5 Best Ways How to Stop Furniture from Sliding

You can stop furniture from sliding by using a rug with rug pads, furniture grippers, silicone chair leg caps, stop blocks, and by keeping the floor clean. 

There are many ways to stop your furniture from sliding as you’ll want to avoid damage to your house or any accidents. Below you’ll find five easy ways to stop your furniture from sliding.

how to stop furniture from sliding

Using a Rug

The first option to choose is to lay a rug beneath the furniture. This helps to increase the friction between the floor and the leg’s of the furniture. This keeps the furniture in place. 

How to Choose a Rug

There are several things you can consider when choosing a rug for your floors including:

  • The size and shape. Measure the space in the room to see what size works for your floors. 
  • Materials and style
  • The amount of care and cleaning
  • The pile, or density, of the rug and how thick you want the material. 

Many of these are up to personal style and preference. Make sure that you look at the rug pad at the bottom of the rug. 

 Most rugs come with PVC. This is a cheap material that can do the job temporarily, but the material will erode and may cause damage to hardwood floors. A better option is to find natural rubber rug pads. These will protect your floors while keeping the furniture in its place. 

Benefits of Using a Rug

  • Protects the floors from scuffs
  • Helps decorate the room
  • Can add warmth to your room

Use Silicone Chair Leg Caps

You can keep individual furniture in place with some rubber pad caps. There are several options available including 

  • Screw-on caps 
  • Cup pads
  • Peel-and-stick pads. 

The difference between these is that the peel-and-stick will have a little piece of tape that comes off and sticks to the bottom of the chair while the other two go over the bottom of the leg of the chair like a glove. 

Benefits of Chair Leg Caps

  • You can choose the shape and size
  • They fit over furniture easily
  • Prevent damage to the floor
  • Great for furniture that must be moved often. 

Furniture Grippers

Furniture gripper pads are easy to use because you can easily add them to the bottom of any piece of furniture. The side of the grip needs to face into the floor to prevent the furniture from sliding. 

These are customized to look good at the bottom of your furniture and you can choose between the size and shape of each one. 

Benefits of Furniture Grippers

  • Provide extra cushion to the furniture
  • Do not overtake the aesthetic of the furniture
  • Higher quality than the leg chair caps

Stop Blocks for Bigger Furniture

For furniture that will not move around often, like a couch or a bed, it’s better to use a stop block to keep the floors safe. These can be customized based on the size of the furniture leg, helping give your floors the protection you need. 

Rubber is the best option for this product. The rubber can stick to the floor to prevent sliding and does not cause damage to your floors. 

Benefits of Stop Blocks

  • They provide a permanent fix
  • They look like part of the furniture
  • The prevent scraping on the floor

When you have unique furniture in your home, you may struggle to find a stop block that fits. Once you find one though, it can last for years and looks nice with your furniture. 

Place Furniture in the Corner of the Room

While it’s tempting to leave your furniture in the middle of the room, this makes it more prone to sliding around on the floor. Any time someone sits down on the couch, you will need to readjust it. 

Push your couch against one of the walls in the room or to a corner of the room. When someone sits down on the couch, it will have nowhere to move backwards and will stay in place. 

Benefits of Placing Furniture in the Corner

  • Frees up space in your living room. 
  • Does not require you to purchase anything to stop slipping
  • Can be a great way to decorate. 

Create Socks for the Furniture

For those who’re crafty and fun, it is time to put those creative juices to work. This method allows you to create socks for your sofas, tables, and chairs to help keep them in place. 


  • Fabric patch
  • Old towel you do not use
  • Ribbon
  • Marker
  • Drinking glass
  • Scissors
  • Thread


  • Using either the old towel or fabric patch, wrap it around the drinking glass. 
  • Use pins to keep it in place to help with the size. 
  • Cut the material at the right size for the glass. 
  • Sew the two sides together and the bottom to make a sock. 
  • Add to the bottom of your furniture. 
  • Tie with a ribbon

You can do this with all of the items in your home to make a cute look, choosing the color and style that goes with the room. These won’t have the same grip as rubber pads, but it can make things easier. 

Keep the Floor Clean

stop furniture from sliding by keeping the floor clean

When debris builds up on your floor, it can make any type of flooring slippery. Your furniture may move around and not stay where you want it. 

Keeping your floor clean can help prevent the furniture from slipping. You can:

  • Dust
  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Soak up spillages with a towel

Cleaning the floor can help, but it is not as effective as the other methods for protecting the floors.  


Why is it bad for my furniture to slide?

When your furniture slides, it can damage the flooring in your home. Wood and metal sliding over any flooring surface can cause scrapes and scuffs for everyone. 

Can I remove scratches on my floor from the furniture?

For minor scratches that get only the surface, water and a Brillo pad can wipe them out. Deeper scratches will need a wood polisher or a wood repair crayon. Furniture that chips the floor will need some wood putty for repairs.

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