Where to Place Bathroom Rugs | 5 Unique Spots

You should place bathroom rugs near places where water is likely to spray or splash on the floor. The best spots to keep the bathroom rugs are at the corner or center of the bathroom, in front of the bathtub or shower, double vanity, toilet seat, and near the bathroom cabinet. 

When you are designing a bathroom, the aesthetics along with the safety of your bathroom matter a lot. Even though the glossy tiles in the bathroom are practical, they seem uninviting and cold. Rugs add warmth and life to the bathrooms.

With rugs, the bathrooms feel more comfortable and ‘homey’. What’s more, bathroom rugs absorb water and prevent accidents. Therefore, you shouldn’t finish designing your bathroom without adding a rug or two. 

However, the million-dollar question is: Where to place the bathroom rugs?

Let’s answer this question here.

where to place bathroom rugs

4 Reasons Why Rugs are Important in Your Bathroom

Many of you might be wondering why it is important to have a rug in your bathroom in the first place. From adding to the aesthetics to keep you safe from slipping accidents, there are several reasons why you should have a rug in your bathroom.

Prevent Post Bath Slips

Rugs are very important when it comes to drying your feet after a bath. We all have heard stories of people who slip and sustain head injuries in the bathroom because there was no bathroom rug to dry the feet.

Bathroom tiles are slippery, and when you walk on them with wet feet, you increase the chances of slipping. Therefore, a bathroom rug near your bathtub is very important to keep you safe and secure from unforeseen accidents. 

What’s more, when you step out of the bathtub and onto the rug, you get a comfortable, luxurious feel that refreshes you even more.

Prevent Getting a Cold

If you are one of those people who do their makeup, arrange their hair, shave, etc. in the bathroom, then you need to have a bathroom rug. This will keep you from catching a cold as you stand barefoot on the bathroom floor for quite some time.

Moreover, your feet will be comfortable and relaxed as you stand on a rug instead of on the cold tiles. 

Add a Splash of Color to Your Bathroom

Who doesn’t want their lives to be more colorful and lively? You can do this by placing colorful rugs in your bathroom. You can match the color of your rug to other accessories in the bathroom, or you can mix & match to add contrast!

Protect Your Floors

If you have hardwood floors, you can use a bathroom rug to protect them from wear & tear, especially near the shower and sink areas. If you protect your floor, it will last for years to come and you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on replacing the floors!

5 Spots to Place Rugs in the Bathroom

Where you place your bathroom rugs depends on a lot of factors such as the layout & size of your bathroom, the combination of the bidet, shower, bath, or any other water fittings. Moreover, personal preferences, environment, materials, etc. also play a crucial role in making the choice.

For instance, if you have a small bathroom, then you should go with an oval, circular, or small rectangular rug. If you have a large bathroom, you can go with circular rugs or big rectangular ones.

In the Center

One of the best places to keep a bathroom rug is the center of the bathroom. This will bring out the elegance and beauty of the space. Imagine that you have a classy mahogany bathroom cabinet that you have placed at the side.

Now you place a beautiful brown rug in the center. How will it look? It will improve the ambience of the place and add life and color to it.

white rug in middle of bathroom

Near the Toilet Seat

Another spot where you can place the bathroom rug is near the toilet seat. You can place an oval-shaped or small circular rug here. This will absorb any water that splashes and will prevent any unforeseen accidents.

Near the Bathtub

A great place to keep your bathroom rugs is near the bathtub. This rug will not only add beauty to your entire bathroom but will also give your bathtub an inviting, welcoming look. However, make sure that you keep the size of your bathtub in mind while choosing a rug.

By the Corner

Placing a bathroom rug by the corner of your bathroom is another great idea. It will be out of the way yet will add to the elegance of the space and will make the bathroom look more alluring. 

Near the Bathroom Cabinet

Get a small bathroom rug and place it near the bathroom cabinet. Make sure that the size of your cabinet is bigger than the rug that you are getting.

3 Major Factors that Affect the Placement of Rugs


The size of your bathroom will determine where you place your rugs.

  • Large Bathroom

If you have a large bathroom, then you should get your hands on a big rug and keep it in the center of the bathroom. You can also go with small rugs and keep them near the bathroom cabinet, seat, etc. It is not difficult to keep large rugs in your bathroom if you have the space. 

For a bigger bathroom, a 27-by-45 inches rug will look great in the center. If you want to add a runner, then you should go with a 17-by-24 inches rug, and accent it with a runner that is 24-by-60 inches or less.

  • Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, then we suggest that you buy a small bathroom rug and place it in the corner of the bathroom. Don’t go with a large one in the center. If you do want to keep a rug in the center, then make sure that it is size-appropriate.

A large bathroom rug would cover a lot of surface area and overwhelm the place. A small rug, usually one that is 17-by-24 inches, would look great in front of your sink. A rug that is 21-by-34 inches will fit nicely in front of your tub or shower. 

Bathroom Rug Material

The most common materials for your bathroom rug are nylon, polyester, chenille, bamboo, and cotton. 

  • Cotton

Cotton Rugs are the most common bathroom rugs. They are soft and smooth to touch. Moreover, they are easy to clean. They come in a variety of patterns, designs, and colors, and you can easily find the right color for your bathroom. 

However, cotton rugs are not highly durable, especially in extremely wet bathrooms.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo rugs are inexpensive as well as attractive. They are very easy on the eye and go great with modern bathroom looks. However, they are particularly soft or warm to the touch.

bamboo rug in bathroom
  • Chenille

These rugs are highly absorbent. They are usually made of polypropylene, acrylic, and rayon. They come in varying colors. They are a great option for wet bathrooms. Additionally, they are plush and soft to touch, adding to the comfort of the user. 

  • Polyester

Polyester bathroom rugs are highly durable and they are a great choice for the bathroom where there is high foot traffic.

  • Nylon

Nylon rugs are a good non-slip choice for your bathroom. They are durable, easy to clean, and easy on the pocket as well.

Rug Shape

The shape of your rug and the size of your bathroom go hand in hand. For a large bathroom, you can go with a square, rectangular, or round rug. You can also opt for a runner in front of a double vanity, or if your bathroom has an elongated design.

Additionally, for smaller spaces, you can go with elliptical or smaller rectangular rugs in front of the sink or the toilet seat.

FAQs for Where to Place Bathroom Rugs

How often should I wash the bathroom rugs?

You should wash the bathroom rugs once every week. If you notice that the rugs are dirty, don’t wait for the week to end and wash them immediately.

Why should I use a rug instead of a towel in front of sinks and toilet seats?

You should go with a bathroom rug instead of a towel since it is non-slip. A towel, on the other hand, can go sliding and skidding, and you can fall as a result.

How many bath rugs should I get?

The number of bath rugs you should get depends on the size of your bathroom. Generally, 4 small bathroom rugs – one rug in the center, one in front of the sink, one in front of the toilet seat, and one in front of the bathtub – would be enough. 

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