How To Clean A Salt Lamp? Step By Step

When dirty, switch your lamp off. Then, wipe it with a slightly damp sponge or dry cloth, depending on how dirty it is. Never immerse your salt lamp in water, and avoid using soap and other cleansing products.

Himalayan salt lamps were very popular in the eighties. However, they’re making a slow comeback! Everyone appreciates Himalayan salt lamps because they help clean the air and provide a better environment.

They absorb water particles from the air but also attract positive ions. And as they heat, they release cleansed water vapor back into the environment while eliminating negative ions.

The best part? They’re low maintenance! Below, I will teach you how to clean your salt lamp step by step. I will also answer some of your common questions about salt lamps, so let’s dive into it!

How To Clean A Salt Lamp

You should clean your Himalayan salt lamp for several reasons, such as dust and debris piling up and “sweating”. In fact, “sweating” is one of the most common concerns for these lamps.

As you already know, salt acts as a purifier by taking in the moisture in the air. So, when your salt lamp is on, the salt becomes warm and absorbs the microscopic water particles. Then, they slowly evaporate.

If your salt lamp collects more microscopic water particles than it can handle, it starts “sweating”. I will teach you how to address this issue below. Meanwhile, let’s learn how to clean it properly.

Step 1: Pick The Right Cleaning Cloth

Opt for a soft and dry cloth for cleaning your salt lamp. Himalayan salt lamps have a rough and uneven surface. Thus you shouldn’t use a cloth with lint or something that’s easily snagged.

Step 2: Turn Off Your Salt Lamp And Take Off The Light Bulb

First and foremost, turn off your salt lamp. Furthermore, make sure to unplug it from the power outlet. Then, take off the light bulb.

That way, you can clean your salt lamp without any risk of electrocution. If you remove the light bulb, you will also access the socket and clean it!

Step 3: Never Rub Your Salt Lamp With A Cloth

When cleaning your lamp, you might be tempted to rub it with a cloth, but you shouldn’t do this because you can cause damage. Instead of rubbing it, just dab a microfiber cloth over surfaces.

Step 4: Put The Light Bulb Back And Turn Your Salt Lamp On!

Once you’re done, you can put the light bulb back into place, plug in your Himalayan salt lamp, and turn it on! As you can see, cleaning a salt lamp is a walk in the park with these steps!

Additional Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

Some people immerse their Himalayan salt lamps in water. Others even use soap and cleansing products. They also place their lamps in places where water will directly come in touch with their surfaces.

However, you should never immerse your Himalayan salt lamp in water or use soap and harsh cleansing products. The following tips can help you keep your salt lamp in good condition, so take a look.

Never Wash Your Salt Lamp

Some people say that salt lamps should never be washed because the natural effect of these salt lamps is self-cleansing.

They have antibiotic properties, so they don’t need washing. You can still clean your salt lamp with a slightly wet soft cloth if it’s dirty.

On the other side, other salt lamp owners dunk their salt lamps in a big bucket of cold water. Then, they place their lamps in the sun to dry.

I highly advise against this method because I think it’s unnecessary and can potentially damage your salt lamp. However, if you want to try it, remember to use cold water only.

In hot water, the salt will dissolve. The same will happen if you leave your salt lamp in the water for any time, so keep that in mind.

Display Your Salt Lamp In Dry Areas

Never place or store your salt lamp in wet areas like bathrooms or outdoors because it draws moisture.

And when humidity is high, if your salt lamp feels wet, just wipe it dry with a dry cloth or turn it on for a few hours until the excess moisture evaporates.

Other places you shouldn’t display your salt lamp include your laundry, basement, attic, and kitchen. Your salt lamp will collect excessive moisture and start “sweating” in these environments.

Eventually, this will damage your lamp, base, cord, and bulb fitting. The worst part? It could also damage your furniture because where saltwater drips, stains appear.

I would also suggest keeping your salt lamp away from your TV, microwave, or speakers. Otherwise, you’re risking ruining your electronics when your salt lamp starts dripping.

Keep Your Salt Lamp Away From Loud Speakers

I advise against placing your salt lamp nearby speakers. Otherwise, the strong vibration can cause the bulb inside to hit the inside of the salt lamp and become fuse/displaced.

Also, don’t place your marble-based salt lamp directly on wooden, glass, or leather surfaces, as it will scratch the surface. Always place your lamp on a level placement or small dish to protect your furniture or tables.

Check The Light Bulb

Make sure you use a bulb in the right size and wattage. That way, you will improve the function of your salt lamp.

Salt lamps need heat to evaporate excess moisture they naturally absorb from the air, so you should pay close attention to the bulb type.

For instance, LED bulbs make a better choice for energy usage. However, they won’t help salt lamps dry out if they’re in a humid environment.

Also, make sure the bulb isn’t touching the inside of your lamp, as this can cause water damage.

Buy A Dimmer Cord

I highly suggest buying a lamp with a dimmer or dimmer cord. That way, you will be able to control the light intensity. I prefer a dimmed lamp at night because it’s much better than a fully lit one!

Surround The Base With Tealights

You can keep your salt lamp base dry in humid places with tealights. Surround the base with tealight candles (4-5 will do the job), and step up your lighting game!

The tealights will keep the base well-heated and dry and look amazing!

Keep A Placemat Under Your Salt Lamp

Last but certainly not least, I suggest that you keep a small dish or placemat under your salt lamp. Doing this has two benefits.

Firstly, it will keep your furniture well-protected. Secondly, it will collect the moisture from your salt lamp, saving you the hassle of cleaning it.

Store Your Salt Lamp Properly

You can enjoy the benefits of a salt lamp when it’s turned on. However, if you’re going away for a while, you should detach your salt lamp from the base, remove the bulb and store it in a bag in a dry place.

Why Has My Salt Lamp Gone White?

Over time, salt lamps can develop a white build-up layer on their surfaces. In this case, most owners question the genuineness of their Himalayan salt lamp. However, you shouldn’t worry about this as it’s a natural occurrence.

Salt lamps attract moisture, and when that moisture trapped in the salt lamp evaporates, the leftovers of the ionic bonds appear like residue. And when a lot of this residue piles up, it starts looking white. So, it’s only a physical alteration.

FAQs On How To Clean A Salt Lamp

How Often Should I Clean A Salt Lamp?

It’s best to clean your salt lamp when it becomes dirty because there’s no set rule about how often you need to do it.

How Long Can You Leave A Salt Lamp On?

You can leave your salt lamp on 24/7 if you want and this might be better for it.

Can Mold Grow On Salt Lamps?

Yes, mold can grow on your salt lamp if moisture doesn’t evaporate completely.

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