Instant Pot Blender Leaking From Bottom | Causes, And Remedies

If your instant pot blender starts to leak from the bottom, it’s probably because there’s a crack in the glass jar. As the crack gets bigger, the leaking will become worse. Another possible cause of leaks is a worn-out gasket, a poorly coupled blade, or a clogged blade.

Having an Instant Pot blender in your kitchen is a huge convenience. And the blender is definitely one of the most frequently used parts of the device. Ever since I got mine, I’ve been making smoothies, blending recipes, and cooking tasty soups in it; it’s quick and durable. 

The blender has repeatedly proven that it is worth the money. However, one problem most of us have had to deal with is leaks from the bottom. This can be very frustrating because you have to throw away perfectly good food and clean up after your countertop

So, it’s important to know what causes the leaks in order to get the most out of your instant pot blender.

Below are some of the reasons your instant pot leaks at the bottom and how to rectify the issue.

instant pot blender leaking from bottom

Why Is Your Instant Pot Blender Leaking From Bottom?

Based on my research and experience, I discovered four major causes of instant pot blender leaking from the bottom: a crack in the glass, a worn-out gasket, a poorly coupled blade, and a clogged blade. 

Any of these could have caused the leak you’re experiencing. You just have to examine your blender to know what’s wrong. In the meantime, let’s go into the details.

Crack in the Glass

The most common cause of instant pot blender leaking from the bottom is cracked glass. And most times, these cracks may go unnoticed until it becomes a big problem.

If you frequently use the heating element, the glass jar will likely crack in the long run. However, the most common cause of a cracked jar is accidentally dropping or hitting your blender.

How to Repair a Glass Crack

Once the glass is chipped, repairing it is nearly impossible, so I recommend replacing it. Simply order a replacement glass jar from the manufacturer or an online store. They are not expensive.

Follow these steps to repair your cracked glass jar once you have a replacement glass jar:

  • Start by removing the blender from the socket and turning it off.
  • Then, remove the cracked glass blender jar from the base.
  • Twist off the blade assembly from the broken jar.
  • Next, disassemble the gasket and blades from the blade assembly and clean them.
  • Return the blade to the blade assembly once it has been cleaned and dried.
  • Twist the replacement glass jar clockwise into the blade assembly to secure it.
  • Finally, reinstall the glass jar to the base to start using your blender. 

Worn-Down Gasket

A rubber gasket or seal ring is usually found at the bottom of the blender, inside the blade assembly. 

The gasket is intended to seal the jar and blade assembly and prevent food from leaking into the blender’s base. However, regular blender use can cause the gaskets to wear out.

How To Replace A Worn-Out Gasket

You read right! You have to replace the old gasket with a new one using a simple DIY method. But, first, you need to buy a replacement. 

You can easily find a replacement gasket at your local hardware store or online. And it’s inexpensive.

As soon as you have your new gasket ready;

  • Turn off the blender and remove it from the socket.
  • Then, remove the jar from the blender’s base.
  • Unscrew the blender jar from the blade assembly. You’ll find the black rubber seal inside the blade assembly.
  • Now, remove the old seal and examine it for wear and tear.
  • Clean the seal area on the jar as well as the blade assembly.
  • Replace the broken seal with a new one and re-assemble the blender.

Poorly Coupled Blade

Although this is not a common cause of a leaking blender, it is possible.

Food is chopped and blended in your instant pot blender by the blade. However, if the blade is not coupled correctly, it will not rotate or blend your food. It may also cause the bottom of your blender to leak. How?

When you disassemble your blender to clean it, there’s a chance you won’t replace the blade correctly when you reassemble it. This leaves a gap in the blade assembly for food to leak through.

Clogged Blade

Even if your blender is assembled correctly and the blade is well coupled, it may still leak from the bottom if it becomes clogged with food.

After a long period of use without proper cleaning and maintenance, the blade becomes clogged with food residue, causing the instant pot blender to leak from the bottom.

How to Fix Faulty Blade Leaks

Turn on the empty blender to see if the blade spins. If the blade spins slowly or not at all, it could be badly coupled or clogged.

To fix this;

  • Turn the blender off and unplug it from the socket.
  • Disassemble the blender jar from the blade area.
  • Then, remove the blade and gasket from the assembly area to inspect them physically. 
  • If the blade is not properly coupled, simply reposition the blade and gasket in the assembly area, ensuring it sits properly.
  • If the blade is clogged, clean it by soaking it in detergent and rinsing it in hot water. You can also thoroughly clean the assembly area with a brush and warm soapy water.
  • Reassemble the blender jar to the base to start enjoying your blender undisturbed.

Quick TIps: If your Instant Pot blender has a self-cleaning feature, you may not need to disassemble it to remove food residues. Simply fill the jar with detergent and water and press the self-cleaning button at the blender base.


  • Before disassembling your blender, consult the user manual.
  • If you can’t repair the blender yourself, take it to a repairer.

FAQs On Instant Pot Blender Leaking From Bottom

Is The Instant Pot Blender Dishwasher Safe?

Some parts of the Instant Pot Blender are dishwasher safe, but there are some rules you should follow to get the best results. When cleaning in the dishwasher, you should remove the lid from the blender and place it on the top rack. However, you should hand wash the blender base and glass pitcher.

Is the Instant Pot blender worth it?

The Instant Pot blender is a good buy if you want to invest in a multi-functional electric soup cooker/blender. The blender comes with different blades and attachments to allow you to blend more types of foods. It is versatile and works quickly.

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