Can You Put A Griddle In The Oven? | Getting The Best Out Of Your Griddle

Yes, you can put your griddle in the oven for cooking eggs, bacon, and even pancakes. However, you should ensure you use an oven-safe griddle such as an iron-casted griddle. 

If you’re a fan of grills like I am, then you’ll agree there’s nothing quite as handy as griddle pans when it comes to fixing a quick breakfast. It’s a great investment because there’s no doubt about their versatility and how durable they are.

So, every time people ask if they can put a griddle in the oven?  I always remember the morning when my kids were young, and we were packing to move out of state. 

Breakfast was a challenge, and we were in a hurry. I needed something that would make a lot of food and do so quickly. 

I had a griddle, which I use on the stove, but would it work in the oven? I had no idea. However, I was willing to try anything. So, I put the griddle in the oven and turned on the heat. It worked like a charm, but I made sure to keep an eye on things just in case.

Griddles work just fine in the oven, and, in fact, you may be surprised your meal could get even better with the technique.

Read on to find out how to maximize your griddle’s potential in an oven.

can you put a griddle in the oven

How To Know If Your Griddles Are Oven-proof

Before we dive into how to properly season your griddle for use in the oven, you should note that not all griddle pans work perfectly on all stovetops—such as gas, induction, and electric. 

If you’re buying for the first time, you may want to consider the cast iron pan since it works for virtually all tops and works in the oven.

Check the simple guide below to know if your griddle is oven-safe:

  • Ensure the handles and other parts of your griddle pan are metal.
  • Search for safety texts or any safety symbol under the pan. Sometimes, you may find just how much temperature your griddle can bear.
  • Read through guidelines or manuals thoroughly—don’t just skim. This helps you find what the manufacturer has to say.
  • Check out for details on the materials used in the pan’s construction. It’s good to confirm it is entirely oven-proof.

So what types of griddle meet most of these criteria? 

Types Of Oven Safe Griddles

Here are three of my favorite grill pans to use in an oven

Le Creuset Griddles

Most Le Creuset griddles are oven safe and able to stand up to temperatures as high as 500°F. However, you must ensure your model is entirely cast iron with stainless steel handles. 

Rock Griddle

Rock is for you if you like to cook with cast iron but find traditional ones a bit heavy for everyday use. It’s a non-stick ceramic skillet that heats evenly. So you can use it to roast meats and vegetables. However, ensure you don’t heat the oven too high.

Pampered Chef Griddle

Pampered Chef griddles are also safe to use in the oven. However, you should be wary of their handles and your oven temperatures. Always ensure you remove the handles before putting them in an oven. Also, If you look closely, it says on the label that it is only safe up to 400°F. So avoid recipes that require temperatures higher than that.

Tips For Seasoning Your Griddle For Use In The Oven

Once you’ve got your griddle and confirmed it’s oven safe, the next thing to do is season your griddle. With seasoning, you can protect your pan from oven damage. There is no better way to enjoy durability than this, and you definitely do not want to skip the process.

Follow the steps below to perfectly season your pan:

  • Remove wax coating: Taking out your griddle’s wax coating might reduce its shine, however, it’s necessary. To get started, get some dish soap alongside a scrub and use it to scrub your griddle
  • Keep scrubbing: Continue scrubbing to ensure the shiny, new coating on your griddle is gone.
  • Place on stove to dry:  Place your wet griddle on a burning, high-heat stove and allow it to dry.
  • Cover the surface with your preferred oil: After successfully cooling off your griddle, the next step is to get some high-heat oil. Pour out a little amount and ensure the entire surface of the pan is covered with oil.
  • Take away excess oil: Using a clean paper towel, take off excess cooking oil from your griddle. Repeat the process until it’s just a thin layer left.
  • Preheat oven: Pre-heating shouldn’t exceed one minute, and it should be at a 200 degrees Celsius temperature. After, place your griddle in for about an hour and leave to cook.
  • Repeat The Process: Repeat the fourth and sixth steps until the griddle has an even dark color. If you notice a high sheen, ensure you hand wash with soap and a little water. You should never put your griddle in a dishwasher.
  • Way to go: The process is completed once your griddle turns black. You may now enjoy grilling with your griddle right there in the oven.
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Benefits Of Using A Griddle In An Oven

  • Cooking in the oven helps to prevent an uneven supply of heat, and seasoned griddles also keep the oven safe by preventing food from sticking into it.
  • A griddle gives you enough surface area to cook different meals at the same time. 
  • Some of the least healthy parts of most meals are fats and oils that come in contact with your food. The griddle is an excellent way to get rid of them right after cooking.
  • The flat, wide surface of a griddle makes it easier to manipulate the food with a tong or spatula. 

Precautions To Take When Using Your Griddle In The Oven– How To Avoid A Fire

Fire hazards are real. But since no one wishes to end their lives in the manner, a roasted chicken would, it’s good to take caution.

To prevent fire outbreaks while using your griddle in the oven, follow the safety precautions below:

  • Avoid fat build-ups and oil in your griddle by cleaning after use. Also, ensure to clean up your oven.
  • Divided attention might be your greatest undoing. So when grilling in an oven, ensure to pay close attention and avoid distractions.
  • Ensure you have a fire extinguisher close to the kitchen in case of fire scares that can be handled easily.
  • An operative smoke alarm will go a long way in preventing risks.
  • Keep clothes and tea towels away from your griddle pan and oven.
  • Suspend cooking when you seem tired. The grilling process in the oven may take a while, and you shouldn’t sleep off for your safety.
  • In case of a fire in the kitchen, evacuate the house with your family and Call an emergency line for help.
Precautions To Take When Using Your Griddle In The Oven– How To Avoid A Fire

FAQs On Can You Put A Griddle In The Oven

What Is The Difference Between Griddles And Frying Pans?

The major difference between griddle pans and the regular pans we use for frying lies in their structure. And other times, we may find a distinction in the methods employed when using them. Generally, frying pans have round shapes and raised edges (walls), while the griddles are square or rectangular and have low (or no) edges.

What Oils Can I Use To Season My Griddle?

Vegetable Oils and canola oil are a good choice because they can withstand high cooking temperatures and do not leave a greasy flavor. I do not recommend butter or margarine due to the increased risk of rancidity.

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