Can Gotham Steel Pans Go In The Oven? All You Need To Know

Gotham steel pans can be used in the oven because they can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is enough to bake and cook food in the oven. However, if you leave your Gotham pan at a higher temperature, it can start to lose its ceramic coating.

If there’s one piece of cookware I think every home kitchen should have, it’s an aluminum-base pot. These pots are lightweight, strong, and conduct heat so well that they can be used to make almost any type of food.  

Gotham steel pans are a perfect example of this versatile cookware made of aluminum. They are, without a doubt, my top pick for any kitchen. And will work on virtually any heat source.

So, if you’re wondering if they can go in the oven, Absolutely they can. The cookware is non-stick. And I have made many different dishes in the oven with it, including frying bacon and eggs.

If you’re looking for something different from your usual cast iron or stainless steel pan in the oven, this is definitely the way to go. They work really well at temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit and will guarantee that your food comes out perfect and evenly cooked. 

Keep reading to learn about what makes these pans great for oven use and how to get the most out of them.

Can Gotham Steel Pans Go In The Oven

Why Use A Gotham Steel Pan?

Although Gotham steel has a wide range of cookware products such as knives, grills, trays, and fryers, the Gotham steel pan is their most popular cookware.

They are an innovative non-stick option to the old-fashioned cast-iron skillet. But what makes them unique, and how are they different from other nonstick pans?

Here are a few reasons you should have at least one Gotham steel pan in your kitchen.


Gotham steel pans are made of high-quality materials, including an aluminum base, a stainless steel handle, and a titanium-infused ceramic coating.

The solid stainless-steel handle is designed to provide a secure grip. And the ceramic coating can last a long time without chipping if used at the recommended heat level and cleaned properly. The coating is also non-reactive and scratch-resistant.

Non-stick Frypan

This is probably the most common reason for the popularity of Gotham steel pans; they are designed to prevent food from sticking to their surface. 

I particularly like that I can whisk my egg and make parmesan cheese in the pan without worrying about my food burning due to the pan sticking. I also don’t need to season the pan before I begin cooking.

So, you can be confident that you can easily have your food slide off after cooking, saving you the stress of scraping and scratching the pan. It’s also ideal for healthy cooking because it eliminates the need to season the pan with oils, butter, or sprays to keep food from sticking.

Non-Toxic Pan

Gotham pans are coated with reinforced ceramics. These ceramics are made from natural materials and do not emit harmful chemicals or toxins even at high temperatures.

Heat Conduction And Distribution

If you like to cook your food quickly and easily, a Gotham steel pan is perfect for you because it is a fantastic heat conductor. They heat up quickly and evenly distribute heat across the surface, ensuring your food is cooked correctly. This saves you cooking time and money on electricity and gas.

Easy Cleaning and Dishwasher safe

Gotham steel pans are easy to clean because they are non sticky and do not require extra effort to remove burnt food. You can also easily put your pan in the dishwasher without worrying about it getting damaged. The ceramic coating is durable enough to withstand dishwashing detergents without fading and scratches caused by other items in the dishwasher.

However, I recommend not putting the Gotham pan in the dishwasher too frequently because the abrasive particles in the dishwasher can wear out the nonstick coating in the long run.


The Gotham steel pan is reasonably priced despite its high quality and durability. So it’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice among chefs. Although prices vary by collection and size, you’ll always be able to find one that fits your budget.

Are Gotham Steel Pan Oven Safe?

Many users are more concerned about the safety of the Gotham pan when used in the oven than any other features. So, I get asked often if a Gotham steel pan can go in the oven.

Of course, the answer is yes, Gotham steel pans are oven safe! These pans are highly heat resistant and can be used on many heat sources, including induction cooktops, gas and electric stovetops, and ovens.

Gotham steel pots come in various styles, some with glass lids and others with steel handles; they are all oven-safe and can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

This maximum temperature is sufficient to cook any fried or baked food. So, don’t overheat your Gotham steel pot beyond this limit, as the ceramic coating could begin to chip, and the pot may be damaged.

Also, before you use your Gotham pot in the oven, make sure it came from a reputable seller, and you should look out for the following features:

What To Look Out For When Choosing An OvenSafe Gotham Steel Pan

  • The bottom of the Gotham pot must have an oven-safe tag.
  • The tag should also specify the maximum temperature your Gotham pan can withstand. And that should not be less than 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Your Gotham pan must be made of aluminum if purchased from a reputable seller. 
  • If you notice any plastic material on your Gotham pan, particularly the handle, don’t use it in the oven, but return it to the seller.

How To Use Gotham Steel Pan In the Oven

Gotham steel pans are ideal for cooking various foods such as grilled and crispy chicken, cheese, and eggs. They are also available in a variety of sizes ranging from 9 inches to 12 inches, to suit your specific needs.

