Can You Put Corelle In The Oven?

Corelle is oven safe up to a temperature of 177°C (350°F). You should never be tempted to put the temperature any higher as this could lead to a dramatic shattering of the glass. 

Many people love Corelle tableware due to its pretty designs and elegant aesthetic. Anyone who has used Corelle for a long time also knows that it offers a lot more than that.

Despite being relatively thin and lightweight, Corelle is incredibly strong. While it may be resistant to chips and cracks, can it cope with being placed inside an oven?

If you’ve ever placed a regular piece of tableware in the oven then you may have been startled by a thunderous crack as it smashed into countless pieces. Thankfully, this isn’t going to happen with Corelle when cooking at standard temperatures.

If you want to know if you can put Corelle in the oven then, luckily, we have done all the research for you. Let’s take a closer look at just how strong Corelle is and whether or not it’s the right tableware for you. 

can you put corelle in the oven

Is Corelle Oven Safe?

Corelle is durable, lightweight, break and chip resistant but is it oven-safe? The million-dollar question is asked by anyone looking to purchase new cookware or an individual dish, whether it is needed for home use or by a professional chef.

Ovens have become our go-to when it comes to baking or cooking food. It’s also great for reheating items or keeping your food warm. For all these uses, Corelle tableware may be needed.

For these reasons and many more, having oven-safe cookware is vital and buying Corelle is the right choice because it is oven-proof. It’s a fact that is proudly stated on the cookware box and the company website.

Along with their word, various tests have been done to ensure that it is oven safe to a point. The three design layers not only makes Corelle durable but also heat resistant. You can safely use it in the oven without fear of the dish cracking or shattering into tiny pieces.

There is a limit though and you need to watch out for the oven temperature. The temperature should not exceed 177°C (350°F) as above this, there is a chance it will shatter.

Thankfully this limit will more than likely meet your requirements for reheating food or keeping it warm. It’s not suitable to use at very high temperatures but you wouldn’t want to do that with cookware anyway.

inside hot oven

Why is Corelle So Strong?

Wondering why tableware can cope with such high temperatures? The reason is due to the ingenious way that Corelle is designed. While other types of tableware are made from ceramic or perhaps one layer of toughened glass, Corelle is a lot different. Let’s find out why.

Three-layer design

The material used for Corelle tableware is vitrelle. This is a type of tempered glass that would be extremely tough on its own.

With Corelle, however, they have three of these layers that have been thermally bonded together. They are placed together in such a way that the two outer layers are kept in a state of compression and the middle layer is under tension.

The forces are in perfect balance with each other which means that when you drop a plate or cup, it won’t break. A regular singular piece of toughened glass with the same thickness wouldn’t have the same durability. 

Brand trust

Corelle has been around since 1970. Manufacturing cookware and marketing its product intelligently by offering a two-year replacement on any cracked, stained, chipped, or broken dinnerware.

The confidence they have in their product has led them to become the dominant leaders in the culinary industry.

This has led to a lot of trust in the company. A customer knows that when they buy a product from Corelle, it’ll be a worthwhile investment. 

Drop test

The cookware has gone through various drop tests to see if it truly is break and chip resistant, as printed on the backside of the dinner. A simple fall from the kitchen counter on the hard floor or a fall from the dining table does not damage a Corelle dish.

So, it can withstand accidental falls, but if you took it to extremes? While it may be tough, you still want to be careful.

Corelle isn’t designed to be unbreakable but its performance against regular tableware is unmatched. We’ve probably all accidentally broken some tableware at some point in our life but with Corelle, you won’t need to worry about that. 

The Temperature Limit of Corelle Dishware

Dinnerware isn’t designed to be cooked with but there are times when you’ll want to put it in the oven. Perhaps you need something quickly defrosted, you have a meal that you wanted to reheat, or perhaps you want to place your freshly cooked food on a warm plate?

While Corelle is marked as oven safe, anything above 177°C (350°F) is entering into a danger zone. It’s best not to risk getting too close to that figure as if you accidentally go above it, then the damage could be serious. 

We’d probably recommend going up to around 150°C (300°F) as the upper limit. This way, you’ll have all the heat you need but wouldn’t need to worry about accidentally getting it too hot. 

It’s likely that this will be more than enough for your heating needs. It is better to stay safe and start low.

The Pros and Cons of Corelle

Pros of Corelle

We’ve gone into detail about one of the biggest advantages of Corelle and that is its oven-proof abilities but it offers a lot more than that. 

That strong tempered glass isn’t just resistant to high temperatures but it will also cope with any type of abuse. This includes drops, chips, and scratches. If you accidentally bang on your Corelle tableware, then your heart doesn’t need to sink.

A big part of the reason that many people get Corelle in the first place is the diverse range of styles and designs. They aren’t just durable as you’re sure to also find a dinnerware set that you love.

Cons of Corelle

Even Corelle isn’t immune to the dangers of using glass. Just as you should never defrost your vehicle with hot water, you should avoid any sudden temperature changes with Corelle.

An example of this would be taking a frozen bowl of something and placing it straight away in a preheated oven. This is dangerous and could lead to a shattering of the glass. 

Another potential danger of using Corelle is with any vintage plates that you may have. Corelle used lead in their fluxes and glazes until the mid-2000s.

We have come to learn that lead is poisonous and the brand recommends that any vintage plates from around this time or earlier are used as decorative pieces and not for any functional use.

How to Use Corelle in the Oven

There is no doubt that Corelle is oven-safe. However, that doesn’t mean you throw the dish in the oven and crank up the heat without any consideration. 

how to use corelle in oven

Never be tempted to exceed the temperature limit of the dishware. It’s there for a reason as the consequences can be serious. Due to the tension that these pieces are under, they effectively explode when they get too hot.

That shattering can cause countless pieces of glass to fly around your oven at great speeds. Not only is this dangerous but it can damage your oven and lead to costly repairs. It would also be a nightmare to clean up. 

Keeping in mind temperature fluctuation is a good idea too. Instead of preheating your oven and then placing your Corelle plate inside, it’s a good idea to allow it to heat up with the oven and therefore the glass can warm up gradually.

While Corelle is high-resistant to scratches and chips, they can happen. If you notice any defects in the glass then it’s best to not place it in the oven. These defects can compromise the structural integrity and lead to failure at a lower temperature. 

FAQs on Can You Put Corelle in the Oven

Can you put Corelle in the microwave?

Yes, Corelle dishware can also be used in the microwave. Added to this, they will also be safe for dishwashers. 

Can Corelle go from freezer to oven?

No, Corelle cannot withstand drastic temperature changes. You need to keep it on the counter and allow it to come to room temperature before putting it in the oven, or heat it slowly. 

What to do if the dish shatters in the oven?

Immediately turn off the oven and wait for it to cool, then slowly and carefully open the oven door. Wear mittens or wrap your hands in cloth to avoid getting cut by the broken dish, then remove the shattered pieces and clean the oven.

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