Does Shaving Gel Expire? | All You Need To Know

Although Shaving Gel products don’t technically have an expiration date indicated on them, most brands have 2-3 years of shelf life. 

Shaving gels are awesome. They make shaving fun again. However, I’ve always wondered if they could just last forever and for the right reasons.

These days, shaving gels aren’t cheap, and It’s not uncommon for a single shave to cost $5-$10. So why do we have to keep buying new shaving gels every 6 months when we still have some left in the old tube? 

I’ve spent years researching shaving gels such as the Gillette Series and talking with manufacturers to find out the truth about shaving gels expiring.

I found some fascinating facts, and In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about shaving gels, how long they last, and the best practice for storing them.

does shaving gel expire

Shaving Gel Expiration Dates Explained

The main reason for the expiration dates is to let consumers know when the product becomes ineffective and unsafe to use, whether opened or not.

However, The United States Food and Drug Administration says there are no federally mandated expiration dates for shaving gel and other cosmetics in the United States. Therefore, manufacturers are responsible for determining the shelf life of their products. 

The problem with our faces being at the mercy of manufacturers is that shaving gels can vary widely in terms of quality. Some companies put a lot of effort into making them, while others slap something together and call it a day. This makes choosing the right product more important than you thought.

According to my research and experience,  shaving gels expire after six months to 2 years of opening the product. However, it’s important to note that your Shaving Gel can expire before its expiration date when not handled properly.

Below are factors that can make your shaving gel expire earlier than it should

Factors that Make Your Shaving Gel Expire Before Its Shelf Life

If you fail to care for your shaving gel, you may buy them more frequently than the rest of us. Here are three common factors that cause early expiration. 

Low-Quality Product

Some shaving products are more prone to spoilage than others. So ensure you are getting a product that has proven to be reliable and well packaged. Also, avoid products that require you to put your fingers in them.


Exposure to water can cause your shaving gel to allow bacterial growth. You may end up noticing a change in color and smell over time.  Avoid storing your shaving gel carelessly in your hot and steamy bathroom, and keep it in a dry place as the manufacturer recommends. 

Exposure To Sun Rays and Heat

Exposure to sun rays and heat can lead to chemical reactions that would change the color of your shaving gel. Always keep your shaving gel in the cabinet

So, how do you know when your shaving Gel has gone bad?

Fortunately, the signs are not that difficult to miss. Here are four signs that will help you decide when to let your shaving gel go

4 Ways To Know Your Shaving Gel Has Expired

Shaving gel is one of those products that you don’t think about until it goes bad. The shelf life depends on the quality of the gel and how you use the product.

So, it’s important to take note of signs that your shaving gel is about to go bad to avoid skin reactions from expired chemicals. Below are tips to determine if your shaving gel is going bad.

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Smell – Does Your Shaving Gel Smell Funny?

Shaving gels are all about fresh and pleasant smells. Unfortunately, the scent starts to lose its effect over time, giving your gel a horrible smell. At this point, you should get ready to toss your gel out and get a new one. These odors often result from too much heat and can be prevented. 

Color – Has Your Gel Turned Brownish/Blackish?

Your white shaving gel may change to a brownish color or become visibly darker. This is a sign of decomposition of some chemicals and usually occurs a year after you open the tube.

Performance – Are You Able To Shave With Ease?

As your shaving gel stays longer in your home, it loses its smoothness and doesn’t blend well enough with your shaving razors. When you notice this, you should replace the gel because it no longer protects you from razor cuts and nicks.

Side Effects: Are You Experiencing Skin Irritation After Use?

Some shaving gel products contain harsh chemicals like alcohol that easily deteriorate. Using your gel at this point is just as worse as shaving without one and causes red bumps after shaving.

So What Should You Do With An Expired Shaving Gel?

Now that you know how long your shaving gel lasts and when to determine its time for a replacement, you need to decide if you want to keep it around for sentimental reasons or simply just toss it out.

If you want to keep it, here are a few things you can use them for;

Polishing Agent: Expired shaving gel can save you from using harsh chemicals to polish your jewelry collection and stainless steel cooking pots. Just apply some shaving gel to a clean microfiber cloth and use it as wipes. 

Cleaning Agent: Shaving gel contains triethanolamine, an effective cleanser. This makes it a great alternative to remove hard water stains on your bathroom fixtures and restore color and shine to your oven.

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FAQs On Does Shaving Gel Expire

Does Unopened Shaving Gel Expire?

Yes. Unopened shaving gel can go bad within 2-3 years. However, ensure you store it in a refrigerator or cool place to prevent it from drying out.

Is expired Shaving Gel safe to use?

No, it is not safe to use an expired Shaving Gel. The whole point of a shaving gel is to use a reliable product that effectively gives you a clean shave and prevents skin irritations. Unfortunately, neither is guaranteed if you use an expired shaving gel.

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