead of a metal fork? 

Although a plastic fork doesn’t seem to cause much damage, the heat from the toaster can melt the fork. Hence, ruining the fork and also your toaster. So maybe using a plastic fork to get a hot, crisp toast isn’t the best idea.

You are probably now wondering what other options you’ve got left. Well, don’t panic just yet. below are some of my best tips and tricks to remove stuck bread from the toaster

How to Properly Remove a Stuck Bread From Your Toaster

removing toast from toaster

If you want to remove your stuck toast, you need a method that doesn’t put you at risk of an electrical shock and wouldn’t damage your toaster. Below are simple steps to safely remove your slice from a toaster

To get started:

  •  Switch the toaster off at the main switch and pull the plug out.
  • Open the toaster’s crumb tray, if it has one, and pop out the bread using a blunt object or butter knife.
  • The toast will pop out easily this way, and you can finally enjoy your meal.

However, you may have a toaster that doesn’t have a removable crumb tray. Hence, you won’t be able to push the toast up; you have to go through the conventional way, although with more caution.

To use my favorite conventional method:

  • Take out your butter knife or a plastic/wooden/rubber tongs.
  • Then, You can gently poke the edges using the knife until the toast loosens and pops out.
  • If you choose to use a tong, clip the bread and gently pull it out.

FAQs On What Happens If You Put a Fork In a Toaster 

Is It Possible For A Toaster To Cause A Fire When It’s Not Being Used?

Yes, If the toaster is poorly manufactured, the heating element can malfunction, and in time, it can start a fire. To be safe, you should always unplug your toaster after use and have a smoke alarm installed in places where you use your toaster.

When Should You Replace Your toaster?

Ideally, You should replace your toaster after 7 years. However, if you notice burning smells coming out of the machine or strange noises. It might be worth getting a new one sooner rather than later.

Can Buttered Bread Go In The toaster?

The type of toaster you use will determine whether or not you can put buttered bread in it. However, I would not recommend using a pop-up toaster because it could potentially spark a fire in the toaster when the butter melts. Instead, you should use an oven to make your buttered bread crispy to avoid these risks.

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