These pans are simple to use, especially if you know your way around the kitchen. However, you should follow these tips to get the most out of using your Gotham steel pan in an oven; 

  • When putting your Gotham pan in the oven, don’t overfill it because you don’t want to return to a messy oven. Overfilling can also interfere with heat distribution, causing your food to cook unevenly.
  • Choose a pan that fits your oven and is large enough for your cooking or baking needs.
  • To avoid damaging your pan, do not preheat it before use, and do not overheat it beyond its maximum temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Transferring the pan from hot to cold (for example, from the fridge to the oven) may damage the coating or warp the pan.
  • To avoid burning your hand, use an oven mitt when removing the pan from the oven.

Are Gotham Steel Pans Healthy For Use?

gotham steel pan

There is a concern that nonstick cookware is toxic to our health, so many people avoid using them. This is because most nonstick pots and pans are coated with PTFE and PFOA compounds, which are harmful to human health.

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a hydrocarbon molecule derived from petroleum that has been used on cookware since the 1950s but has a bad reputation for being toxic. PFOA, like PTFE, is also a nasty environmental contaminant and was banned in cookware in 2015 due to its health risks.

However, Gotham steel pans are unique in that they are non-toxic. The ceramic coating in the pan is non-reactive, free of PTFE and PFOA, and does not contain any dangerous toxins that can harm your health. Also, Gotham steel pans are not made with heavy metals that can leach into your food. As a result, they are entirely safe and healthy to use.

How To Care For Your Gotham Steel Pan

I wish I could promise that your Gotham steel pan would last a lifetime. Unfortunately, I can’t.  However, if you maintain your pan properly, it can last for 4-6 years.

Here are some maintenance tips to keep your Gotham steel pan for as long as possible.


It is essential to clean your Gotham steel pan properly and regularly to maintain its durability and the overall hygiene of your kitchen. Therefore, I recommend cleaning your Gotham pans after each use.

How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Pans

  • After use, remove any excess oil with a paper towel.
  • Then handwash your pan with soap and water. Use only a dish brush or a soft sponge.
  • Towel dry your pan immediately after washing to avoid water spots.
  • You can also throw your pan in the dishwasher if you would prefer, but as I said earlier, you shouldn’t do that too frequently

To remove stubborn stains, use the following steps:

  • Pour water and vinegar into your pan and allow it to a boil for a few minutes. Or let the cleaning solution soak for a few minutes to soften the dirt and burns
  • Scrub with a dish brush or soft sponge.
  • Then, rinse in running water and towel dry.


Gotham steel pans are nonstick and ideally don’t require seasoning before use. However, when you begin to notice food sticking to your pan, it’s because the ceramic coating is wearing out, and it’s time to start seasoning it.

Seasoning is the process of applying and heating oil to the cooking surface of your pan. The goal is to protect the ceramic coating, keep food from sticking, and prevent rust.

How To Season a Gotham steel pan

  • Start by cleaning the pan thoroughly.
  • Then, spread the oil evenly across the surface of the pan. Only use groundnut or canola oil. Never use olive oil because it has a low smoking point.
  • Heat the pan in the oven or on the stovetop at medium temperature to allow the oil to dry. Heating should take no more than 2 minutes.
  • Once it has finished heating, allow the pan to cool for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Wipe away any excess oil with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  • Repeat the process with your nonstick pan until you get a well-seasoned pan.


It is also essential to consider where and how you will store your pan. Unlike other kitchenware, you must protect the Gotham steel surface from scratches to maintain its non-stick quality. 

How To Store Your Gotham Steel Pan

  • Before storing pans, thoroughly dry them with a towel.
  • Then, keep the pans in a dry place.
  • You can leave your pan on the stovetop after cleaning if you don’t cook often.

Additional Tips

  • You can hang your steel pan alongside other kitchen utensils on the pegboard on your kitchen wall.
  • A steel rack can also help with organization and storage.
  • If you must store your pan alongside other pots, place a paper towel between them to avoid scratches.

Other Cleaning and Usage Tips

  • Don’t put your pan in the dishwasher too frequently to avoid damaging the ceramic coating on the Gotham steel pan.
  • Don’t use cooking spray on the pan.
  • Also, don’t preheat the Gotham steel pan before cooking.

FAQs On Can Gotham Steel Pans Go In The Oven

Why Is Food Sticking On My Gotham Steel Pan?

Gotham stainless steel pans are nonstick. However, if you notice food sticking to your pan, it means you’re using too much heat. When using the Gotham pan, you may need to lower the heat on your stovetop. It’s also possible that your pot is getting old. Consider purchasing a new Gotham steel pan.

Is A Gotham Steel Pan Better Than A Red Copper Pan?

The Gotham Steel pan has a titanium-infused ceramic coating, while the Red Copper pan has a copper-infused ceramic coating. However, both pans are durable and oven-safe and can be used to safely prepare a variety of foods. Your choice of cookware is determined by your preferences.

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