How to Clean Resin Molds in Just A Few Easy Steps

Use sticky tape to clean and get anything out of your resin mold. Wash it with warm soapy water and blot out any extra water and soap suds. Finally, let it dry.

Artistic projects are enjoyable and bring out the inner artist in all of us that we never knew existed. All it takes are easy-to-find tools and materials from the nearby arts and craft store to be able to showcase your capabilities. 

A tool that is on the list of our personal favorites is the beloved resin mold. It allows you to sculpt objects into various shapes using epoxy clay. 

Beginners that have never worked with epoxy clay and resin molds usually have many questions. For example, do resin molds need to be cleaned before and after using them? What can you use to clean them properly? 

In this article, we’ll answer all these questions in depth. 

You will have the knowledge you need to understand how to clean resin molds and get them ready for use in any crafting project. With this information, you can prepare for success and be ready when things don’t go your way!

How to Clean Resin Molds for Craft Projects

If the artist is skilled enough, epoxy resins are a sight to behold after they go through the curing process.

The irony of this situation is you cannot sit back and enjoy your work because you have to spend your time cleaning sticky resin off your molds. 

Depending on how much leftover resin your silicone mold has in it, there are 3 distinctive cleaning methods you can follow: 

  • Before use

  • Sticky resin molds

  • After use

We’ll go through each of the methods above step by step. Each one will guarantee that your molds are always in pristine condition, so you can use them when the mood takes you. 

It would help if you never forgot that epoxy clay hardens quickly. When it does, cleaning becomes a hassle. So the best habit to build is to clean your silicone molds right after completing your crafts activity. 

How to Clean Your Molds Before Using Resin

Before starting your project, make sure your molds look spotless inside and out. 

When silicone molds are tucked away in a cabinet or other storage area, it is not unheard of for them to accumulate dust. You will face this issue even when putting them in airtight lids. 

Dirt is another culprit that can get on your resin mold, so being on the lookout is vital. 

If you pour the epoxy resin into your molds when they still have dust, you will likely see streaks or other imperfections when it cures. 

Cleaning resin molds takes a bit of effort but does not take long. 

What You’ll Need

  • Cosmetic Brush or Painting brush
  • Blue tack or sticky tape
  • Soapy Water
  • Small towel


  1. Slowly glaze the brush over the dusty area or where you see the dried-up resin. 
  1. Pop your mold into a sink with warm soapy water. Gently wash it with a small cloth if you have one. The surface of your mold will be clear and have almost no dust.

(Warning: Make sure your soapy water is not steaming hot. Hot water will damage your mold and affect the shape of your resin project.

  1. Grab a piece of tape and use it to get all the little bits of glitter, residue, and dust off. It may take a while if your mold is dirtier than average.

How to Clean Sticky Resin Molds?

This issue is commonplace and experienced by many with epoxy clay or another substance that involves a mold. 

It is a massive headache and hassle to clean when the resin is thoroughly dried. Therefore, most people skip the cleaning process and buy a new one if they have the money since they tend to be affordable. 

We realize that not everyone wants to buy more molds, so we teach you how to make resin simple to scrape off in the section below. 

What You’ll Need

  • Hot air gun (if not hardened yet)

  • Scraper or Lolly sticks
  • Baby wipes 
  • 99% alcohol
  • Clean cloth


  1. If your resin has been mixed and is not cured, it will be sticky. If this is the case, warm it up with your hot air gun or put your silicone mold in hot water first. You can then scrape it out. It will be easier. 
  1. The next step is scraping out anything you have not cured using a scraper and wiping it on a towel. Lolly sticks are great for this. 
  1. Take a regular baby wipe (preferably the Huggies brand) and put it into the resin mold. It will start to get foamy. Get the wipes into the corners around the edges. Put your scraper on the baby wipe to give the mold a deeper clean.
  1. You can use 99% alcohol but don’t leave it in your molds for too long because it can make it dull and cause damage. We think Huggies or the cheap baby wipes are the easiest ones to use. 
  1. Go around it with one more fresh baby wipe to get any resin you may have missed completely off.
  1. Take a dry clean cloth and get it dry while making sure there is not a single piece of residue in your mold.

How to Clean Silicone Mold After Using Resin

Your resin will harden and dry up after you finish with your project. By this point in time, your mold is ready to be cleaned. 

The section below will discuss the best ways to clean resin molds after the resin has hardened. 

We used a similar method in the section on cleaning molds before using them. The steps are easy to follow: 

  1. Roll up the tape until it has an oval shape with the sticky end on the exterior. 
  1. Swab the interior of the resin mold so you don’t miss any spots. 
  1. Grab a lint roller and pass it over your mold on a horizontal surface. 
  1. Extra Step: If you still have trouble removing resin once it has dried, applying 99% isopropyl alcohol inside the mold will do the trick. 

How to Store Molds After Use

By storing your resin mold properly, you reduce the chances of exposing it to dust and dirt. Before you are ready to put them away, make sure they are sterile and dry. 

After applying silicone release spray, take a ziplock bag and make sure it is sealed tight with no air getting out. The place you put them in should have a flat surface; do not put anything else on top of it. 

We suggest a clean shelf with door handles on it. 

FAQs on How to Clean Resin Molds 

Can I remove dust stuck inside the final product of my resin project? 

No, you cannot clean the dust inside. Your best bet would be to try again and start a new one. 

Is it possible to soften dried resin with only warm water? 

It might be possible, but it’s not guaranteed. The resin will surely be softer, but not enough to clean it and remove the dried resin. You will need to use other chemicals like alcohol. 

Can plastic molds be sterilized with warm water and soap? 

Yes, it is the most common method, but only if the resin is still not cured. If it has hardened, you will need to buy more potent liquids. 

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