Can You Put Foil in Ninja Foodi?

Foil can be safely used in your Ninja Foodi without any issues to enhance many different types of meals. In fact, Ninji has recommendations on how you can use foil with their cookers. 

Cooking with aluminum foil has several benefits which include a faster clean-up time, better moisture retention, and evenly cooked food. While it has long been used for ovens and grills, you may be wondering how else you can use the foil when cooking.

For example, can you use it when preparing your food in Ninja Foodi? The answer is a resounding yes but there are a few things you need to know to get the perfect meal.

Read on to see why you can put foil in a Ninja Foodi and everything you need to know before you get started.

can you put foil in ninja foodi

The Manufacturers Recommendations

As with any other cookware, the first place to look for a recommendation for using a Ninja Foodi is straight from the manufacturer. When it comes to using aluminum foil in their Foodi, Ninja approves it and even provides several recommendations on how to do it.

Whether you take advantage of example recipes provided by the manufacturer or choose to follow your own, it doesn’t really matter. Just follow their instructions on how to use foil in their device properly, and you’ll have healthier meals in no time.

Due to the properties of aluminum, there are no safety concerns when using it with high heat. This is why it can work so well with a grill. You’ll be happy to know you can use foil with your Foodi without any issues. 

Reasons for Using Foil in Ninja Foodi

Now that you know that you can use aluminum foil in Ninja Foodi, it’s also a good idea for you to learn the benefits of this method. Here are the most important reasons for using foil in Ninja Foodi:

Makes cleanup easier – If you are making something that’s either greasy or has a runny inside, you will find it much easier to remove it if you line the Foodi with a layer of foil beforehand.

Just remove the food together with the foil when it’s done cooking. Wipe the inside from the little moisture created during the cooking process, and you are done.

Creating layers of food – This is particularly useful for reheating your meals. Place a piece of foil on the bottom of your Foodi, it should be large enough so you can grab it at the ends.

Put a layer of food on it, fold the sides over, then proceed with another layer. You can do as many layers as you want, as long as the vents are open.

Making a foil shield – This is typically a piece of aluminum foil placed on top of your food to prevent it from drying out.

You can also just cut a hole in the middle of your foil which works great if you want to avoid burnt edges on your foods. 

Cooking food more evenly – Aluminum foil helps retain the heat more evenly. This allows even frozen food to be cooked through without any dark or gray spots indicating a still frozen state.

Better heat retention – If you need to take the food you make in Ninja Foodi elsewhere, having it already wrapped in foil saves you a lot of time and energy. It will keep your food warm for a long time, and it’s convenient to carry it around on picnics and field trips.

why use foil in ninja foodie

Drawbacks of Using Foil in Ninja Foodi

As beneficial as using foil in Ninja Foodi is, this method also has its drawbacks. Here are some reasons you may want to reconsider opting for this cooking method:

You may overcook your food – If you are using too much aluminum foil or even a single layer without perforating it first, your food may get overcooked. Your food then becomes soggy and less flavorsome. Always use the right amount of foil and make sure to perforate the sheet to avoid these issues.

The heat circulation is prevented – With some models, if you block the inner vents inside your Ninja Foodi, it won’t heat your food evenly. This extends cooking time and may lead to one side being cooked more than the other.

Contaminating the food – When using low-quality foil, you may risk it reacting with the food, making the aluminum seep into the food. Consuming food with traces of aluminum would make anyone sick. Get a roll that won’t degrade when heated up to avoid this.

How to Use Aluminum Foil in Ninja Foodi

How your cooking turns out in your Foodi depends on several factors. From how much foil you use to how you place it in the appliance, to where you place the metal, it all plays a role in making your meals as delicious as they can be. 

Follow these recommendations to get the best out of using foil in Ninja Foodi:

roll of foil

1. Safety first – Before you start placing foil inside of it, check whether your Ninja Foodi is properly working or not. Then select a high-quality aluminum foil that bends without breaking and is easily foldable to ensure easier placement.

2. Cut the aluminum foil – After measuring the cooking surface of the Foodi, calculate how much food you want to cook. Then, take a knife or a scissor to cut out squares the size matching your needs and the available surface.

The pieces of foil should be large enough to envelop the food, preventing it from sticking to the surface to ensure easier cleanup.

3. Perforate the foil – With a skewer, make a small puncture in your aluminum foil to allow the hot air and moisture to circulate.

Without this, the air is stifled inside the foil, and your food will cook unevenly. The holes shouldn’t be too large either, and the rest of the foil should stay intact during this step.

4. Wrap the food in the foil – Place the cut-out pieces of the aluminum sheet on an even surface, place the food on top of it, then wrap the ends to prevent any leaks. Alternatively, you can put only the foil on the cooking surface and then place the food on top of it.

5. Place the package in the Foodi – Whether you are using small individual packages or one large one, it’s a good idea to make sure the foil isn’t blocking any vents.

Doing this will allow for even heat distribution and helps you prevent ending up with under or overcooked food or even damaging your Foodi.

6. Adjust the foil if necessary – While it’s not recommended to wrap the foil around your food entirely, you may adjust it to cover as much as possible. Try not to touch the inside of the Foodi when doing so.

7. Turn on the Ninja Foodi – When you have prepared the packages inside the appliance, it’s time to turn it on. The time it will take to cook depends on how cold and processed the food was beforehand and what method you are using to cook it.

When cooked, wait for the foil to cool down, then remove it from the Foodi along with the food.

Food You Can Cook in Foil in Ninja Foodi

cook ham in ninja foodi

Aluminum foil heats up very quickly, which means it starts cooking the food right away. This makes it perfect for preparing baked goods in your Ninja Foodi.

Roasting ham is also recommended in foil as it helps larger pieces of meat cook more evenly. You can also use it to steam, roast, or fry veggies or prepare meals from ground meat such as meatloaf.

Essentially, you can use foil in the Foodi for preparing meals in which you either want to preserve the moisture in the food or cook it using this same moisture to avoid using excess fat.

What to Avoid Cooking in Foil?

Cooking tomatoes and other acidic food in foil should be absolutely avoided in a Ninja Foodi. The acid in them can create a chemical reaction with the aluminum foil, rendering your food inedible.

While fatty food can be cooked in foil, you probably wouldn’t want to fry bacon in a foil as you won’t be able to remove the fat as you usually would when frying it in a pan.

You may also want to avoid cooking fish in aluminum foil in a Ninja Foodi to prevent it from drying out or ruining its texture.

Likewise, it’s not recommended to use foil when heating up meals on your device, especially not baked goods or pizza, as they can become soggy.

FAQs On Can You Put Foil in Ninja Foodi

Is it safe to use foil in Ninja Foodi?

Not only is it perfectly safe to use Foil in Ninja Foodi, but the manufacturer actually recommends doing it for easier cleanup. Most meals will cook more evenly in foil as it safely retains the moisture without reacting with the food.

What else can you use for covering your food in Ninja Foodi?

If you are worried that the texture of your food will change when covered with foil or that it’ll get overcooked, you can use parchment paper instead or in addition to the foil. 

How to use foil in Ninja Foodi?

Cut the foil to the size that covers the food, but not much larger. Perforate the aluminum with a skewer for better ventilation. Wrap the food in the foil, place it in the Ninja Foodi, then cook your meal.

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