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Are Air Fryers Bad For Birds?

At high temperatures, the Teflon coating of some air fryers can break down and become toxic for birds. However, it’s unlikely an air fryer would ever reach these extreme temperatures.

An air fryer has helped to revolutionize the way we cook food.

If you are conscious about how much oil you are putting in your frying pan or deep fryer, you might have been considering getting an air fryer, or chances are that you already have one.

While this has become a great way to reduce oil consumption for humans, rumors are that it is posing a risk to other species such as birds.

There are stories on the web that people have observed that their beloved pet birds die soon after using an air fryer. Here we will see if this device for healthier cooking is a threat to our feathered friends.

are air fryers bad for birds

Are Air Fryers Harmful To Birds?

An air fryer is usually coated with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), which is commonly known as Teflon. It is a synthetic polymer, which does not allow the food to stick to the surface.

When this coating is heated to a high temperature it produces a gas that is toxic to birds. This coating is common in non-stick appliances and cookware such as pans, pots, and air fryers.

As you see, the problem is not the air fryer but the Teflon The particles of Teflon released are tiny in size and hence it becomes easier to inhale and ingest.

The cooking temperature of an air fryer generally ranges between 325° F (163°C) and 400° F (204° C). When the appliance or cookware is heated to this temperature, it is safe for humans and birds.

When the temperature goes above 348 °C (660 °F), the coating of Teflon begins breaking, and toxic fumes are released which are harmful to humans. However, birds are more susceptible to even trace amounts of these fumes.

This gas does not pose a threat to humans but it does to birds, as they are highly sensitive to any toxic fumes. If your birds are exposed to such chemicals, they can become a threat to their lives.

It’s very unlikely that your air fryer is going to reach the temperatures that will start breaking down the Teflon coating. Therefore, your birds will most likely be safe if you are using an air fryer. 

Even with that being true, it’s the best idea to keep any birds away from the kitchen as a precaution and to not expose them to any other fumes. 

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Why are Birds More In Danger of Teflon Poisoning?

Pound-for-pound, birds allow more air to enter their bodies than humans as their muscles require a high level of oxygen in order to fly.

The respiratory system of birds is very prone to toxins, hence even a small amount of harmful gasses can be lethal to birds. When the toxic gas is inhaled by the bird, it can coat their lungs which causes them to die.

 “Teflon Toxicosis” hemorrhages the lungs of the birds and fills them with fluid, which eventually results in suffocation.

Their little lungs are, of course, much smaller than many other animals and therefore the same amount of toxin will have a much greater threat to a bird than a human. 

Can I Own an Air Fryer If I Have a Pet Bird?

If you are someone who keeps birds in their home, then it is advisable to be extra careful when buying an air fryer.

It is not that you won’t be able to use an air fryer at all if you have a bird, it’s just best to use an air fryer that is not coated with Teflon.

There are air fryers in the market which do not have Teflon coating and will also serve the purpose efficiently under the same price range as a Teflon model.

If in case you already own a Teflon infused air fryer then make sure not to leave your non-stick cookware or appliances unattended while cooking. If your bird is caged, keep them away from the kitchen. 

Installing a proper ventilation system like exhaust fans or open windows in your kitchen removes toxic fumes from the room and thereby reducing the risk of danger.

Is There Any Air Fryer That Does Not Harm The Birds?

You see, the enemy of your bird is not an air fryer but the coating that comes along such as Teflon or PTFE.

As we mentioned, the chances of your air fryer reaching temperatures that will break down Teflon is very low. While that is true of air fryers, pots and pans coated in Teflon have a higher chance of reaching those temperatures. 

If you’re looking into buying an air fryer and you have birds, we’d recommend buying one without a Teflon coating to avoid any risk at all. 

There are air fryers in the market which offer coatings that are not harmful such as ceramic or stainless steel.

If you already have a Teflon air fryer, don’t worry. The Teflon inside isn’t going to break down as long as it’s not exposed to temperatures above 348 °C (660 °F).

Regardless of Teflon, it’s best to keep your birds away from the kitchen. Cooking fumes, odors, and cleaning products can all be harmful to them. Keep them in a separate room and always keep your kitchen well ventilated. 

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FAQs On are air fryers bad for birds

Should I throw away my air fryer?

No. Keep your birds away from the kitchen and ensure that you’re using your air fryer correctly. There is no need to discard your air fryer if you have birds. 

What air fryers are safe for birds?

All air fryers are safe for birds unless heated to extreme temperatures. If you’re worried, choose an air fryer that doesn’t have a Teflon coating. 

Is cooking with Teflon toxic to birds?

Teflon is safe when temperatures are under 348 °C (660 °F). Over that figure and Teflon can become toxic for birds.

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