How To Get Kilz Out Of Clothes And Upholstery

Start by scraping off excess Kilz off the clothing, preferably before it dries. If you used oil-based Kilz, wipe behind with a cloth soaked in turpentine. If you used water-based Kilz, wash and rinse it in warm water instead. Lastly, wash it as usual.

How To Get Kilz Out Of Clothes?

KILZ is a line of primers, paints, wood care, and concrete stains. They produce sealers that protect the wood from getting destroyed by mold, mildew, and insect attack. Their primers are used for wall surfaces before paints are applied. KILZ produces paints for indoor and outdoor use, which come in different variants.

Paints and primers often spill onto clothes and other unwanted surfaces during a painting job. It is important to clean out the stain immediately before it sets when it inevitably does.  Here is a guide to eliminating stains from your garments.

There are two KILZ primer and paint variants. oil-based and water-based. Oil-based primers are more formidable than water-based, making them tougher to remove. Don’t worry. We’ll examine how to remove both types in this piece.

how to get kilz out of clothes, jeans and upholstery

1. Scrape Excess Paint Off

Place the cloth facing upwards on a level surface and scrape off excess paint with non-absorbent, solid-edged equipment, e.g., a putty knife.

2. Wipe Behind the Stain with Turpentine

Fold and stack paper towels on a level surface and place the cloth directly on it. Dampen a rag or cotton ball with turpentine and wipe behind the stain vigorously. 

This pad of napkins is placed to absorb the extra solvent coming off the cloth. Continue wiping until the stain begins to fade. Replace the soiled paper towels with clean ones.

3. Soak Spot in Dishwashing Liquid

Apply a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the spot and leave to sit overnight to dry.

4. Wash in Prewash Remover 

Wash the clothing as normal and rinse with cold running water.  If the stain lingers, use a prewash remover and let it sit for about 15 minutes before washing it as you would normally.

How To Get Water-based Kilz Out of Cotton?

1. Scrape Off Excess Paint

Place the cloth on a level surface and remove any excess paint with non-absorbent, solid-edged equipment such as a putty knife.

2. Rinse in Warm Water

Rinse the stain with running warm water for several seconds. This will keep the stain active, making it easy to clean.

3. Wash in Dishwashing Liquid

Fill up a glass with equal parts water and dishwashing liquid. Dampen a cloth with the mixture and rub at the stain vigorously.

4. Rinse in Warm Water

Rinse the fabric with warm running water and leave it to dry. This process should remove most of the stain. If the stain remains, repeat this process until it is satisfactorily gone. 

5. Wash Normally

Wash as normal and air dry in a well-ventilated place.

How To Get Water-based Kilz Out of Jeans?

1. Scrape Off Excess Paint

Scrape off extra paint with a sharp, non-absorbent material.

2. Soak in Cold Water Overnight

Soak the jeans in cold water while the stain is still wet. Leave to soak overnight.

3. Rinse in Cool Water

Rinse off the clothing with cool running water. Do not rinse with hot water as this may cause significant shrinkage.

4. Wash Normally

Repeat this step until the discoloration vanishes. Then wash the jeans as normal.

How To Get Oil-based Kilz Out of Jeans?

1. Remove Excess Kilz

Wipe off excess stain with a sharp, non-absorbent material. This prevents the stain from spreading.

2. Wash with Petroleum-based Solvent

Use heavy-duty detergent or petroleum-based solvent to remove the stain. Leave the solvent to soak into the stain for a few minutes and scrub the area vigorously for a few minutes with a used toothbrush.

3. Wash and Air Dry

Wash the jeans with the warmest water recommended and air dry in a ventilated area.

If you prefer to use a chemical solvent, check KILZ manufacturing instructions to determine the appropriate solvent for stain removal.

people painting wondering how to remove kliz from your clothing after painting

How To Get Kilz Stain Out of Upholstery?

The most important factor for cleaning a stain out of upholstery is to know the material it is made of and the recommended cleaning solvent. Here are the steps to cleaning a stain out of upholstery.

1. Scrape Paint Off

Remove excess drip of paint with a putty knife. 

2. Check for the Recommended Cleaning Agents

Next, you need to identify the recommended cleaning agent. The tag code that helps you do this should be located under the cushions.

  • For W. this means that you can clean with a water-based detergent
  • For S. this means that only a solvent-based cleaner can be used.
  • WS means that either a water-based solvent or dry-cleaning solvent can be used.
  • X means it can only be cleaned by vacuuming or given to a professional cleaner.
  • O means that the fabric is sensitive to heat and should be strictly cleansed with cold water methods only.

How To Get Dried Up Kilz Out of Clothes?

It is harder to get rid of dried-up paint stains, especially if it has been absorbed into the fabric. However, this doesn’t mean it is impossible to clean. Here are the steps to remove dried Kilz from your clothes.

1. Scrape Off as Much as You Can.

Use a utility knife to remove as much dried-up stain as possible.

2. Soak Fabric in Alcohol

Immerse the fabric in alcohol, and continue scraping the spot out with a knife. Repeat the process until the discoloration is eliminated.

3. Wash as Usual

Wash the garment with a heavy-duty laundry detergent as normal

Things To Note

Avoid using solvents on man-made fabric as this may cause damage such as melting and shrinking. Also, ensure that you use solvents in a well-ventilated space. Use hand gloves to protect your hands from harmful reactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Remove A Kilz Stain?

Cleaning out a KILZ stain from your clothing can take a few hours to a day. The intensity and agents can determine how long it will take. It also depends on what kind of fabric it is.

Does Bleach Work On Kilz Stains?

Using bleach for a KILZ stain is not advisable unless it is white cloth or made of natural materials. Bleaching other fabric types could lead to discoloration, ruining the fabric.

Does Kilz Clean With Water?

Water is not a sufficient solvent for cleaning Primer stains. However, water keeps water-based primers active while trying to get them out. It may slow down the drying process but not get the stain out.

How Can I Avoid Kilz Stains?

When carrying out a painting job, cover all surfaces with plastic nylon and hold it in place with duct tape to avoid stains and splatter.

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