How To Hide TV Wires On Brick Fireplace: 7 Quick & Easy Methods

You can conceal your TV cable wires with a fabric cord cover. This method is very cheap, easily accessible, and time-saving that will not only hide your TV wires but also prevent them from hanging down the fireplace.

You’ve spent tons of money on obtaining a brand new TV set for your home, but you’ve forgotten about the ugly wires cascading down your wall or fireplace.

Luckily, I’ve faced the same issue with loose wires hanging down my brick fireplace, so I can help. You can solve this messy problem in many different manners.

For instance, you can conceal your wires with a fabric cord cover, use zip ties to prevent the wires from touching the floor, use the brickwork to hide the TV wires in plain sight, or use decorations like ornaments to hide the wires on your mantelpiece.

With that being said, let’s learn how to hide TV wires on a brick fireplace using easy methods without cutting through your fireplace, so let’s dive right in.

How to Hide TV Wires On Brick Fireplace: 7 Creative Methods

If you have a regular brick fireplace and not a decorative brick finish, you can take a grinder and take off the surface of mortar and line, then run the cables through gaps and grout or mortar over the top.

This method works best for a small number of slim wires. If they’re too thick, opt for power and single HDMI and run everything via a receiver. Other methods include a surface raceway that comes in different colors and sizes.

Your TV wires with a surface raceway won’t be completely invisible but you will hide them to an extent. Now, let’s learn other quick and easy methods you can try to hide TV cable wires on a brick fireplace.

Method 1: Use a Fabric Cord Cover

As I already mentioned at the very beginning, you can easily conceal any wires with a fabric cord cover.

This method will also protect small children and pets if any in your household. Also, you can rest assured that there’s a lesser chance of someone tripping over your TV cable wires in the future.

The best part? Fabric cord covers come in different sizes and colors. I suggest that you purchase a fabric with the same background color as your fireplace. Moreover, buy enough material to cover the length of your cords.

I like fabric cord covers, especially the ones with zippers because they allow you to easily open and close them if you plan to add or remove cables in the future.

Method 2: A Wire Twick Will Do the Trick

This isn’t a popular hiding method as it’s only a hook made out of wire that’s usually wrapped around the edges of the bundled wires attached behind the cabinet next to the power outlet.

You can attach something on the wall at the back of the cabinet that will enable you to hook the tweak wire on the wires above the outlet and prevent them from hanging down from the sides of the mantel.

The wire tweak usually comes through as a cord holder. You can either cover it with decorative items or leave it as it is as long as it blends well with the background. It’s totally up to you.

Method 3: How About Zip Ties?

If there’s some space underneath your brick fireplace, you can use zip ties to cover your TV wires and prevent them from touching the floor.

Obtain the necessary tools that will help you spool your TV cable wires and tie them together with a zip tie attached to the middle.

Make sure there’s enough slack to let you reach the cable wires without any need to disturb the whole arrangement.

Moreover, I suggest using Velcro zip ties in case you don’t want to cut through your plastic zip ties and turn the arrangement into a whole mess every time you take out or add a wire.

Extra tip: A flat extender can help save space, so consider buying one for your TV. This tool enables plugging cables easily from the sides, but here’s the kicker. It can also increase the number of power outlets you can use to plug in other devices.

If you’re worried about doing something wrong while concealing your TV wires, call a professional.

Method 4: New Socket Placement

The easiest way to hide wires on a brick fireplace is to have power sockets installed on the mantelpiece or chimney breast.

I know that this isn’t always doable with older houses because of their wiring layout, but if you’re able to install new sockets, consider placing them right behind your TV so you won’t have to deal with wires afterward.

If this isn’t a possibility for you, try to get power sockets as close as possible to your fireplace. For instance, you can have a professional install one or a few on the sides of your fireplace or the adjoining walls.

Method 5: The Brickwork Can Help

One of the most effective ways to hide those ugly TV wires is to put the brickwork to use.

You can lead your wires off and away from the fireplace using the gaps between the bricks. For this process, you will need a chisel or drill for removing a very small amount of the pointing between the bricks.

Keep in mind that brickwork is usually red or gray whereas plugs have a white or black color which can cause issues with the blending of the wires.

For instance, a black wire going through the red bricks won’t look good, so make sure you remove enough of the pointing between the bricks to bury the wires completely and re-point.

WARNING: I highly suggest hiring a professional when handling wires in any way.

Method 6: Try Wire Channels

Also known as cable trunking, wire channels or cable channels can help you cover TV wires successfully.

They’re usually made of PVC and you can cut them to the preferred size. Note that the trunking must be affixed to the wall with adhesive tables if you don’t like drilling into your wall or brick fireplace.

Keep in mind that screws will provide a stronger hold and if you need to use screws, you also need to use rawl plugs.

I highly suggest installing the trunking in the corner joint of the wall so it’s as hidden as possible. Avoid installing it down the sides of your fireplace because it won’t look good.

Lastly, wire channels come in black or white colors. If you have black or white walls, you will have nothing to worry about. If not, you will need to paint the wire channels, but note that PVC doesn’t take paint very well since it’s slick.

This means that the paint tends to slide off, so you will need to go over the channels with fine sandpaper to give the paint something to stick to.

Also, you may need to apply more than one layer of paint. Make sure the paint dries between coats.

Method 7: Put Decorations to Work

If you have tried the methods above, but you can still notice the wires snaking their way across the fireplace, you can use decorations for further coverage.

You can either place ornaments in front of your wires if you have a mantel or a piece of furniture to hide the wires as best as possible.

For instance, you can place a decorative lamp or flowerpot to cover the trunking. Make sure the ornaments don’t block the view of your TV.

3 Things to Consider When Installing a TV Over a Fireplace

Installing a TV over your fireplace is a brilliant and practical way to make your fireplace the focal point of your living space. Still, you should consider the following things before accepting this challenge.

1. The TV Will be Higher Than Usual

Keep in mind that when you mount a TV over a fireplace, it will be much higher than you’re probably used to.

Thus, you can end up getting pain in your neck if you’re not used to having your TV that high. You can easily fix this issue with a drop-down TV mount.

2. Altered Viewing Angles

You should also be aware of the different viewing angles before installing a TV over a fireplace. Note that LCD TVs have slightly restricted viewing angles, so raising the angle can result in a distorted picture.

OLED TVs, on the other hand, have broader viewing angles. So, consider installing this type of TV as it’s usually better when raised.

3. Is it a Functional Fireplace?

I’m asking because if it’s a working fireplace that you plan on using, you should take steps to ensure that the heat doesn’t damage your TV.

Proper maintenance can deflect the heat from your TV, but you will want to be super cautious about how long you have the fire going under the TV.

You can make an alcove for your TV, depending on the type of fireplace you have. If it’s a fireplace that needs a chimney, it won’t be possible.

FAQs on How to Hide TV Wires On Brick Fireplace

Where to Place the Cable Box When Mounting a TV Over a Fireplace?

If your fireplace mantel is wide enough, you can place the cable box on it. You can also keep it on a shelf that you prepared for hosting the cable box or hang it behind your TV. Lastly, if the layout of your house allows it, you can also keep it in a separate room.

Why You Shouldn’t Mount a TV Above a Fireplace?

Obviously, electronics including TVs shouldn’t be installed over wood-burning or gas fireplaces because of the heat which can severely damage the TV.

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