Why Is My Nutribullet Blade Not Spinning?

Most of the time, a Nutribullet will stop spinning as the motor has overheated and needs to cool down. If this doesn’t solve the problem, there is a good chance that the activators are stuck, which is usually an easy fix.

You want to start your day with a healthy smoothie made in your brilliant Nutribullet. You add all your ingredients only to find that the blades stop spinning. If this happens to you, it can be very frustrating.

If your blender does not spin at all, it is usually due to the device getting too hot or the activators may be stuck. There are other potential problems as the blades may not work if you’ve overfilled the cup or if there is another technical issue. 

The good news is that most problems with your Nutribullet can be solved fairly easily. Here we’ll take a close look at why your Nutribullet blades have stopped spinning and what you can do about it. 

nutribullet blade not spinning

Why Has My Nutribullet Blade Stopped Spinning?

Yes, a lot can go wrong with your Nutribullet. Sometimes it’s human error whereas other times, there may be something wrong with the device. Here we look at the most common problems.

Blender Problems

If your blender decides to stop working midway through your smoothie, there can be a few things causing the problem.

The most common is that your blender has overheated. Many devices will cut out when they get hot to stop them from becoming a fire hazard. If this happens, then it won’t turn back on until it has cooled down.

This is a common feature of hair dryers but can apply to blenders too. This is often accompanied by a burning smell. You need to wait for up to an hour before it starts working again. 

If this is a problem, then it’s important not to overfill your Nutribullet and also use it in short bursts. If you see the blender struggling, give it a short break before finishing the process. 

If it’s not an overheating issue, you need to ask how old your blender is. If it is old, there could be some parts that do not have a protective covering and the wiring or components may have been worn down. 

For older Nutribullets, it’s a good idea to remove the casing and make a visual inspection. If you see any issues, then it may be best to replace the device. 

Another check to do is a simple and obvious one. Check it’s plugged in correctly and check the outlet. It may be that it has come loose or there is an issue with the cable/outlet. 

Blade Issues

Sometimes, the blades only partially cut the food, even if you hear the motor running. The fix is relatively easy as the blades could be old or it has become dull. You can replace the blades with a new set that is sharp enough to slice through the food. 

Still, if the blades do not cut at all, even when the internal parts move, it can be for different reasons. Firstly, you may have put too much food inside the cup. When you pass the fill line, the blades cannot slice effectively. 

Sometimes it can also result from placing the wrong foods in the blender as it only slices through softer food like fruit and veggies. Your Nutribullet can also handle liquids, but heavy and dense solids. 

The last problem is that the blades could be jammed, which happens when you do not clean them properly.

Leakage Problems 

If your Nutribullet starts leaking liquids, it is not a good sign as you may have overfilled it, putting strain on the blades and leading to an overflow.

Another concern is that external or internal cracks could allow the liquid to travel, and you may need to invest in replacement parts to fix it. 

Another reason for leakage is that the extractor blade seal is damaged, leaving it prone to leak. Lastly, there can be a loose extractor blade, and if not screwed on correctly, the fluid runs from your blender. 

Stuck Activators

If your blender gets jammed up. This typically happens when the latch between the containers gets stuck. We recommend looking for the blender’s plastic activators.

These activators are little switches that get pressed when you connect the cup to the powerbase. They complete a circuit to ensure safe use of the Nutribullet. 

For each of these activators, you should be able to move them downwards. If they do not want to budge, you can use some cooking oil on them or hot water to moisten them. Another great solution is applying vinegar with a Q-tip.

After a few minutes, give it another try and they should move. If they don’t, you can access the activators through the bottom of the powerbase by unscrewing it. 

Why Is My Nutribullet Blinking?

When you see the power light blinking, it is a sign of problems with your blender. For example, if there are misaligned parts, the light will flash to show it is not safe to use until fixed. The same thing will happen when you use an incorrect lid, as it will also trigger the light to blink.

As soon as you see the blinking light stop the appliance and check if you have the right fitting for the lids and cups, and that everything is aligned. If the blinking does not stop, we recommend checking the troubleshooting section online with Nutribullet. 

FAQs On Nutriblade Not Spinning

Can I send my Nutribullet back to the store if it stops working?

This will depend on the guarantee and/or warranty that you have. It’s best to check with the store to see if it can be returned. 

How can I stop the Nutribullet overheating?

Yes, it can. It is best to run the appliance for only 40 seconds at a time to prevent overheating. But if you need to blend longer, pause it after 60 seconds to leave it to cool down. 

How long can a Nutribullet last?

The blender comes with a one-year quality guarantee, but it can last up to five years when you use it correctly.

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