The 6 Best Storage Ideas for Vacuum Cleaner

The best storage ideas for a vacuum cleaner can include in the closet, under the bed, in a dedicated cabinet, the garage or the shed, and under the stairs. 

The Best Storage Ideas for Your Vacuum Cleaner

There are likely many places throughout your home that can work as storage ideas for a vacuum cleaner. Some of the best options include:

The Closet

storage ideas for vacuum cleaner

This is an obvious option that most homeowners will use. This will help to get the vacuum out of the way, while still making it easy for you to grab when you need to clean. You don’ need to reserve the whole closet for the vacuum. A little corner in the back can work for this. Your hall closet can be a nice choice, allowing the vacuum to hide behind the coats and other items you store there. Or you can use a pantry, bedroom closet, or laundry room closet to keep that vacuum out of the way. 

Under the Bed

Your bed often has a lot of unused space under It that you can utilize for your needs. if you’re not already storing bedding or other items under there, why not make this a new home for your vacuum? This helps to keep it out of sight; all you need to do is make the bed and keep the bottom covered up, and can prevent you from using up some of the valuable floor space around your home. Clean out the vacuum before placing it under the bed to make sure the dust doesn’t fall out the bottom when you lay it down. 

In a Cabinet

Some homes can struggle when it comes to the amount of storage space they have available. This means you need to get creative. Choosing a cabinet in your home can be a good solution. The cabinet will need to be big enough to hold your vacuum or you may have to take the vacuum apart to keep it all in one place. If you’re handy and able to do it, this could be a good time to bring out those woodworking skills to make a new cabinet of your own. A shelf available in your pantry or another area of the home can work too. 

The Garage

storing vacuum in garage

As you look around the home, you may notice that there isn’t a lot of space inside to place your vacuum, or some of the other items that you need to store there. It may be time to utilize your garage. Set aside a dedicated space to place the vacuum and other cleaning materials, like a carpet cleaner and a mop, that you want to get out of the way. Choose a location in the garage that will not damage the vacuum or get it wet. 

In a Shed

Put that shed in the backyard to good use and let it hold your vacuum. This may take a bit more effort on your part when it is time to bring the vacuum back out, but it can provide a good option to get that vacuum out of your way when you’re limited on space. Place it in an easy to access location so you can pull it out at any time that you want, and ensure that the unit can stay clean and dry within the shed. Set aside space in the shed to hold onto the vacuum, carpet cleaner, and other cleaning items if you need them out of your way. 

Under the Stairs

Do you have a basement in your home? Then it is likely that you have an area under the stairs that you can work with as a storage area. In some homes this area can be large and in others it is going to be quite small. In either case, it may be large enough to store your vacuum. Take the vacuum down the stairs with you and see how much space you have to work with. This can be a great hide-away for you to use for all of your cleaning supplies or for any other item that you would like to keep around. 


What should I consider when finding a place to store my vacuum?

When choosing a storage place for your vacuum, consider the size of your home, the type of vacuum, and how often you plan to use the vacuum. These can help you determine how much space you need for storage. 

Should I empty my vacuum before storing?

It’s a good idea to empty out the vacuum before you store it away. This prevents the dust from settling and if you store the vacuum under your bed, it can help keep the dust from falling all over the floor. Emptying the vacuum before storing can save you time when you vacuum next because you can just take the vacuum out and get to work. 

Do I need to take my vacuum apart before storing?

It isn’t a good idea to take your vacuum apart before storing. Emptying out the canister and putting it back in place is enough to prepare the vacuum for storage. 

Can I store my vacuum outside?

It is best to store your vacuum inside somewhere. This will keep it safe and prevent water getting inside. Your garage or a storage shed can be a great location. Just make sure that the vacuum is away from the elements. 

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