What To Put Under Air Fryer To Protect Countertop: Top 5 Heat-Resistant Products To Use

Place silicone mats, wooden boards, or other flat surface heat-resistant materials such as plain ceramic tiles underneath the air fryer to protect your countertops from heat shock, discoloration, scratching, and food and oil stains.

Who doesn’t adore the elegance and beauty of a countertop? They can be custom-colored to match your home’s interior, adding luxury to the kitchen.

However, If you’re anything like me and obsessed with cooking everything in your air fryers, you need to be a little more careful using them on your countertop.

When you cook with an air fryer, you may not realize that you’re putting your countertops under extreme heat that can lead to cracks. 

And even if your countertop is heat resistant, you could still experience discoloration, scratches, and food stains. This means that you should always put something underneath your air fryer before it’s too late. 

I’ve tested different products since I bought my air fryer in 2016 and found five items that work so well. They are affordable, easy to clean, and will effectively protect your countertops from heat, scratches, and stains. 

So, let’s dive into these protective materials.

What To Put Under Air Fryer To Protect Countertop

5 Items Put Under Air Fryer Protect Your Kitchen Countertop

Repairing or replacing a kitchen countertop is typically expensive. So, it is better to protect the countertop from heat shock and other damage caused by cooking appliances.

Here are my favorite heat-resistant and easy-to-clean protective materials to place beneath your air fryer to protect your countertop.

Silicone Countertop Mats

Silicone mats are the most effective heat-resistant countertop protectors available. These multipurpose mats are thick enough to prevent the heat released by the air fryer from reaching the countertop. And will also guard against spills, scratches, and grease on the countertop.


  • Heat resistance: They can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to 446°F. Hence, they can be used as a shelf mat in the freezer and a surface mat beneath an air fryer.
  • Anti-Skid Surface: They are non-slippery and will firmly hold your air fryer.
  • Varying Sizes and Colors: They are available in various sizes and thicknesses to ensure proper countertop protection. They are also available in multiple colors to complement your kitchen design.
  • Washable and Reusable: they can be washed in a dishwasher with soapy water. Simply air dry your mat before reusing it.
  • Easy Storage: They are flexible and easy to fold for storage.
  • Multipurpose Usage: Silicone mats can be used for various food preparation tasks, including baking and pastry mats, pizza mats, and vegetable cutting.

Wooden Cutting Board

As the name implies, Wooden (and Bamboo) boards are used for slicing and dicing foods; but will make an effective countertop protector.

However, they are not the best choice because they can be damaged when exposed to extremely high temperatures for a long time. Still, you shouldn’t mind sacrificing such a low-cost item for your high-priced countertop. 

So, if you have an extra wooden cutting board, why not place it underneath your air fryer to protect your countertop?


  • Heat-resistant:  they can withstand temperatures as high as 500°F and protect your countertop from thermal shock. Although extreme heat can affect them, they won’t be completely destroyed.
  • Anti-Skid Surface: They come in large rectangular sizes and provide stable surfaces for your air fryer because they don’t slide easily.
  • Decorative: They are decorative and can add organic beauty to your kitchen design.
  • Easy To Wash: They are waterproof and dishwasher safe.
  • Affordable: Wooden mats are relatively inexpensive.

Insulated Anti-Skid Granite Countertop Mat

These counter protector mats are made of high-quality silicone in a steel silvery pattern. They are heat proof and easily fit underneath an air fryer to protect the countertop from heat and stains.


  • Heat resistance: They can withstand temperatures of up to 450°F
  • Sizes: They are suitable for all medium-sized air fryers.
  • Non-Skid Surface: They give your air fryer a stable surface.
  • Multipurpose Usage: they can be used for a variety of purposes, including under coffee makers.
  • Easy To Clean: To remove dirt, simply wipe the upper side of the mat with a damp cloth.
  • Affordable: Insulated mats are reasonably priced.

Plain Ceramic Tiles

Consider this the cheapest way to protect your countertop. If you have any leftover ceramic tiles from your home construction, they can be useful countertop protectors. However, ensure they are whole ceramic tiles of average sizes and not broken ones. 


  • Heat-Resistance: They can withstand temperatures of up to 350°F. Although they can become hot, you can rest assured that your countertop will not be affected.
  • Easy To Clean: Simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove oil or food debris stains.
  • Easily Replaceable: Ceramic tiles are not the most durable countertop protector because they crack easily. However, because you’re likely to have more than one, they’re easily replaceable.
  • Weight: Compared to other countertop mats, ceramic tiles can be pretty heavy.

Glass Cutting Board

Glass cutting boards are an excellent countertop protector for granite, glass, or wood. They can also be used as a decorative mat on the dining table. Although they are not entirely heatproof, they can withstand the heat from your air fryer.


  • Heat Resistance: Not extremely heatproof, but will withstand regular heat from an air fryer.
  • Stain Resistance: Can guard against oil and food stains on your countertop.
  • Multipurpose Usage: They can be used for various tasks, including slicing and dicing food. They can also be used as decorative table mats.
  • Washable And Reusable: Wipe the glass with a damp cloth to remove the stain.

FAQs On What To Put Under Air Fryer To Protect Countertop

What Countertop Is Most Heat Resistant

Granite is the most heat-resistant countertop and can withstand temperatures of up to 1000°F. As a result, the heat from an air fryer will not cause it to crack. However, when using an air fryer or other cooking appliances on a granite countertop, it should be protected from scratches and stains.

Is it Safe to Put An Air Fryer On A Glass-top Stove?

Never place the air fryer on a stovetop or other heat source. Also, keep your air fryer at least 5 inches away from any other kitchen appliance to avoid the unit smoking, melting, or catching fire.

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