Can You Put A Pot On A Griddle? Getting The Most Out Of Your Griddle

Yes! You can use a griddle as a stovetop for your pot to cook various meals that would usually be impossible to prepare directly on the griddle surface. However, some electric griddles generate high heat up to 500°F,  so ensure you’re using a pot like a cast iron that can handle such an amount of heat.  

Not very many people consider a griddle an essential kitchen appliance, but for foodies like me, it is an excellent addition to any home kitchen. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind when I see a griddle is pancakes. That was the first meal I cooked on my electric griddle after purchasing it 5 years ago.

A griddle is ideal for quick breakfast preparations such as eggs, pancakes, sausages, bacon, and French toast. However, when you decide to get a bit creative cooking specific complex recipes. You may wonder if the meal will turn out better by cooking with a pot on the griddle.

In general, you can use a pot on a griddle. However, you’ll need to be able to control the temperature of the surface and follow specific techniques.

Continue reading to learn how to cook with a pot on your griddle, and you’ll soon be getting the most value from your griddle.

can you put a pot on a griddle

Can You Use A Pot To Cook On A Griddle?

Absolutely, you can. There are countless ways to cook with a pot, but one of the most fun yet surprisingly simple is putting the pot directly onto a hot, flat top griddle. This technique is great for making pancakes, eggs, meat, and more.

However, I recommend only using an electric griddle as a hot plate. Placing a pot on a regular griddle/grill pan may reduce the amount of heat that reaches the pot, rendering it ineffective for cooking. But with an electric griddle, you can transfer enough heat to your pot.

If you’re wondering why anybody would even try to use their pot on a griddle, Here are a few reasons.

Why You Should Use A Pot On A Griddle

Explore Different Types Of Meals

This technique makes it possible to prepare meals that would be impossible to prepare directly on a griddle. For example, cooking pasta or making a pot of soup or stew can be accomplished by placing a pot on a griddle.

Saves Space In Your Kitchen 

You can cook multiple items at once without using multiple heat sources, such as adding a separate stovetop. 

Save Time

If you’re making pancakes and need to boil water for coffee and only have one stovetop, you can simply place the pot of water on one side of the griddle to boil while you make your pancakes on the other. This saves you some cooking time.

Are There Downsides To Putting A Pot In A Griddle?

Putting a pot on a grill pan seems like a great combination to make for a great meal. However, you should be aware of a couple of things first. 

  • A griddle will take longer to heat your pot than a stovetop, making your cooking process inefficient. However, this is dependent on the model of your griddle.
  • Putting pots on your griddle too frequently can damage its surface.

What Kinds Of Pots Can You Use On A Griddle?

what kind of pots can you put on a griddle

You can use any type of pot on your griddle as long as it fits and can get enough heat to cook your meal. However, I recommend using only small pots and pans on the griddle to ensure they sit perfectly on the surface.

Also, some electric griddles can reach up to 500°F, which is extremely hot. You’ll need a pot that can handle that.

Here are a few pots you should consider using on your griddle:

Cast Iron Pot and Skillets

The best pots and pans to use on a griddle are cast iron pots and skillets. Although they can be quite heavy, they do well on various cooking surfaces and heat sources, including an electric griddle. They also retain and distribute heat evenly, ensuring that your meal cooks properly.

Copper Pot

Copper pots are great heat conductors and can withstand high heat up to 1900°F, which is far beyond the heat produced by your griddle. So, placing a copper pot on your griddle can make it easier to cook your meal. However, food may stick to the pot if your griddle does not generate enough heat for a copper pot.

Ceramic Pots

This non-toxic pot or pan can withstand high temperatures without being damaged. It’s also safe to use on a griddle and ideal for nonstick cooking.

Aluminum Pots

Aluminum pots conduct heat well and distribute heat evenly throughout the pan. They can be used on a griddle to keep food warm at a low temperature, but they are not ideal for cooking on a griddle.

Stainless-Steel Pots

Ideally, stainless steel pots should not be used on a griddle because the scorching heat of an electric griddle can damage them. However, if your griddle does not produce much heat, you can use a stainless steel pot. 

How To Cook With A Pot On A Griddle

You can cook any meal in a pot on your griddle, including soups and stews, meats, vegetables, pasta, and other complex recipes. However, ensure your electric griddle generates enough heat to complete the cooking.

To use your pot on your griddle:

  • Clean the griddle thoroughly in the area where the pot or pan will be placed. Grease and gunk buildup on the griddle surface can cause the underside of your pot to burn, resulting in smoke or fire.
  • Before placing a pot on the electric griddle, preheat it for about 5 minutes.
  • Then, set the pot on the griddle gently, without dragging it across the surface.
  • Fill the pot no more than halfway with water or the food item.
  • Allow the pot to heat and cook the food.
  • Lift the pot straight up from the griddle’s surface after cooking to avoid scratching the surface.

FAQs On Can You Put A Pot On A Griddle

Is it Healthy to Cook on a Griddle?

Yes, cooking on a griddle is a very healthy way to cook. You can cook quick meals on a griddle without worrying about your food coming into contact with direct flames.

Can A Griddle Boil Water?

You can do this, but only if you have pots rated for temperatures exceeding 2120 F or 100oC.

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