6 Ideas To Keep Cars Off Grass

Growing even grass on your lawn takes time and effort. Using rocks, fences, plants, spikes, signs, and traffic cones is your best bet to stop car tires from ruining your lawn.

ideas to keep cars off grass

Why Keep Cars Off Grass?

You spent months growing and grooming lush green grass in your front yard. And one day, a truck driver decided to park too close to your lawn. Ah, those tires must have wreaked havoc on the edge of your otherwise beautiful garden! You must be struggling to hold back tears.

But to his defense, it is challenging to distinguish between your lawn and the road without a clear boundary. You will need to demarcate between the two so drivers won’t casually run their cars on your grass.

This article will cover a few ideas to keep cars off the grass on your lawn so a rogue tire won’t ruin your months’ worth of hard work.

6 Ideas To Keep Cars Off Grass

Let’s start with some tried and tested hacks and products that create an effective barrier around your lawn and keep cars off the grass;

1. Decorative Rocks

Rocks serve as a reliable method for keeping vehicles off your grass. You can find them in several sizes and shapes. Plus, they can be natural and manufactured.

Natural Rocks

Natural rocks are more effective since they are heavy, and a car looking to park on your lawn cannot knock them out of place. Also, they blend in seamlessly with your garden aesthetic and look rather enchanting.

You can beautify them further by painting, growing little shrubs, or strategically placing them to create a beautiful landscape. Lastly, they are one of the most low-maintenance barriers for your grass.

Artificial Rocks

Artificial fiberglass rocks look just like the natural ones but are significantly lighter. Hence, their commute isn’t too tricky. Also, they come with ground anchors, so you can easily fixate them to prevent them from moving out of place.

Another advantage of getting fiberglass rocks is that they are relatively cheaper than natural ones.

boulder formation to keep cars off grass

2. Fences

Fences are a popular way of keeping cars off your grass. The best thing about them is the wide variety of products available. You can search the internet and choose the one that suits you best.

You could opt for a high-slatted variety, but it can make you look too antisocial and may hinder your outdoor view. Or you could go for low-picket wooden or brick fences that will do the job while keeping your lawn a little more “open.”

Next, there are retractable fences that are incredibly straightforward to install and versatile. 

3. Plantation

The most natural way of creating a boundary around your precious lawn plantation is by planting some more!

There are several ways of using plants to keep cars off your grass. Here are a few of them;


Hedges are usually natural, but you can also find artificial hedges easily. They are cheap, easy to install, and effective. But don’t expect the artificial ones to give the most artisan look to your front lawn because, to be honest, they look pretty fake.

On the other hand, natural hedges require regular maintenance and effort to grow but are a sure-shot way to satisfy a connoisseur.


Plant a tree near the boundary of your lawn or in the middle so your lawn doesn’t appeal to drivers as the perfect parking spot. Large trees with thick stems can effectively deter cars from coming your way. Not to mention the favor you will be doing mother nature by growing one.

But of course, planting a tree isn’t as simple as it sounds. It takes years to grow one and needs some maintenance too.

Shrubs And Bushes

Again, these can be natural or artificial. You can set up a row of small topiaries to create a visible barricade between the road and your lawn.

There are limitless options for both artificial and natural bushes. You can choose one according to your taste and garden aesthetics.

bushes to keep cars off grass

4. Signs

A simple “keep off the grass” or “off-limits” sign can warn drivers that you take offense if they attempt to ruin your grass. Or you could get a little creative with some out-of-the-box signs.

How does “the grass bites” or “we are tired of hiding trespasser’s bodies” sound? Quirky, right!

5. Spikes

Alternatively, you can take your trespassing offense to the next level and lay some threatening spike around your grass.

They are easy to install and send a clear message to parkers to keep away. You can also make them a little less “black” by painting them in a bright color. Or try getting all Pinteresty and start a little DIY project of painting them into little erect pencils.

6. Parking Cones

An issue with car deterrents for lawns is that they won’t be as visible at night unless you arrange some light sources.

One solution to this problem could be parking cones. They are brightly colored and often have fluorescent markings that make them visible even in the dark. Although, they may not match as well with your garden.

parking cones to keep cars off grass

FAQs Related To Ideas To Keep Cars Off Grass

How to repair the grass damaged by cars?

Ruts don’t necessarily mean the end of your lawn. There are ways to salvage your grass after a car mercilessly ruins it. Get a spading fork and loosen the top layer of the compacted soil. Move it back and forth at a 45 degrees angle until you’ve raised all the earth.

Next, fill in the rut with a 50/50 soil and compost mix. Now, place the sod back on and put seeds in any bare spots.

How do I stop my neighbor from parking in my garden?

Parking on someone else’s lawn is illegal, and you could take legal action against it. However, I will recommend asking politely first.

What is the legally allowed height for fences?

In the US, a 4 feet fence is allowed by law in front yards and 6 feet in backyards.

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