Can You Use a Blackstone Griddle Indoors?

A Blackstone griddle should not be used indoors if it uses propane gas due to the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Blackstone does offer a few electric grills which can be used indoors.

If you love cooking and want to get that perfect burger, you might have a griddle in your shopping cart, or chances are, that you already have one. They are a perfect way to cook a wide variety of foods.

Blackstone griddles come in various sizes ranging from big enough for a restaurant or small enough for a kitchen countertop. Whichever one you have, you’ll have a lot of fun cooking with it but can it be used indoors?

These griddles usually generate heat from propane gas. Propane gas can be very dangerous indoors as it produces carbon monoxide which is a very toxic gas. You also get the fire risk from the open flame. 

A barbeque lover prefers cooking outdoors but what to do when the weather is not in your favor? Is it worth taking the risk? By the end, you’ll know all about using your Blackstone griddle indoors. Let’s take a look. 

can you use a blackstone griddle indoors

Should I Use My Blackstone Griddle Indoors?

Generally, a Blackstone griddle is not designed for indoor use. They are usually made with a portable design and you can take them with you while you are camping, or you can just use them for cooking in your backyard. Let’s look at the main reasons why indoor griddle cooking is not a good idea:

It uses propane gas – Our kitchen area is usually not ventilated enough to dissipate the propane. Propane releases carbon monoxide into the air and other fumes. This makes Blackstone griddles dangerous for using it indoors

Emits carbon monoxide – Carbon Monoxide is harmful to humans as well as pets.  You may not know if your griddle is producing carbon monoxide in large amounts as it does not have any odor or color. If someone inhales carbon monoxide in large doses it can make them severely ill and in the worst scenario, it may result in death.

Produces a lot of heat – If the temperature of a Blackstone griddle is kept high, it can rise to 640F degrees in 7- 8 minutes. If a significant amount of heat is produced while cooking, it can spread through the metal surface and may damage your kitchen.

Any glass cookware around your griddle can shatter due to excessive heat and plastic tools could melt. Even at a basic level, it can make the room you’re cooking in unbearably hot.

Grease – While cooking meat or any other oily food, a griddle produces a lot of grease which can splatter all over the walls of the kitchen and countertops.

It will create a mess in your kitchen and ruin your countertops. Cleaning grease is a huge task and nobody would want to spend hours scrubbing the kitchen after cooking.

Blackstone offers one of the best griddles but the fact is, it’s a product designed for outdoor use. You should refrain from using it indoors to avoid any risk. There are also indoor griddles which we will discuss further in this article.

The Dangers of Propane

dangers of propane

A propane griddle is the best choice to cook a perfect steak, classic burgers, and many other delicacies. Sometimes, bad weather does not allow you to cook outdoors and in such cases, people think that they can safely use a propane griddle indoors. However, it is not true.

A propane griddle produces heat from all four sides of the flat surface making it more unsafe to use indoors. However, an electric griddle uses an electric coil to produce heat only on the top surface.

There is also no insulation in propane griddles as they are specifically designed for outdoor use. Lack of insulation means a lot of heat will get built up in your house and anything near your griddles like plastic or glass can get damaged without even being touched. 

There are possibilities of gas leaks as you have to remove the gas line and connectors from the griddles. This might bring wear and tear and can increase the chances of gas leaks indoors.

Could you get away with using a Blackstone griddle indoors? Perhaps you could with enough ventilation but it’s simply not worth the risk.

How to Use a Blackstone Griddle Indoors

The company does not recommend using Blackstone Griddles indoors and we don’t recommend it. If you’re stubbornly going to ignore all of that and do it anyway, please just follow this advice!

Always make sure to double-check the valves, connectors, and propane gas tanks before and after using your griddles. Remove all the flammable materials near your griddle to avoid fires. You can use an empty room for a safer cook.

The area where you are using a griddle should be properly ventilated so that carbon monoxide does not build up easily in the room. Select the room with the largest window or the room that has a balcony.

Install a carbon monoxide detector inside your home. As carbon monoxide is odorless and hence cannot be detected without a detector.

It will give you an alert whenever carbon monoxide starts building up indoors and you would have enough time to leave the room. These are great things to have in your home regardless. 

Can I Use a Blackstone Griddle Inside My Garage?

You can keep the door open of your garage and place the griddle near to it so that heat gets to escape easily. Having proper ventilation will probably not allow the build-up of carbon monoxide but this isn’t a certainty.

Keep all the dangerous good and flammable materials away from your cooking area to avoid any unforeseen accidents. We’d still not recommend this but it’s a better idea than using it inside of your home. 

Is There Any Indoor Version Of The Blackstone Griddle?

Blackstone also has their E-series griddles which are perfect for use indoors. These electric griddles come to your rescue when you don’t want bad weather or a lack of outdoor space to keep you away from having a barbeque experience. 

The griddle plate is big enough to make a meal for your whole family without having to worry about grease or burning your food. You can make various kinds of foods on it like burger patties, steak, eggs, sausages, etc. 

They have a ceramic-coated griddle surface which makes the cleaning process easier and quicker.

It is better to go with something that is designed for indoors like a Blackstone electric griddle than to use a propane griddle indoors.

FAQs On Can You Use A Blackstone Griddle Indoors

Is there any safety concern while using Blackstone griddle indoors?

The company itself says not to use griddles indoors. Propane griddles can emit fatal carbon monoxide gas and are also a fire risk. 

What should I do before using a Blackstone griddle indoors?

Check the valves and connectors before every use. Keep the flammable materials away from the cooking area, properly ventilate and get a carbon monoxide monitor.

How efficient is a Blackstone electric griddle?

The E-series of Blackstone griddle offers a ceramic coated surface which makes it perfect for cooking steak and burger patties. While not quite the traditional griddle experience, they are a great alternative.

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