How to Remove Gorilla Tape Residue | The Easy Way

Soak a cloth with alcohol and wipe down on the Gorilla tape residue. Scrape off the residue with a knife or a razor. Spray lubricant and alcohol and scrub the surface with an abrasive sponge.

how to remove gorilla tape residue

Gorilla Tape is a heavy-duty, double-thick material used in household repairs. Do you remember the lady who used glue gel for her hair in 2021 and needed surgery to remove it? That was Gorilla glue, and it goes to show how strong their adhesives are.  They are twice as thick as regular duct tapes and have up to 3 times the adhesive. They can be used indoors and outdoors on almost any material and are weather, moisture, and UV ray resistant.

When used on surfaces, Gorilla tapes leave stains behind. The sticky part of the glue is made of polyethylene which is a very resilient material and hard to get rid of.

The chances are that you have used Gorilla tape on the body of your car, floor, walls, and other surfaces. Once you remove the tape, you discover a persistent stain on it. Here are six proven methods to remove gorilla tape residue without damaging the body paint.

Method 1: Use Alcohol To Remove Gorilla Tape Residue

Alcohol can be a simple home solution to remove the residue. Before going to the store to purchase harsh solvents, try this easy DIY method. 

You need a clean rag, abrasive sponge, alcohol, a razor, a spray lubricant, and a knife or chisel. Here are the steps involved in using alcohol to get rid of Gorilla glue:

Step 1: Apply Alcohol

Pour a little alcohol onto a rag or soak it, mineral spirits can work as well. This would serve as a dissolving agent for polyethylene. Be careful not to use strong acetone as it dissolves plastic.

Step 2: Wipe The Surface

Wipe the glue with the damp rag vigorously and allow to sit for a couple of minutes.

Step 3: Scrape The Surface With a Sharp Material.

After applying the alcohol solution, use a razor, knife, or chisel to scrape at the surface. You may also use a pair of pliers to remove dried-out gorilla tape residue.

Step 4: Apply a Lubricating Solution

Apply a spray lubricant solution and use an abrasive sponge to wipe it off. The lubricant serves as a weakener to glue bond residue easier to wipe off.

Step 5: Repeat The Process Until Stain Disappears

Repeat this process 2 to 3 times if necessary. Then wash the surface with soap and water after finishing.

Method 2: Use Goo-Gone

Use Goo-Gone to remove gorilla tape residue

Goo Gone is well known for getting rid of hard stains on commercial products such as retail price tags. Spray or sprinkle Goo Gone on the spot of the residue and leave to sit for a few minutes. Then rub the residue firmly until all traces have been eliminated. 

Method 3: WD-40

Although WD-40 is a popular lubricant used to resolve the squeaking of doors, knobs, and hinges, it can also be used to remove Gorilla tape residue on cars and other metal surfaces. 

  • Spray the can of WD-40 on the spot of the residue and allow it to sit for about five minutes.
  • Wipe out the spot with a cloth and rub the area thoroughly to wipe the spot clean.

The WD-40 also has a pen variant that can be applied directly on the spot of the residue. Give it a few strokes until the stain disappears. Once the stain is eliminated, wipe the spot with a clean, dry cloth to remove any other stain. 

Note: WD-40 may be harmful to plastics but work well on metal, rubber, and wood.

Method 4: Apply Heat

Heat plays a vital role in getting rid of tape residue. Apply heat using a hairdryer or heat gun, etc. This will melt up stubborn adhesive residue without damaging the surface. As you apply the heat, gently scrape off the residue until all traces have been eliminated. This is not advisable for plastics or car body parts as they are prone to melting or explosions. 

Method 5: Use Gorilla Tape

This method may sound counterintuitive, but the tape is so sticky that it can pull out the residue if appropriately used. Slowly lay small bits of Gorilla tape on the spot of the residue and pull out with intent. 

However, this method is a time-intensive, labor-intensive way of getting rid of the residue, but it is cost-effective. 

Note: The method may not be suitable if you have a large residue area to remove.

Method 6: Using Citrus Cleaners

Citrus cleaners can work effectively as a removal agent. You can spray them directly on the residue spot and wipe them with a cloth. For stubborn residue, citrus cleaners may not be as effective, but they work differently on different surfaces.

Things To Note When Removing Gorilla Tape Residue From Surfaces

  • Acetone-based solvents give off strong fumes that may be harmful to you. It is advisable to use them in well-aired spaces.
  • It is advisable to use gloves when working with strong solvents such as acetone, mineral spirits, etc.
  • It is always better to apply the solvents to a rag and test on a small surface before using them on the exact spot. This would prevent damaging sensitive surfaces such as plastics.
  • Endeavor to clean out the residue of all solvents after applying. Wiping them thoroughly prevents the occurrence of accidents.

FAQs About How To Remove Gorilla Tape Residue

Can I paint Over Gorilla Tape Residue?

It’s best to first remove the residue for a smooth finish. Simply painting over it can leave a rough patch. 

How Can I Get Tape Residue Out Of Countertop?

Wash the countertop with soapy water and clean with a rag. This will wipe off the stain—no need for harsh chemicals.

Does Gorilla Tape use the Gorilla Glue as the adhesive?

Gorilla Glue is made of polyurethane, while the adhesive for the tape was created specifically for that purpose.

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