The Best Way To Clean Up Concrete Dust | 7 Easy Methods

Pour one gallon of water and 12 ounces of hydrogen peroxide into a bucket. Spray the solution onto the floors or dusty surfaces. Wipe it off with a clean cloth. Use a damp cloth to get rid of any residual chemicals. 

Concrete dust is one of the most persistent and perplexing aftereffects of a renovation or construction project. This brings back memories of the first time we renovated our house. Outside, we built a lovely patio in the driveway, which mom had always desired. We also painted and remodeled the bathroom and kitchen.

We have a large family, so we opted to clean up ourselves. We did it, but getting rid of the concrete dust was extremely difficult. These are some of the most effective methods for removing concrete dust.

best way to clean up concrete dust

Preliminary Procedures

Before you start cleaning, you should do a few things. 

  1. Make sure the area you’re cleaning is well ventilated.
  2. Protect yourself with a mask, rubber gloves, and safety glasses. This prevents you from inhaling concrete dust or having it enter your eyes.  
  3. Remove as much cement dust as possible before cleaning. Begin with your ceiling, then move on to your furniture, and then the floor. You can use a makeshift duster attachment to make things easier.

Method 1. Clean Concrete Dust with Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Step 1. Mix water and Hydrogen Peroxide

Add 12 ounces of hydrogen peroxide to a bucket containing one gallon of water. Fill a spray bottle with the solution you just made. 

Step 2. Apply the Mix

Spray the Hydrogen Peroxide solution on the concrete dust and wipe it off clean with a rag. You can also spray the solution onto a clean rag and use it to wipe away the concrete dust. Rinse the rag frequently as you wipe up the dust.

Step 3. Wipe the surfaces

Wipe the walls, floors, and furniture with a slightly barely wet, clean fabric.

Method 2. Use Detergent To Clean Concrete Dust 

Step 1. Mix water and detergent

Fill a bucket with water. The amount of water required should be determined by the area to be cleaned. Dissolve some detergent in the water.

Step 2. Pour the mixture into your spray bottle 

Fill a spray bottle halfway with the soapy solution.

Step 3. Apply to the dusty areas

Spray the solution on the affected area and wipe it off with a soft fabric. Rinse the cloth often, so it doesn’t get dirty.

Step 4. Clean the surfaces with a rag

Wipe the surfaces with a new damp soft cloth. Repeat this until the detergent is removed from the surface entirely.

Method 3. Clean Concrete Dust with Vinegar Solution

Step 1. Mix Water and Vinegar

Fill a spray bottle halfway with water and vinegar.

Step 2. Apply the solution

Spray the solution on concrete dust and let it sit for 2 minutes on the floor, wall, and piece of furniture. Spray again after two minutes, wiping the floor with a soft fabric as you spray to remove the concrete dust. Once the fabric accumulates dust, you can rinse it before continuing. You can’t spray the solution at once. Start with the walls, then spray and wipe the furniture, and finish with the floor.

Step 3. Remove the Vinegar

Wipe the surface again with a damp cloth to remove the vinegar. This should remove all concrete dust from the surfaces.

vinegar solution to clean up concrete dust

Method 4. Use a Tea Towel To Clean Concrete Dust

Cleaning up concrete dust with a tea towel can be time-consuming. Therefore this approach is best used for small areas. 

Step 1. Scrub with Tea Towel 

Rub your surfaces vigorously with the tea towel. The towel works best when dry, so there’s no need to get it wet. 

Step 2. Wipe the surface

Wipe the surfaces with a tea towel to collect the concrete dust. You can get rid of the dust by shaking it outside the house.

Method 5. Ammonia Solution

Step 1. Mix water and Ammonia

Fill a bucket with one gallon of water and 1 cup of ammonia.

Step 2. Fill a Spray Bottle

Transfer the solution to a spray bottle.

Step 3. Spray Solution onto the surface

Spray the surface to be cleaned and wipe away any cement dust with a clean cloth. Ammonia will make it easier to lift and absorb concrete dust.

Method 6. Dust Mop Method For Cleaning Concrete Dust

This method can extend the life of your tiles. You don’t need a dust mop treatment if you already have a pre-treated dust mop – just mop the floor.

Step 1. Prepare the Dust Mop

Lightly spray the dust mop with your dust mop treatment. Avoid getting it wet. Spray the solution on a cloth and tie it on a push broom if you don’t own a dust mop. Use this to clean thoroughly.

Step 2. Wipe the Floor

Wipe the floor with the treated dust mop/cloth. Take the mop head outside and dust it out if it becomes clogged with cement dust. Continue cleaning until you’re satisfied with the results.

wiping concrete floor

Method 7. Using a Concrete Dust Cleaner (Commercial Method)

You can use chemical-based cement dust cleaners available in most stores. They are designed specially for cleaning concrete dust, so most of them work well and are safe. They usually have detailed instructions on using them, which must be strictly followed.

Step 1. Mix the cleaner with water

Mix cement dust cleaner and water in a bowl. Check your preferred cleaner of choice for the guidelines on the correct cleaner/water ratio.

Step 2. Mop The Floors 

Mop the solution across the floor. Needless to say, this step only applies to floors.

Step 3. Spray the cleaner and water mixture

Pour the solution into your spray bottle. Spray generously on the surfaces. It helps eliminate the odor of dust in the air.

Step 4. Wipe The Cleaned Surfaces

Apply the solution to a piece of soft fabric and wipe down your walls and furniture.

FAQs About Cleaning Up Concrete Dust

How Can I Dispose Of Concrete Dust?

A fleece bag is the most effective way to dispose of concrete dust.

Is Inhaling Concrete Dust Dangerous?

Yes, prolonged exposure to concrete dust could be harmful.

How Long Does Concrete Dust Take to Settle?

This depends on the particle size. Larger concrete dust particles settle faster than small ones.

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