How To Stop Tables and Chairs From Sliding? | 6 Low-Cost Ways

Furniture grippers are made of rubber, scored from the bottom, and are a cheap and non-invasive method of preventing your couch, bed, or chairs from sliding over smooth floors.

Buy an abandoned Detroit home for $13,000 in 2019, and sell it a year later for $69,900. Yep, you read that right! 

Two interior designers, Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas from the television series “Bargain Block” make a living out of selling run-down properties after giving them a massive makeover. One of the details that helped them rake in an enormous return on their investment was wooden flooring in most of the rooms. 

They look surreal and are a breeze to maintain. But alas, wood and tiles have a drawback. Furniture slips like crazy on these sleek-looking floors. The coefficient of friction between them and your chairs is minimal and requires some intervention to avoid rearranging your dining room every day.

If you, too, are looking to enhance your property’s value or aesthetics by installing hardwood floors, here are some methods to keep your furniture in its place. These methods are exceptionally light on the pocket yet pretty efficient.

how to stop furniture from sliding

6 Cheap Methods To Stop Furniture From Sliding Over Hardwood Floor

1. Reposition Your Rug

Cost: None

Most of us have a rug in the middle of our living rooms just in front of the couch. How about rethinking your living room layover if you suffer from your couch moving an inch every time you sit on it? 

Move the couch just a few inches ahead and place at least its front legs on the rug. It will provide the necessary rough surface to produce some friction and keep the furniture in place. You can use the same method for your bed, dressing table, ottomans, or any sofas with a rug nearby.

2. Put Rubber Pads

Cost: None to minimal

You can either DIY rubber pads to put beneath your furniture legs or buy them from a hardware or home improvement store.

Cut a piece from any old rubber lying around to make them yourself. It could be an old tire or the cover of a bicycle paddle. Now stick these pieces under your furniture’s legs and trim any untidy edges.

The rubber pads should not be visible from a distance and increase friction between furniture and flooring.

3. Use Furniture Grippers

Cost: Minimum

These rubber anti-skid furniture grippers are available online and cost around $8-$10 for a pack of 8. The rubber is scored from the bottom and ensures that your sofa or bed does not budge from its place, no matter what.

using furniture grippers to stop furniture from sliding

Also, these grippers are non-invasive for your furniture and floor. You require no nails or glue to attach them under your furniture’s legs. Instead, they come with a tacky upper surface that makes them easy to install and breezy to remove.

You can also use them under the four corners of your rug if it does not stay in place. Rugs can be quite prone to sliding over smooth surfaces, and buying a rug pad may cost a tad bit more than these effective pads.

4. DIY Felt Pads

Cost: None to minimal

Get a felt sheet from a nearby craft shop. Put the sheet under one of the furniture’s legs and trace out the outline of the leg. Next, cut as many pieces as you want with the reference outline. Put them under the furniture’s legs using super glue or any other glue suitable for furniture.

Felt is not only great at preventing your furniture from sliding, but it also acts as an anti-scratch pad to protect your hardwood floors. It remains hidden under the legs and does not make your furniture look ugly.

5. Crochet Chair Socks

Cost: None

Who knew chairs needed socks too! But well, they have legs, don’t they? 

If you know how to knit or have a mom or grandma who is friends with the yarn, make cute little booties for your chairs. Although they are not as non-slip as rubber, they look incredibly adorable, and you can make one for any piece of furniture.

Take the yarn of your choice and other crocheting supplies, and give your chairs the booties they deserve! The advantage of crocheting your chair socks is you can make one in any size, color, or shape to fit any kind of furniture. You can also add to their effectiveness by sticking a piece of rubber beneath the bootie once you’ve made it.

6. Buy Leg Caps

Cost: Minimal

Silicone or rubber leg caps are available online or in home improvement stores in various shapes and sizes. They are commonly used under a chair’s legs, but you can find them practical if your sofa or bed has petite legs.

You can find ones that fit with a screw, glue or just screw on the legs for zero damage to the furniture. Also, many furniture manufacturers custom-make them according to the furniture you buy from them.

Leg caps prevent your furniture from sliding on the floors and protect your floor from any scuffs and scratches from the furniture’s legs.

use leg caps to stop furniture from sliding

FAQs Regarding Stopping Furniture From Sliding

How can furniture sliding over smooth floors be dangerous?

A sliding couch can be pretty dangerous since it can hit a nearby fragile object or person. Additionally, if a kid or pet jumps on a piece of furniture that slides, they can fall due to losing their balance and injure themselves.

How do I stop my bed from sliding over the hardwood floor?

You can stick rubber pads underneath its legs, place a carpet under it, or use furniture grippers to stop your bed from sliding over smooth floors.

How do I prevent scratches on my hardwood floor due to sliding furniture?

Use rubber or felt pads, leg caps, or crochet leg socks to keep your furniture from damaging the floor.

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