How to Get Neosporin Out of Clothes?

You can get Neosporin out of clothes by using the flat edge of a knife to scrape off any extra oil. Gently apply small droplets of dishwashing detergent directly onto the stain. Use your fingers to rub it into the stain until the entire area is covered in white foam. Wait for 5 minutes and wash the entire area with hot water. 

Neosporin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment is a godsend for healing scratches, burns, and cuts. But the only drawback to using this ointment is the stains it leaves behind on your clothes. This ointment contains petroleum jelly that causes these difficult-to-remove stains.  

Neosporin stains become more difficult to remove the longer you wait after noticing them, so it is important to tackle this problem as soon as you see it. 

Removing these stains while they are still fresh is the easiest method with the highest success rate. 

In this article, we’ll teach you how to remove these pesky stains from your clothes with a simple procedure.

What You Will Need to Remove Fresh Neosporin Stains

  • Clean toothbrush with soft bristles
  • A book
  • Warm water
  • Premium laundry detergent
  • Salt (baking soda or baby powder is also fine)
  • Dull kitchen knife 


  1. Place the book or a hard object underneath the stain, so you don’t transfer the stain to other areas while cleaning. 
  1. Take your dull kitchen knife and scrape off as much oil as you can. Try not to rub it in deep. Doing this will make matters worse.
  1. You can get rid of whatever oil is left by using salt, baking soda, or baby powder. Add either of them to the stain and gently massage it into your clothes in a circular motion.  
  1. Let your garment sit for an hour or overnight, depending on the size of the stain, and repeat the steps again on the other side. 
  1. Brush off the salt, and you will see a white spot where the stain was but no need to panic. It is only salt residue, and you can wash it off effortlessly. 
  1. Next, dilute a bit of laundry detergent with warm water and scrub the area thoroughly with a sterile toothbrush. 
  1. The last step is to wash it like you normally would and let it air dry. After it is washed, the stain should no longer be visible. 

What You Will Need to Remove Dried Neosporin Stains

  • Liquid soap
  • Hot water
  • Clean toothbrush
  • Dishwashing gloves


To get rid of stains that have already set and dried, follow these steps –

  1. Add a few drops of liquid soap to the stain. This type of soap works well because it is designed to cut through any oil or grease.
  1. Massage the soap into the garment with your fingers or a clean toothbrush softly in a circular motion.
  1. The next step is to rinse the area(s) with hot water in a large bowl.

    Using hot water is important because it will change the structure of the oil and make it easier to penetrate. We recommend using dishwashing gloves for this step if the water is too hot for your hands. 
  1. When you are done, place it in the washing machine on a hot cycle and then let it air dry once it is done. After completing this final step, your garment should come out stain free. 

If the stain does not come off after going through this process the first time, repeat it once more. After the second time, if the stain is still not completely gone, there is not much else you can do. 

The good news is that even if the stain is still there, it will not be easily visible, and most people will not be able to spot it. You can only notice it if you focus closely enough to spot a bit of shade where the stain used to be. 

What to Do if Neosporin Ointment Tints Your Clothes

This situation is rare but read carefully so you will be ready if it ever occurs. 

To get started, use an oxygen-based bleach like OxiClean and combine it with water, as the instructions on the box suggest.  

Soak your clothing in the solution and let it sit for 7 to 8 hours. After the time has passed, look to see if the tint is still visible. 

It is very likely that the tinted area will already be gone but if it isn’t, let it soak for a few more hours until you are happy with the outcome. 

FAQs On How to Get Neosporin Out of Clothes

Can I remove Neosporin stains with WD-40? 

Yes, you can use WD-40 to remove Neosporin oil stains because it helps reconstitute the oil and get it fresh again. 

How long should I wait before cleaning a Neosporin stain? 

The sooner you get to the stain, the easier it will be to remove it. If the stain sets and dries, it will be extremely difficult to get it out. 

Can I use vinegar to remove Neosporin stains? 

Yes, you can, and all you have to do is mix the vinegar with water and apply this solution to the stain. 

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