Why Is My Instant Pot Not Showing Timer?

An Instant Pot usually won’t show a timer if there is a problem with the connection or the fuse has blown. After a few simple checks, your Instant Pot should be working as normal.

The instant pot is an amazing invention and a lifesaver for anyone who likes quick meals. You can create a wide variety of recipes very quickly. 

However, like other electronics, sometimes this invention can start to falter. One of the common problems with Instant Pots is the timer. Sometimes it may not work, blink continuously or not show the timer at all.

There could be various reasons why the Instant Pot does not show the timer or display. It’s a very frustrating issue but one that can often be solved. If your Instant Pot is not showing a timer, then read on to see what you can do. 

instant pot not showing timer

Why Is My Instant Pot Not Showing Timer?

If your Instant Pot is not showing a timer, it might have a minor or a major technical issue. Or it might just be taking its time to start.

The best bet is to wait for a few minutes to see if the pot kicks into action. If it still doesn’t work, here are some of the reasons.

Building Pressure and Temperature

If you are new to an Instant Pot, it can be tricky to use. Sometimes you may see that it turns on properly, but the timer does not appear. Before you panic, it may just be that it is building pressure in the pot.

Usually, when you fill your instant pot with water and food, the timer turns on. Other times, the pot takes more time to create pressure by producing steam and this can delay the timer coming on.

Some foods take more time to produce steam than others. For example, the pressure cooker setting takes around 15 minutes to reheat. Eventually, the timer may display a little later.

Improperly Plugged

This may seem silly but sometimes we miss the obvious. The first step of using an Instant Pot is plugging it into a compatible socket properly. It might be that you’ve pulled on the cable while filling it up.

Before doing anything else, check that your outlet is working properly. It also may have an incompatible energy source. This is unlikely in a home but maybe a problem in other places, such as an RV.

Inadequate Connection

Another simple solution may be an issue with the cable. Some Instant Pots come with a detachable cable and this may be loose or faulty.

When inspecting the reasons for the Instant Pot not showing a timer, check the wire thoroughly. If you suspect this could be the issue, see if you have a matching cable from another device you could try.

Blow fuse

All modern electrical appliances should come with a fuse. This is designed to break when there is a surge of electricity or temperature to your device which would otherwise cause problems.

This fuse deliberately breaks or opens so that the flow of electricity stops, and your device isn’t damaged. Check your fuse to see if it needs to be replaced. 

In your Instant Pot, the fuse can usually be found within the base. While this can be a little tricky to replace, there are plenty of helpful videos out there and a new fuse is quite cheap. 


If you’re not used to using the Instant Pot then you may be a little confused by its settings. Accidentally, you may put it into a setting that doesn’t do what you were hoping for.

It’s always best to read the manual and check which settings you need and the function of all of its buttons. 

How To Fix Instant Pot Not Showing Timer?

How To Fix Instant Pot Not Showing Timer

Now that you know the possible reasons for your instant cooker not showing a timer, it is vital to understand the solutions to the problems.

Each of the above-mentioned issues can be sorted, and you would not have to worry about your Instant Pot’s timer anymore.

Using an Inverter

If you live in an area with a different power voltage than the machine’s requirement, you will need an inverter or converter. It stabilizes the voltage according to the instant pot and lets you enjoy cooking in peace. 

Fixing the Settings

If you think that you’ve got your settings all wrong then the reset button comes to the rescue. The reset button is present in almost all instant pots. Press it to restart your Instant Pot.

The way to restart your Instant Pot will depend on the specific model as it can change from one to the next. If you can’t find the manual then you should be able to find this online.

Taking the next steps

If you’ve restarted it, inspected the fuse, and checked it’s properly connected then there may be a more serious issue with your device.

If it’s still within the guarantee period or warranty, it’s best to just send it back. If not, then you can either decide to contact a professional or get rid of the device. 

That should be the last action you take as most Instant Pot issues can be easily repaired. 

FAQs on instant pot not showing timer

Is an Instant Pot worth having?

An Instant Pot is a great way to cook a wide variety of meals very quickly. 

Why my pressure cooker won’t build pressure?

Some of the reasons your pressure cooker won’t build pressure include an improperly sealed lid, food stuck at the bottom, or lack of liquid in the vessel.

What causes a thermal fuse to fail?

A thermal fuse will fail then it gets too hot, which prevents the device from overheating.

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