Can Blender Bottles Go In The Dishwasher?

Blender bottles are dishwasher safe because they are made from heat resistant BPA-free material. You should place them on the top rack and wash them using warm water. Washing by hand is still the best way to clean your blender bottles.

My life got a lot easier when I added a blender bottle to my daily use items. I could blend a refreshing serving of coffee, smoothies, or shake at the gym, the mall, or even at work. I was sold on the convenience that comes with these products, and I have become addicted to mine.

Using these blender bottles daily means you have to wash them frequently as well. If the thought of manually washing your blender bottles sounds a little too stressful, you are not alone.

Can you add blender bottles to be washed in the dishwasher? What are other quick clean alternatives available? Are these cleaning avenues able to get rid of the odor? These and more are the things to be discussed in this article.

can blender bottles go in the dishwasher

Can Blender Bottles Be Placed In The Dishwasher?

The simple answer is yes. Almost all blender bottles are dishwasher safe and can be washed regularly. However, it is important to check manufacturers’ care and maintenance directions as some brands are not dishwasher safe.

Blender bottles are made from Eastman Tritan plastic which is a BPA-free material. This means they can withstand the extreme heat and pressure of dishwashers. 

The wire whisk is made primarily from surgical-grade stainless steel, which also tolerates heat well. This combination means you can rest assured that your blender bottle is fine in a dishwasher.

Steps To Follow To Clean Blender Bottles In Dishwashers 

Here are some steps to follow when cleaning your blender bottles with a dishwasher:

  • First, check your manufacturer’s information to see if specific directions need to be followed during cleaning.
  • Rinse the blender bottle before placing it in the dishwasher.
  • Place the wire whisk and blender ball on the silverware bin.
  • It is best to keep the lid and cup on the top of the dishwasher rack to avoid hot water.
  • Dry out the blender bottle properly before using it again.

How To Clean Blender Bottles By Hand

How To Clean Blender Bottles By Hand

Although blender bottles are dishwasher safe, the best to clean them is by hand. 

No matter how safely you place blender bottles in a dishwasher, the constant heat from the dishwasher can make it deteriorate over time. Regular dishwashing with hot water can also warp or damage your blender bottle.

Here are a few things you need to effectively clean blender bottles by hand:

  • A microfiber cloth or soft piece of rag for thoroughly wiping the cup and lid
  • A bottle-friendly brush that would not scratch the surfaces. This would come in handy to clean debris or hard stains.
  • Lukewarm water 
  • Dishwashing liquid for proper cleaning.

How To Remove Odor From Blender Bottles

Depending on what you blend regularly in your bottle, they can develop an odor that puts you off from drinking from them. Instead of discarding your smelly blender bottle, here are a few things you can do:

Method 1: Soak The Blender Bottle In Soapy Water

This is a straightforward way to get rid of odors in blending bottles. Remove the lid and soak the bottle in soapy water for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can also add vinegar for best results.

This should loosen and eliminate the dried-out debris and stains attached to the bottle. Once this has been done, wipe the blender bottle with a clean microfiber cloth. Pay close attention to wiping the mouthpiece and cab area properly.

Method 2: Clean Blender Bottle With Baking Soda

If soapy water does not work, you can use a trusted cleaning agent. Baking soda is safe for use in plastics, so you don’t have to worry about harsh side effects. 

Scoop one or two bottles of baking soda into the bottle and leave to sit for about half an hour to one hour. After which, you should rinse it off.

Another alternative is to mix the baking soda with water into a paste and wipe down the bottle inside and out.

Tips To Maintain Blender Bottles

Tips To Maintain Blender Bottles
  • Ensure that the metallic ball is completely dry before replacing them with the blender bottle. This would prevent the ball from melting.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s manual. You can always get a manual copy on the manufacturer’s website.
  • As much as possible, wash with lukewarm water, not hot or boiling water. Although they can withstand extreme temperatures, they would last longer if you protect them from heat.
  • Protect the blender bottle lids properly. If the lid cracks, this may render the entire bottle useless. The lids can get damaged when it falls or gets exposed to extreme heat.
  • Endeavor to wash blender bottles immediately after every use, especially if you use them for shakes or smoothies. This would minimize the probability of them smelling. If you leave a protein shake for five days to a week, you can already anticipate the odor of your blender bottle.
  • Avoid putting hot coffee into the blender bottle as it may build pressure within the bottle. If you have a hot liquid inside your blender bottle, always open the lid away from your face.

FAQs On can blender bottles go in the dishwasher

Can I Use Blender Bottles In The Microwave?

No. You should not microwave blender bottles for any reason. If the leak-proof seal is broken, it might generate pressure within the bottle. This may lead to unexpected spraying of the content or an explosion 

How Long Do Blender Bottles Last For?

Blender bottles are very durable products as they tend to last about three to five years on average. This is impressive because it is the average lifespan of beverage containers. Many everyday use items are not as durable.

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