Declutter A Room in 30 Minutes – 6 Most Helpful Tips

Set a timer and put aside all distractions. Gather the things you don’t need and create a pile outside the room. Put everything lying around back to where it belongs and store away unnecessary items. Finally, pick up any trash and vacuum the room for a clean finish.

Clearing up your entire home in one go may be challenging, so it is better to tackle one room at a time. Pick one room you want to start with and earmark 30 minutes to declutter the room.

It is much easier and more manageable to start with one room and declutter it thoroughly rather than rushing about from one room to another trying to declutter your entire home in a single day.

But to declutter a room in 30 minutes or less, you must make quick decisions, stay focused, and put in place a system that will help you keep the room free of clutter even in the future.

So, if you’re panicking about how to achieve a clutter-free room in just 30 minutes, don’t worry. We have your back. In this article, we have shared some useful tips and strategies that will help you.

Tips to Declutter A Room in 30 Minutes

Gather the Things You Need 

If you’re aiming to declutter your room in 30 minutes, time is important, and you don’t want to waste your precious time running helter-skelter gathering supplies.

Get together all the things you want before you begin to single-mindedly focus on decluttering the room for the entire time.

You will need the following:

  • Garbage bags
  • A box for all the stuff you want to sell
  • A box for items to donate or give away
  • A box for things that don’t belong in the room
  • Any baskets, storage boxes, or draw organizers that are lying unused

Set the Time for 30 Minutes

Once you gather all the above supplies, you can get started. By putting aside all distractions and staying focused, you can progress fast and get even the most chaotic room decluttered in no time at all.

Set a timer for 30 minutes, which can help you focus on your task and give you a huge psychological boost. Knowing that the timer is ticking and you have just 30 minutes will urge you to make your decisions quickly.

Also, setting a deadline for yourself will motivate you to finish decluttering the room quickly instead of letting the job drag on for longer than necessary.

Begin with the Things Lying on the Floor

Split your room into a number of sections and start picking up all the items off the floor one section at a time.

As you pick up the items, make a mental note of where the item should rightfully be and how you can avoid it from ending up on the floor in the future. For example, instead of dropping washed clothes on the floor, fold them and put them into the closet right away.

Also, as you’re decluttering, evaluate whether the item is in good condition, if you use it regularly and if it’s worth keeping. Do you need it and do you want to keep it? Will it fit, work, or serve its purpose?

If the answer to all the above is “yes,” put the item in its designated storage. And, if you think that you don’t want/need specific items, you can put them into separate piles to sell or give away.

Once this is done, move methodically from one part of the room to another, repeating the same process.

Declutter the Furniture and Shelves

Check the furniture and shelves in your room and see what needs to be decluttered. 

Although the main objective of decluttering is getting rid of the things that you don’t use or are not useful to you, organizing things is also a part of the process.

Get rid of all the things in the room that you don’t use or need. If the furniture or shelves are cluttering up the space, see if you can remove some of them. By eliminating storage options, you automatically reduce the clutter too.

For instance, if you have a chair in the room, which you don’t sit on but use only to toss your dirty clothes, it may be a good idea to simply get rid of it.

Put Things Where They Belong

When you’re decluttering the room, you’ll probably find many items that don’t belong in the room. Put all these in a basket or box and place them where they belong later.

Avoid putting items in their proper places while you’re in the process of decluttering and waste your precious time.

Eliminate the Trash or Items You Want to Give Away

Once you have decluttered all the stuff in the room, it’s time to take out the bag or box in which you have put the items to be thrown away and put it into the trash can.

Set aside a specific time to meet people and give away what you don’t want. Email or call the nearest donation center and drop off the stuff you want to donate or schedule a pickup.

Useful Strategies for Decluttering A Room in 30 Minutes

  • To prevent any distraction, put your phone on silent. Keep yourself energized and motivated with some peppy music.
  • Tackle the decluttering project on your own. Getting your family to help you may hasten the process, but prolonged discussions on what to get rid of and keep will only slow down the process.
  • Declutter when your kids are busy with some activity or at school.
  • Start with the easy stuff, such as broken items, dirty dishes, dirty clothes, etc., because you already know what to do with them. Also, starting with the easier stuff will leave you with more time for the more difficult items.
  • Declutter items that are not used, broken, or extras.
  • Be ruthless and go ahead with your decision to give away, donate or throw away things. Don’t overthink and simply let the stuff go.
  • Don’t think about the cost of items when decluttering and decide to keep unused things because of the money you spent on them. One way to recover some of the money is by selling used stuff.
  • Simply focus on decluttering instead of cleaning and reorganizing things. Leave these tasks for another day. Only focus on what you will keep and what you’ll throw away.
  • Make decluttering a regular part of your life. Discard things that are not needed or no longer useful, and be mindful of the things you buy in the future.

FAQs on How to Declutter a Room in 30 Minutes

What is the quickest method for cleaning and decluttering?

The quickest way to clean and declutter is to collect all the things you don’t need and get rid of them. Once you’re free of unnecessary items, you can efficiently clean the space.

Where do I begin decluttering a room when overwhelmed?

Split the room into 3-5 sections and start clearing things out and organizing the room section by section.

How to declutter the bathroom and kitchen?

Check the expiration dates on medicines, toiletries, makeup, and food items. Throw away all the expired items except the medicines. Check with the town supervisor where to dispose of the expired medicines in your local area.

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