How To Clean Selenite? The Ultimate Guide

You should never submerge your selenite in water, but you can use lukewarm water for cleaning, a soft brush or toothbrush, and mild soap to remove any dirt or oils piled up on the surface.

“Selenite” is the Greek word for “moon”.

Also known as moonstone, selenite is a type of gypsum. It’s a clear, translucent stone with tints of different colors.

You can find selenite on every continent except Antarctica and Africa. It’s quite common in Europe and the US, so it’s no wonder many people have selenite at home.

Cleaning selenite isn’t rocket science, but it still requires some knowledge of the mineral and some basic materials.

Let’s learn how to clean selenite step by step below!

How To Clean Selenite

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Unlike most crystals, you can’t submerge selenite in water and leave it to soak. It’s rated only two on the Mohs scale, so it’s very soft compared to other crystals.

It’s also a water-soluble crystal, so submerging it in water for a short time can remove the exterior. This is why you need to be very careful when using water, a brush, or a cloth to clean selenite.

Otherwise, you can damage your crystal and make it dull. Here’s a list of 5 methods for cleaning selenite that can help you keep your crystal in good condition.

Method 1: Water

Although you should never submerge selenite in water, you can still use water to clean it. Instead of submerging it, you can spray your stone with water where it’s dirty. Then, gently rub the affected areas, and you’re done!

Method 2: Soft Cloth

You can also clean selenite with a soft, dry cloth. You won’t use anything abrasive that could damage the finish while still removing dirt and debris from the surface.

I highly suggest this cleaning method for crystals without a sealant. They’re more prone to damage and more delicate, so you should be very careful when cleaning these types of crystals.

Method 3: Soft Brush

With a soft brush or toothbrush, you can easily remove dirt or debris without damaging your stone.

If you don’t have a used toothbrush on hand, you can use any small brush with soft bristles. Never opt for a metal one since this will damage the surface of your selenite. And damaged selenite isn’t the easiest one to repair.

If you decide to clean your stone with a brush, apply some water to it. Then, take your brush and gently scrub the affected areas.

If you’re handling oils or stubborn stains, you can also use mild soap.

Method 4: 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Or Acetone

Acetone or 70% isopropyl alcohol can help you deep clean your selenite. Just apply a small amount of the product you’ve picked to a soft cloth and gently scrub the crystal.

Make sure to dry your crystal completely because both alcohol and acetone can cause damage to the surface if left on for too long.

Method 5: Wood Or Bamboo

If you’re dealing with larger pieces of debris, the above methods might fail you.

In that case, try a piece of wood or bamboo cut to a wedge shape to remove any foreign materials. They’re both softer than this crystal so they won’t cause any damage during the process.

How To Clean Selenite Spiritually

Selenite has a self-cleansing power. This means it can cleanse itself and other crystals besides places and people.

However, if you think your crystal needs a spiritual cleanse, soak it in a bowl of dry rice for a couple of hours. Then, place it in a Tibetan bowl and cleanse it acoustically.

Selenite owners also suggest keeping this crystal under the full moon between 8 and 12 hours after cleansing. Then, go over your crystal three times with a clear quartz wand and smudge it with sage.

Cleaning Methods To Avoid

Avoid the next cleaning methods as they can damage your crystal’s finish, leaving it dull or scratched.

  • Overusing Water

Too much water can damage or, worse, dissolve your selenite. Also, avoid salt water and tap water as the salt can dissolve the material that makes up the crystal faster.

  • Any Type Of Acid

You should avoid using any type of acid to clean your crystal. Acids such as muriatic acid can dissolve your selenite extremely fast!

  • Cleaning products

Most cleaning products won’t damage your selenite. However, to stay on the safe side, avoid any cleaning products with a strong odor.

Selenite also absorbs smells, so if you use anything with a pungent smell, it will absorb into your crystal and stay there forever!

How To Keep Your Selenite Clean

Selenite gets dirty quickly! It also turns yellow over time. However, you can keep your crystal in good condition with proper care.

First of all, you should always keep your crystal in a clean bag away from other crystals apart from those that won’t cause scratches or dents.

Secondly, keep your crystal off your skin, as skin carries a lot of oil. Many owners handle their crystal with gloves, so try that as well.

Thirdly, you can cover your crystal with sealant. That way, you won’t only keep any dirt and oils off the surface but also make the cleaning process easier!

Lastly, if your metaphysical journey requires handling a raw crystal, make daily cleaning a part of the care of your stone.

How To Polish Selenite: Quick Guide

Polishing selenite can be a real challenge! It’s a soft and water-soluble crystal, so you should be careful when polishing.

I strongly advise against tumbling selenite. However, you can still do it at your own risk with other crystals of similar hardness.

You can also polish your crystal by hand. I use wet sandpaper of multiple grits (between 150 and 1200) and some water, but you can also use emery cloth.

Cut the sandpaper into smaller pieces and rub the selenite with them, working up to finer and finer grits.

You can also tape the sandpaper to your table and rub your selenite. Finally, use a high-quality aluminum oxide polishing paste, and you’re done!

How To Charge Selenite

After cleansing, most selenite owners charge their crystal for maximum power before using it.

It’s a myth that powerful crystals such as selenite don’t need to be charged. You should cleanse and charge your selenite, especially after buying it. Otherwise, it can cause more bad than good.

Charging crystals refers to increasing the crystal’s power by using a natural element such as water or sunlight.

Some charging methods include placing your crystal in a previously cleansed and charged selenite bowl or placing it in the drain or rainwater.

You can also place it on a full moon in the moonlight or leave it in direct sunlight for less than 30 minutes.

How To Use Selenite?

Selenite has many remarkable properties and high vibration, so you can use it for different purposes.

It’s a great crystal to have around as it offers strong protection against negativity. You can place selenite in your living room and let it absorb all the obstructive energy.

You can personally benefit from the presence of selenite as well. Just wear a selenite bracelet and watch your mental fog clear away. Your selenite bracelet will also elevate your spirit and sharpen your intuition.

Some people use selenite while meditating. You can place it over your crown chakra or use it to cleanse other crystals. I place it near the front door of my home for protection.

FAQs On How To Clean Selenite

How To Activate Selenite?

You can activate your crystal by borrowing some energy by talking to it. Some owners also send some of their life energy through their breath. You can also do it by taking it with you to the beach or in a park and letting it absorb nature’s energy.

How To Store Selenite Properly?

You can store your selenite in a small clean bag. That way, you will prevent any dirt, debris, or oils from attaching to the surface of your crystal. You should also keep your selenite away from other crystals to prevent scratches or dents.

How Do I Know If My Selenite Is Real?

When purchasing selenite, make sure it’s a real one. You can do so by scratching it. Genuine selenite can be easily scratched, while fake ones (usually made of glass) can’t. 

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