How To Wash Polyester Blankets To Keep It Looking Like New?

Read and follow the washing instructions on the tag that comes with the blanket OR fill the washing machine with cold water, and add a mild detergent and a fabric softener. Wash on a delicate cycle.

Polyester blankets are warm, affordable, and long-lasting. They are popular among peers looking to get toasty and cozy in their beds. But they are bound to get dirty, especially if they contact something oily. 

When I first washed a 100% polyester blanket, I was pretty naive about the material’s care instructions. I vigorously washed it with warm water and put it in the dryer at a high temperature. I ended up with a flat, rigid-looking blanket with a few burnt spots. 

The scolding I got from my mom was another story, but I was pretty bummed for ruining a perfectly comfy blanket. Since then, I always search for a new material’s washing and drying instructions before attempting a stunt on my own.

Here I have compiled all the necessary things you need to know about washing and drying a polyester blanket. Read them to avoid any misfortunate incidents.

how to wash polyester blanket

Washing A Polyester Blanket – Do’s And Don’ts

Polyester is a synthetic fabric – meaning it is different from the usual cotton or linen we usually use and requires a particular care routine. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before washing a polyester blanket:


  • Always read and follow the care instruction tag usually sewn on the inner side of the blanket.
  • Remove stains first by washing with hand.
  • Soak the blanket at least two hours before washing using gentle oxygen bleach and lukewarm water.
  • Use a fabric softener in moderation.
  • Turn the blanket upside down (if applicable) before washing to prevent snagging.


  • Never use hot water for washing or high temperature for drying a polyester blanket.
  • Do not use harsh detergents.
  • Avoid chlorine-based bleaches.
  • Do not put detergent more than required.

Step-By-Step Guide To Washing A Polyester Blanket

Here’s how you wash and dry a polyester blanket to keep it looking like new even after several washes:

Step 1: Presoak

While the soaking is not obligatory, it is still helpful in washing your blanket without damaging its newness.

Fill a tub large enough to fit your blanket with warm water. Mix a gentle fabric bleach in it. Now immerse your blanket for at least a couple of hours before moving on to the next step.

Remember: Polyester does not hold up well against harsh bleaching agents, such as those that use chlorine. Find an oxygen-based bleach and practice restriction while using it too.

Step 2: Remove Stains

Although the polyester fabric has a poor absorbency and is thus pretty resistant to most water-based stains, it is quite susceptible to oily marks. Remove the stains before tossing the blanket in the machine to keep it sparkly clean after every wash.

Any detergent you usually use should do the job. However, if you feel fancy, tons of stain-removing solutions are suitable and incredible at pretreating the stains.

Your blanket should ideally be devoid of any apparent blemishes when you load it into the washer. It shouldn’t take a lot of time or effort if you are presoaking.

Step 3: Set Your Washing Machine

Washing polyester fabric is easier than you would have imagined. You can conveniently toss it in the washing machine and use any suitable setting.

First, fill your machine with cold water. Next, put detergent in the allotted compartment and set a delicate cycle.

Do not use any unnecessarily harsh detergents. They can damage the fibers of the fabric and rob your blanket of its softness.

Also, with polyester, remember that less is more. Polyester is relatively easy to wash and does not require a lot of detergents.

Add a mild fabric softener if you are washing your blanket during winter or dry weather. Polyester can catch static in such weather, and a fabric softener is a great way to avoid it.

Lastly, look out for any color bleeds. It is better to wash the blanket alone but if your blanket is small and leaves space for other clothing in the washing machine drum, beware of any color mixing in the water. Take out the blanket at once if it is bleeding.

washing machine to wash polyester blankets

Step 4: Do A Final Rinse

Here’s my secret tip for keeping your polyester blanket clean, fresh, and soft:

During the last rinse cycle, put a cup of apple cider vinegar in the container for fabric softener. Alternatively, you can add it over your blanket in the washing machine if you do not have a separate container for softener.

Vinegar is excellent at getting rid of any unwanted smells that could keep your blanket from feeling fresh. It also retains its fluff and helps in lifting stains as well.

Step 5: Dry At A Low Temperature

Polyester is extremely sensitive to heat and can burn or melt at higher temperatures. While using heat to dry the blanket quickly may be tempting, always use the lowest temperature or tumble-dry to avoid damage.

Air-drying is excellent too. Although it takes longer, leaving your blanket out in the sun will effectively disinfect, dry, and aerate it as well to ensure softness.

Store the blanket in a breathable cotton bag of suitable size after it is dry, as plastic can induce yellowing and trap moisture and fungus.

FAQs On How To Wash Polyester Blanket

Does polyester fabric shrink due to washing?

Polyester is not usually a shrinkable fabric, but it can shrink if you wash it using hot water or dry it at a high temperature.

How do I treat pilling on my polyester blanket?

Pilling is when tiny balls of the fabric start to appear on your blanket’s outer surface. You can use a fabric shaver to get rid of them. Also, avoid using excessive fabric softener as it can encourage pilling and shedding.

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