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How to Store Socks and Underwear Without A Dresser? Find Out Here

To store socks and underwear without a dresser, repurpose any available trunk or chest, line the inside of the trunk with organizers you prefer and stack your underwear and socks in them.

Don’t have a dresser? Not a problem! There are plenty of clothes storage options that are perfect for small spaces. 

This article will list the different easy ways you can store your socks and underwear without needing a dresser. 

How to Store Socks and Underwear Without A Dresser?

Having no dresser in the bedroom allows you to get creative with storing your clothes. Luckily, plenty of storage options work well without requiring a dresser.

The key is to make the system work for you. Your storage option should be easily accessible and well-organized. Below is a list of creative ways you can store socks and underwear when a dresser is not in the picture.

Lingerie Chest

Lingerie chests occupy much less space than dressers. 

If you are getting rid of the dresser due to space issues, you can opt for this vertical storage solution to organize your socks and underwear. They are designed to fit in narrow corners and spaces.

They have multiple drawers for extra storage, making them a great dresser alternative.

Shelving Unit

This is a cost-effective solution to store clothes. It utilizes the vertical space in your room and is easily movable. 

You can place small clothing items in bins or baskets and place them on the shelves. 

You can opt for a closet-type shelving unit or one with open shelves. It can easily fit in your room or closet.

Bins Under the Bed

Most beds have enough space under them to fit some kind of storage option. Depending on what your bedframe can accommodate, you have plenty of options. 

You can choose a rolling drawer or storage bins/containers designed to be stowed away under the bed. These are easily accessible and allow you to organize small clothing items with no extra fuss.


When you have no bedroom dresser, your closet becomes a viable storage option for your socks and underwear. 

You can simply use any available shelves in the closet to arrange your essentials or use clothing organizers. Hanging shelves are also a great option for holding small items. You can simply hook these shelves to coat hooks or hang them from closet rods.

You can also repurpose a tie and belt organizer to organize your bras in the closet.

Closet Door Hooks

Hooks are a cheap and effective way to organize underwear. If your closet has hooks on the door, you can hang up your underwear and socks for quick access. 

You can also buy stick-on hooks and add them to your closet door to maximize space. You can try another organization hack if you do not want your underwear in full view on the closet door. 

Simply pack your socks and underwear in an organized manner in small bags. You can then hang these bags on the closet door.

Door Shelf Organizer

You can also utilize any door shelves in your closet to neatly stack your socks and underwear. 

These shelves allow you to organize small clothing items without occupying much space.

Alternatively, you can look into other door storage solutions like over-the-door shelves, etc. These shallow shelves provide additional storage while keeping your clothing items at an accessible level.

Shoe Organizer

Another way to utilize the vertical space in your closet or room is to use the shoe organizer to organize your smaller clothes. 

Instead of stacking shoes, you can easily stack your underwear and socks in the organizer’s small cubbies.

Hanging Organizer

A hanging organizer provides ample room to house your socks and underwear without taking up much of your closet or bedroom space. 

Most hanging organizers are sturdy and have excellent storage capacity. You can opt for see-through organizers to easily view your clothing items.

Stack Hangers

A DIY hack to organize your favorite underwear and socks collection is to use hangers. You can simply stack hangers and sling your underwear on them. 

You can then hang these on your closet door, the closet rod, or behind your bedroom door.

You can even look for a closet organizer hanger in the market. This storage solution will allow you to hang up numerous pieces of underwear on a single hanger in an organized manner.

Fabric Bins

Are plastic storage bins not exciting enough for you? You can opt for space-saving fabric bins instead. 

They come in various sizes and colors. You can organize your underwear and socks in these bins and place them on your closet floor or shelving unit.

Underwear Organizer

Anyone who is obsessed with organizing will love an underwear organizer. 

They come in various forms and are ideal for placing in drawers, bins, on shelves, and any other creative storage spot you can think of. They are good for holding your socks and underwear in a neat fashion.


Get baskets and arrange your socks and underwear in them. 

There are plenty of affordable choices out there in different materials and sizes. You can place them on shelves, in-between clothes in the closet, under the bed, etc. 

Having a dedicated basket for socks and underwear will ensure you have quick access to the items and that they remain organized.

Utensil Organizer

A utensil organizer is a great organizational solution in the kitchen and the bedroom. 

You can place small clothing items like underwear and socks in these organizers and stack them in your closet or shelf.

They are sturdier than your typical dresser organizers, so they can hold more weight than lightweight cardboard or fabric organizers.

Stackable Drawers

Stackable drawers are yet another great way to make the most of vertical space in your room or closet. 

You easily store your socks and underwear in these drawers. These drawers come in various sizes. 

You can opt for compact ones that will house your smaller items in a tidy manner. Getting see-through drawers is a plus since it gives you a view of what is inside without requiring you to open them every time.

Trunk or Chest

You can repurpose any available trunk or chest to hold your delicates. 

Simply line the inside of the trunk with organizers of your choice and stack your underwear and socks in them.

You can tie the bedroom look together by placing this big storage solution at the foot of your bed and covering it with a quilt. Not only will you have instant access to your clothing items, but you could also use the trunk or chest as a seat.

Cubicle Organizer

You can opt for a cubicle organizer as a substitute for a bedroom dresser. 

You can easily place clothing items in each bin for a well-organized look. Besides serving as a storage solution, cubicle organizers also help add a certain look to the room. 

They come in different materials and offer colorful or neutral shades to jazz up your space.

Desktop Storage

A desktop drawer organizer or stationary caddy is also a neat way to organize your smaller clothes. 

These are available in different materials and are sturdy enough to house your folded socks and underwear.

How to Organize Your Socks and Underwear?

Before storing your socks and underwear in your nifty storage spots, you should learn how to organize them properly.

Organization can be tricky when you have limited space, but it is not impossible. With a few creative tricks, you can easily create a well-organized space.

  • First of all, you will need to sort through your clothing items. Pour them all out in an open area so you can easily evaluate what needs to be kept and what needs to be tossed away.

  • The next step is to divide the messy pile into categories. You can divide them by color or frequency of use. Which is your daily wear underwear? Which are the special occasion socks? Categorize and set them apart.

  • Once you have done that, you are ready to store them in your previously picked location. Depending on where you are storing them, you’ll have to appropriately fold your socks and underwear so that they occupy the least amount of space in your organizer.
  • The final step is to step back and admire your organizational skills!

FAQs on How to Store Socks and Underwear Without A Dresser

Can I use hanging baskets to organize socks and underwear in my closet?

Yes, you can use hanging baskets to organize your smaller clothing items. You can place the hanging baskets on your closet shelves. This way, you will be utilizing the space over the shelf and under it.

How do I maximize storage in a small space?

The first step toward ensuring you have plenty of storage space in a small room is to declutter ruthlessly. Get rid of anything that is no longer in use or beyond repair. After that, get creative with hidden storage solutions, vertical spaces, etc.

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